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2013 Cross-Strait Dragon Boat Race on 25th May,

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Xiamen is now gearing up to stage the 2013 Cross-Strait Dragon Boat Race on 25th May, which is scheduled to be held in Jimei Dragon Pool in the city to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the school and promote friendly relationships across the Straits.

According to the organizing committee, a total of 80 teams, which includes 37 teams from Xiamen, 15 teams from Taiwan, 2 teams from Hong Kong, and 1 teams from Macao, will compete in the dragon boat race this year.

The participants will be divided into 8 groups: Social Men’s Group, Social Women’s Group, University Men’s Group, University Women’s Group, Men’s Group of Middle School & Technical High School Students, Women’s Group of Middle School & Technical High School Students, Female Teachers’ Group, and Male Teachers’ Group.

The dragon boat race in Jimei dates back to half a century ago. It is an important sports event organized by the General Administration of Sports of China.

Jimei is also the hometown of Mr. Tan Kah-Kee, the late Chinese philanthropist and a celebrated leader of overseas Chinese, who devoted himself entirely to the cause of education. A lot of educational institutions started by Mr. Tan Kah-Kee, including Jimei Kindergarten, Jimei Primary School and Jimei Middle School, are located here.
SOURCE: WOX Team  at  What's On Xiamen

Xiamen Cross Straight Dragon Boat Race May 25 & 26 - Source What's ON Xiamen

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Reply Report RonJaDa 2013-5-19 15:11
I am hoping for an noice sunny weekend so that I can get lots of pictures of the race.  I have watched Tronto's Dragon Boat Race twice but have not yet had the privelage in China.  I am getting excited about going to it and will be going with a few friends.  This one is a special year as it is alo marking the 100 aniversary of the Jimei University (the host University for the event)
Reply Report voice_cd 2013-5-19 15:32
Good luck and you may consider to give it a try on board.
Reply Report RonJaDa 2013-5-19 15:55
voice_cd: Good luck and you may consider to give it a try on board.
Thanks voice_cd. I sent an email to the event contact for information,  but had not mentioned that.  It is my plan to join a Dragon boat team when I return to Toronto.  I tried before but most teams were full and had the required spares,  The team that was available never got the required 23 to complete the team.  To me it is a fantastic way to meet people, make friends and get fresh air and exercise.
Reply Report lidehuai 2013-8-8 14:24
It was a great event for people on both sides of the strait.Thank you for sharing it with us.I have been to Jimei many years ago,which impressed me.
Reply Report RonJaDa 2013-8-8 14:48
别客气 You are welcome!

I had a very enjoyable day there.  I love anything to do with manually powered boats such as kayaks, canoes, and dragon boats.  Such a plesant way to relax or travel on water and compete.
Reply Report lidehuai 2013-8-9 16:07
We row dragon boat in honour of QuYuan,a great poet (about 340B.C.- 278 B.C.),the same as us eating Zongzi-pyramid-shaped dumpling made of glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves.
Reply Report RonJaDa 2013-8-9 20:59
Yeah that's great I wanted to joind a team but did not know where to go.  I plan to jooin a team when I get back to Toronto.  I love being out on the water even though I am not a good swimmer.  I always wear a life jacket.   I even made zongzi for the second year with my roommate.  It turned out better this year with the shapes.
Reply Report lidehuai 2013-8-10 12:52
Sorry,I can't swim too, though where I live is a city bordering on the Yangtze River.I amn't active that much here on Chinadaily ,I spend a lot of time on other websites such as mylot,bubblews,so please forgive me for being unable to comment back in time.
Reply Report RonJaDa 2013-8-10 14:54
I have noe even heard of those websites before.  Anyways nothing to forgive, and thank you for your comments. Ron

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