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Share "The Perfect Breakfast"
Smaug 2013-8-19 00:20
Hello Friends, I just wanted to share this recipe with you. I made it the other day, for an open-faced breakfast sandwich, and it is delicious! In case the link doesn't work, I will explain here how to make it: a) Toast a piece of bread. The recipe recommends sourdough b) P ...
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Share Sometimes, it is not good to be a white guy...
Smaug 2013-8-19 00:13
Two years ago, my wife at the time, who was a resident doctor at that time, noticed a spot on the top of my ear, and told me: "That doesn't look good. You need to schedule an appointment to have it looked at." So, during the divorce, I did. But dermatologists here have a very long waiting period; 6 months to get an appointment. I had my appointment two Fridays ago. She said it looks like it is pre-cancerous. So she took a chunk of it for biopsy, and burned off most of the rest o ...
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Share My fiance and her son visited me in Chicago
Smaug 2013-8-12 13:25
They just went home to Guangzhou a week ago. I miss them already. We all had a great time. You can see some evidence of this in my recently uploaded Blog pictures. While she was here, we visited the immigration attorney and started that process. We are still finishing the little bits before she will file this for us. If the government approves, my fiance will get a Fiance Visa, and on her next visit, we will marry within 90 days. Then, she will get a temporary "green card." (permanent residen ...
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Share Traveling in Guangzhou right now...
Smaug 2013-6-10 15:00
...visiting my fiancee. I would like to offer to meetsome of the members here who may be in Guangzhou, but I think my fiancee would be very jealous of the time, as I'm only here for a week. Any members going to see any Dragon Boat stuff in or around the city this week? Woo, it is sure hot humid here, compared to Chicago at this same time. Like a jungle!
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Share What can American culture learn from Chinese culture?
Smaug 2013-5-23 03:21
Please don't get into government issues here. I'm talking strictly about common, everyday cultural things. Some things I noticed that I really like about Chinese culture that I wish we would incorporate here in the USA: Incorporate more exercise into everyday life. For example, when sightseeing, I noticed there are no elevators in China. It forces them to climb stairs more often. Consider peoples' pride before responding. To me, the Chinese take this to an extreme with letting ...
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Share Downsizing, simplifying my life
Smaug 2013-5-3 00:31
I'm moving out of my condo now, into a small apartment. I have had many hobbies in the past: woodworking, motorcycling, chess, radio-controlled trucks, planes, and helicopters; photography, (including developing my own film and printing my own wet prints) and collecting watches. So, I have a lot of accessories to these hobbies. For example, in my garage, I have a workbench, which I built, a table saw, a Shopsmith, and many hand-held power tools. Now ...
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Share I (American) fell in love with a Chinese woman
Smaug 2013-5-2 11:54
Here is my introductory post to this forum . I found ChinaDaily forums in a moment of desperation. I didn't want to lose her due to some cultural (?) misunderstanding. Here is a brief synopsis: - We met by accident through work, in August 2012. We work at a global company. Chatted, and became interested in each other after three chats. - Learned more about each other; could not stop thinking about each other. I was married at the time. - My marriage was not going wel ...
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