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Share Week 4 Hodgepodge
2015-1-29 13:27
1. When did someone last suggest you 'chill out'? Or, when did you last tell someone (or want to tell someone) to 'chill out'? Or , when did you last tell yourself to 'chill out'? I really don't know. I haven't heard that expression used in a long time. 2. What most recently caused your heart to melt? Another tough one. Probably at my cousin's wedding over the summer. I was so glad, because I knew how much her fiancé ...
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Share Week 3 Hodgepodge
2015-1-22 03:01
1. American Idol is back for a 14th season. Are you watching? Have you ever watched? If you were to audition for the show (or were made to audition), what song would you sing? I have never watched American Idol, nor do I ever intend to. If I could audition, I'd start by singing a few songs to my friends and family, and then ask them which one they think I did best. It would likely be an American folk song, like "In the Pines" or "The Wabash Cannonball." I like those songs, and they aren't espe ...
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Share Week 2 hodgepodge
2015-1-15 13:06
1. What's your best piece of advice for a newly married couple? I'm asking for a friend. I've never been married, so I really don't know. 2. Teresa asks, "What were you doing on December 31st, 1999?" and " Did you or your family make preparations for Y2K?" We were celebrating New Year's Eve! I remember watching the festivities in Times Square. No, I do not think we prepared for Y2K. I didn't even hear about it until years later. From what I've heard, it was sa ...
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Share Wednesday Hodgepodge
2015-1-5 07:44
One of my favorite American bloggers answers a series of questions every Wednesday. Sometimes I come up with my own answers while reading hers. I just found out that other bloggers can sign up to answer the questions too! So I will do some here, even though Wednesday is long past. 1. Share a favorite moment from your Christmas holiday celebration. My Grandmother told me that when she was four years old, all she wanted for Christmas was a phonograph and some popular records. I mysel ...
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  • Pumpkin Patch 2016-3-12 11:42

    Back to 80s, pumpkin is one of my  family's staple vegetable.

  • Poetry 2016-3-12 11:36

    Traveling a lot, thinking a bit and then taking some reading, what a joyous lifestyle! When here is free time for free disposal, stringing together the fragmental memories into pieces of writing works, share them with like-minded, it's kind of another sort of  luxurious treatment.

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