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Report Ha-ha-ha 2013-12-5 06:58
RonJaDa: Ha-ha-ha, nice new page look I like the changes and the new avatar
    Thanks, Pal...
Report Ha-ha-ha 2013-12-3 11:58
RonJaDa: Ha-ha-ha, nice new page look I like the changes and the new avatar
Report Ha-ha-ha 2013-10-15 18:34
Nice photos of Xiemen Dragon boat races...
Report Ken023 2013-9-20 17:26
RonJaDa: Happy Autum Festival to You too!  I just returned to Xiamen from Hong Kong last night.  Was there getting a new visa.  I brought back 2 gift boxes of  ...
the moon did look very nice last night!
i will have a computer exam tomorrow, so i went over the previous  lessons in the whole moning, and in the afternoon, we played badminton for a while, in night, my friends and i stayed together and shared the Moon Cakes, then we play cards for fun.
More happily,it's  my classmate's birthday !
Report Ken023 2013-9-19 13:19
Happy Mid-Autumn festival
Report RonJaDa 2013-8-28 12:20
你好 Yes China like Canada and many other countries has so many beautiful and interesting places.  China has so much history to explore too and as I increase my Mandarin I will get more from my travelos in China.  either way I am glad I seized the opportunity to travel and live in China while my health and finances allowed me to do so.
Report Yes-summer 2013-8-28 11:37
RonJaDa: Yes I have been to Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Fuzhou, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen and Longyan   I would like to go to Harbin. Chengdu, Ch ...
So many places, but it seems  that Harbin is flooded now, you can go there next time. 去过这么多地方, 不过哈尔滨似乎正在发洪水,你可以下次过去。
Report Yes-summer 2013-8-25 10:21
You are retired, so you are just traveling in china? Did any other cities have you been to except Xiamen and Beijing? 你已经退休了,只是来中国旅游吗?除了厦门和北京你还去过哪呢?
Report Yes-summer 2013-8-24 16:37
Report Ha-ha-ha 2013-8-5 22:09
RonJaDa: Hello that picture sure is unique and grabs attention.
Report snail001 2013-7-27 15:39
RonJaDa: Fine thanks was out for a long walk this morning and then my friend asked if I wanted to go for a bicycle ride.  So I was along Xiamens beaches twice  ...
I think you have a great time, right? I will leave xiamen for dongguan guangdong province next month, I mean I have found a new job in dongguan, I got along with my superior not well here, so you know, I quitted. Welcome to dongguan if you have spare time, I will treat you. Here is my email address, , please feel free to contact me.
Report snail001 2013-7-22 11:57
RonJaDa: Hey - reading your story again and was wondering how you are doing.  Hope all is well Ron
hey,my friend.i thank for your attention, i'm fine. what about you?
Report RonJaDa 2013-7-8 23:19
Thank you for the message and friend invite.  Ron
Report peachzhou 2013-7-8 17:01
hello, i am a chinese girl, and read your blog by chance, so i want to make friends with you.
Report 为i停留 2013-6-21 10:12
Hi there. Your look reminds me of a father (Can say "my father" cause I know him from an old family picture), which means security, trustworthy, kindness and warmness. I know nothing about you, but assume you would like to share something with me. I am a decent lady, so there is nothing to worry about. I`d be delighted if you can write to me on or add me on skype, mylove_1314.   Mickey
Report 良人唤不回。 2013-6-20 15:17
My  email address ( )
Report 良人唤不回。 2013-6-20 15:15
I come from China,can you make friend with me?
Report sunrainn 2013-5-31 13:50
Report Joy4life 2013-5-12 15:02
My name is Joy kassala. i will gladly like to be good friend to you, here is my email address ( i will tell you more about my self by email reply, see you soon Yours in friendship Joy kassala.
Report denny.liu 2013-4-25 21:03
i want to add you as  my  friend  ,please approved it

Semi Retired Canadian - enjoying a sabatical from work, traveling, learning Chinese Language and cooking.

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  • Learning a new Language 2020-2-7 02:57

    That's great. Listen for patterns and when you notice them tackle them. One common patern is ading a vowel at the end of a wrd that ends in a constant.  That makes the most impact. I bet you are making great progress!

  • Learning a new Language 2019-11-4 11:53

    I also try to speak and record my own voice. After some time, I listen to them to see where did I make a mistake.

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