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I Joined a meet-up group in Toronto for Mandarin Chinese and English exchange a sub group has strict rules for the meetup. One rule is 75% of discussion has to be in Chinese. I like it.
2016-7-16 23:39:39 Reply
Beautiful Xiamen! Over the last's four and a half years I have lived more than three years in Xiamen. To say the least I have enjoyed my time here, learned a lot made several friends and met more.
  • snowipine: I haven't yet visited Fujian up to now, so I don't know the ABC about Xiamen. What about the seafood over there, any difference in comparison with those from Canada, such as Vancouver or elsewhere? (3-27 16:21)
  • RonJaDa: The seafood is great in Vancouver, Halifax and Xiamen even Toronto which is not on the Ocean has great seafood restaurants. Certianly Xiamen beats Toronto in variety of fresh seafood because Toronto n (3-27 19:35)
2016-3-24 17:53:44 Reply
Its raining today, but the last few days we enjoyed sunny days and temperatures around 22. I love Xiamen.
2016-3-10 22:37:52 Reply
新年快乐 - Happy New Year!All the best in the Year of the Monkey
2016-2-9 13:23:58 Reply
新年快乐 2016 Happy New Year!  May you have Good health, Happiness and Prosperity in 2016
2016-1-1 18:45:41 Reply
I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday season.  May you have time  at Christmas to spend with those friends and family that you love.
2015-12-25 11:10:11 Reply
I just started studying the book Chinese For Dummies by Dr Wendy Abraham. It is great for English speaking people learning to speak Chinese. it has helped me fix a few mispronunciations already.
2015-8-20 13:15:40 Reply
I posted my Vacation pictures and blog here Record your summer vacation see page 11
2015-7-31 23:26:02 Reply
I have returned to Canada for two months.  During this trip we plan to fly to Edmonton and spend a couple weeks driving through and camping in the Canadian Rockies. Our plans include hiking, kayaking
2015-5-27 00:17:08 Reply
Enjoying the beautiful waterfrnt trail and weather in Xiamen 厦门。
2015-5-6 20:50:31 Reply
Anxious for spring!  The temperatures have warmed up by more than 30 degrees Celsius, I can feel it, spring is coming.
  • snowipine: Outdoor activities can be arranged now. (3-29 01:30)
  • RonJaDa: yes it was only minus 8 here when I got up an now only minus 5 (3-29 05:13)
2015-3-13 02:19:51 Reply
新年快乐!新的一年里我祝您:身体健康、笑口常开、万事如意! Happy New Year!  I new year wish you: good health, smiling and good luck!
2015-2-21 03:18:52 Reply
Happy New Year - I wish you all the best in 2015!
  • snowipine: Happiness once be shared, then laughter becomes laughters. (2-9 21:40)
  • RonJaDa:   I agree (2-17 02:31)
  • Ashikujaman: Happy New Year. I Wish you All theBest  in  2017! (1-23 13:35)
2015-1-1 16:01:20 Reply
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
2014-12-25 18:30:34 Reply
I had a good day at the Toronto Dragon Boat Race Festival Sun June 21, 2014. I posted some pictures of the activity and beautiful setting.
2014-6-25 00:48:33 Reply
Going to the Toronto International Dragon Boat Race Festival this Saturday June 21 and Sunday June 22.  Looking forward to it.
2014-6-20 02:13:59 Reply
The holiday on Monday is called Victoria Day in Canada. The holiday celebrates the birthday of Queen Victoria.  This long weekend I will make another trip to Ottawa with my sister and a brother.
2014-5-15 02:17:50 Reply
May 6, 2014 A bright sunny warm day on Toronto Islands. Spent the day relaxing and taking pictures of the Toronto skyline
2014-5-7 21:22:21 Reply
Remembering my late brother John we got the news today that he drowned in the water at Hogs Back Falls in Ottawa.  John we miss you so much.
2014-4-25 09:12:48 Reply

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Semi Retired Canadian - enjoying a sabatical from work, traveling, learning Chinese Language and cooking.

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  • Learning a new Language 2020-2-7 02:57

    That's great. Listen for patterns and when you notice them tackle them. One common patern is ading a vowel at the end of a wrd that ends in a constant.  That makes the most impact. I bet you are making great progress!

  • Learning a new Language 2019-11-4 11:53

    I also try to speak and record my own voice. After some time, I listen to them to see where did I make a mistake.

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