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My Pictures of Xiamen 2013 Cross-Strait Dragon Boat Race May 26

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Xiamen is now gearing up to stage the 2013 Cross-Strait Dragon Boat Race on 26th & 27 held in Jimei Dragon Pool 
According to the organizing committee, a total of 80 teams, which includes 37 teams from Xiamen, 15 teams from Taiwan, 2 teams from Hong Kong, and 1 teams from Macao, will compete in the dragon boat race this year. 
The participants were divided into 8 groups: Social Men’s Group, Social Women’s Group, University Men’s Group, University Women’s Group, Men’s Group of Middle School & Technical High School Students, Women’s Group of Middle School & Technical High School Students, Female Teachers’ Group, and Male Teachers’ Group.

The dragon boat race in Jimei dates back to half a century ago. It is an important sports event organized by the General Administration of Sports of China.

Jimei is also the hometown of Mr. Tan Kah-Kee, the late Chinese philanthropist and a celebrated leader of overseas Chinese, who devoted himself entirely to the cause of education. A lot of educational institutions started by Mr. Tan Kah-Kee, including Jimei Kindergarten, Jimei Primary School and Jimei Middle School, are located here.
Note : If the pictures do not display here properly you can find them in my album titled blog picturexs


Banners promoting the Race

That's me standing under the entrance “gate” to the Dragon Boat Race

Thi picture and the next 2   Dragon Boats are getting in position for a race.   Teams in the various races included women.  Men, mostly Chinese, and also included some westerners. 

They are off and racing

the drummer sets the pace for the team


above it is mostly quiet during a break in the competition.  below Dragon Boats sit empty waiting for the resumption of the racing.

The next two pictures shows the busy schedule for th etwo days of Dragon Boat Racing

a look at some of the local architecture

After a nice lunch at a local restaurant, we decide to visit The Turtle Garden and the Jimie Liberation Monument

Above  A narration describing the Turtle Garden and the Jimie Liberation Monument origins.

The next two pictures of The Jimie Liberation Monument

All thru the Garden information from the art work illustrated here to the images of insects, snakes and all kinds of information displayed on walls throughout the site the second picture below shows is a closer look at the artwork

Then next three pictures show the Dragon Boat Race in full flight all six lanes are full

Above  the Dragon Boat in lane three has won and the race is now for second place

Below for me the lure of the Dragon Boat Race is not just the mystery and colour but the dedication of all members of the six teams, each with more than 20 people all working in unison for one team goal




Above More Dragon Boat teams getting ready in the staging area to head to the starting line.

Below shows fans and supporters at the finish line viewing area, watching and cheering their favourite Dragon boat to the finish.


What are you doing when the official Dragon Boat Holiday comes?


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Reply Report RonJaDa 2013-5-27 21:31
I have added some descriptions to the pictures in my album.  My first attempts to load the pictures in the blog entry timed out and I lost the upload so I loaded them first and did not figure out ho to add the descriptions.

For me the lure of the Dragon Boat Race is not just the mystery and colour but the dedication of a team of 23 all working in unison for one team goal
Reply Report voice_cd 2013-5-28 11:01
your blog has been highlighted into the homepage of the blog.
Reply Report RonJaDa 2013-5-28 13:27
voice_cd: your blog has been highlighted into the homepage of the blog.
Thank You voice_cd
It was an enjoyable day.  I would have gone out for the second day and the final races but I am happy that I got to experience the race in Xiamen.  I imagine the race on the actual Dragon Boat Festival days will be busier in Shanghai and other locations.  It was a good crowd out busier at some times than others.  A day well spent.
Reply Report 坤咏1999 2014-5-30 11:12
what an enjoyable sightseeing!
Reply Report RonJaDa 2014-8-19 10:03
坤咏1999: what an enjoyable sightseeing!
Thanks it was  - I also enjoyed Dragon Boat Race in Toronto and the city I am living in now Barrie as its Dragon Boat festival this weekend.  I will be out of town though kayaking with my sister and a brother.

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