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Share Ron back in China
RonJaDa 2013-5-10 23:12
After two months back in Canada to attend family events, visit with friends and take care of personal business, I have once again returned to China. From time to time I will post my story of a new adventure or experience I have had in China. Sometimes it will to be to share an experience and sometimes to share a picture or both. As is my style I will try toput positive spin on it to make it an enjoyable read. If a story misses this goal please come back and give my next one a ...
Personal category: Ron's Journey in China 2013|4177 views|7 comments Popularity 3
Share Panda pair arrive in Toronto Canada
RonJaDa 2013-3-27 00:10
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper looks at one of two Panda bears that arrived at Pearson International airport in Toronto March 25, 2013. The two bears are on loan to Canada from China for 10 years . [ Photo / Agencies I know a lot of people in Toronto and other places in North America wil ...
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Share ! Day in Beijing What I have Done - IDEAS?
RonJaDa 2013-2-25 14:04
What would you do if you had one dayin Beijing My one day excursions in Beijing so far 紫禁城(故宫), Forbidden City (Imperial Palace), 天安门广场(天安门) Tian'anmen Square (the Gate of Heavenly Peace) 长城, Great Wall, 北海公园(白塔) Bei Hai Park, (White Pagoda) (llesiurely stroll around BeiHai Lake) 什刹海地区, Back Lakes area, take in families ...
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