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Share Be carefull
2013-9-23 23:54
Be carefull
If there was no danger of believers being deceived, the Bible would not warn us about deception.
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Share Before and After
2013-6-16 13:20
Before and After
Every thing that happens has a cause and effect. If you are gold, will shine, but right now, I’m not that gold. It was by luck that I passed the Examination on database a year ago. A year passed, after participating in a introductory session and online resume application, I went to Institutes of Technology of South China in Guangzhou University City at night and took participate in the written examination organized by Kingdee, applying for Kingdee’s java de ...
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Share Independence of thought
2013-5-5 17:02
Independence of thought
Talking from an old question” How Should Parents Help Children to Be Independent? Undoubtedly, parents’ help would make a great contribution to children’s success. However, for all its benefits, too much help will probably limit children’s development of independence. Evident is the fact that parents now have done too much for their children. It is not surprising to find that parents prepare food, clothes, school and job opportunity for their children, which make c ...
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Share Six Secrets I will keep
2013-4-2 14:21
Six Secrets I will keep
An entire month, I really felt confused and frustrate. Fortunately, being inspired by an article entile "Six Secrets of High-Energy People", I feel more better. I change my look with a short haircut, a perm, new black coat, a pair of brown shoes and a black watch. It's the first secret. Last weekend, I made a visit to my sister and their foreign trade company, watch a movie named " Beijing in Seattle" withmy sister and he ...
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Share Don't lose sight of long-term goals
2013-3-6 23:05
"The body is the revolution's capital" I felt embarrassed when I stayed in the fitness center.
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Share I got China Daily's gift it makes me very happy.
2013-2-27 23:58
I got China Daily's gift it makes me very happy.
I was surprised at finding that my blog friend Landyeo 's Picture appear at the calendar. What a meaningful calendar! The gift arrived on Feb. 22, but for some reasons I got it on Feb. 27.
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Share The Oscar winner in my heart
2013-2-26 23:54
The Oscar winner in my heart
"They paid so little attention to my needs, but then I felt that their needs were so powerful that… It didn’t make me fell hurt or angry that they didn’t look into me." “Figure out my life. Do people really do that? Do they do that while they are falling down into a deep dark hole” “I was a good mom, wasn’t I ?” “She couldn’t take living straight. Why should I expect her to take dying. Isn’t dying the hardest thing anyone’s ev ...
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Share Cause his heart is brave?
2013-2-25 22:57
Cause his heart is brave?
"Xi Jinping stresses judicial independence" it's today's Top news of China Daily. Chinese political culture is not really given to introspection until Xi Jinping become Chinese leader.
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Share What is unnecessary?
2013-2-24 23:58
What is unnecessary?
Today my friend went to buy laptop. Computer market is a really strange place. Intel's new Core series of chips, called i3, i5 and i7, which sets vary widely in price.My friend make sure buying a laptop with i5 processors while his budget is very limited. In short,be wary of sales pitches and don't make more purchase than you need.
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  • Independence of thought 2013-8-18 00:12

    imsherryshen: im totally agree~~

  • Independence of thought 2013-8-18 00:11

    DSseeing: So what do you do to help your child? Stand by and leave her alone?
        I wanna give my children enough to follow their dream, but not enough to do nothing.

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