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I (American) fell in love with a Chinese woman

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Here is my introductory post to this forum. I found ChinaDaily forums in a moment of desperation. I didn't want to lose her due to some cultural (?) misunderstanding.

Here is a brief synopsis:

- We met by accident through work, in August 2012. We work at a global company. Chatted, and became interested in each other after three chats.

- Learned more about each other; could not stop thinking about each other. I was married at the time.

- My marriage was not going well; was getting worse with each year. So I divorced my wife of 8 years, while we had our 6 month old baby. Already, many people here think I'm a bad man for doing it. But I decided I would rather start fresh and have a chance for lasting happiness than to suffer through a bad marriage.

- The divorce is complete now, as of April 2013.

- Now, we planned our next two visits: I will visit her in June, during Dragon Boat Festival. She will visit me in late July, with her son. Then, we will make arrangements for her to marry and immigrate. Maybe if it will take a while, I will visit her again in October.

Meanwhile, I read here to try to learn more about the thought processes, culture, and news from China. Hopefully without coming across too many more America-bashers who are way too serious about politics. ;)

For updates, see the comments and responses below and my other blogs.

Update, Nov. 26, 2014: Been married 6 months now, and all is well. Ivy is working on her driver's license. Still waiting for the government to issue the green card. She's a little bored at home without work. Sometimes, she thinks too much about simple things until they become big problems in her mind, and we fight over it. 

We don't have much money, (as my ex-wife is taking a big chunk of my salary for child support and daycare) but we have a warm family life. When she finds work, probably early next year, things will look up; we will look to buy a house.

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Very smart girl!

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