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Going to China for Chinese New Year

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Sunday, weather-permitting, I'm leaving for Guangzhou to see my lovergirl. We'll stay there a couple days, then hop on the train to Xiangyang, Hubei. That will be a harrowing experience for a westerner, everyone tells me. Maybe not though, since I've heard it so many times now? 

Anyone here from that city? If so, I would like to meet you. I'm a friendly guy, always looking to meet new friends. However, last time I went to China and wanted to try to meet up with a Chinese friend on the internet, my Ivy was quite mad that I would even suggest spending any of OUR time with someone else. She's quite extreme, really. She said: "Oh, OK. Will you have any time left for ME!!?? >:(  )  Wow!

We will spend about a week there with her family. She couldn't get a direct ticket home, so we will go via Wuhan instead. 

Now, I will go and write a Hong Bao for her son, and one for her daughter's child.

If you want to see some pictures of a Chinese family with a white guy who looks really out-of-place, then you will be in for some luck in a few weeks. ;)

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Reply Report Dr.Bill.Shen 2014-1-25 01:20
xiangyang is very historical city. Many towering figures in Chinese history were from that areas. It is also a well-known battle field for its strategic location. I am sure you will hear a load of those stories during your trip. Hope you will have a good time there.
Reply Report BellaJiang 2014-2-17 11:40
Do you enjoy the China Spring Festvial?Maybe Chunyun impressed you much ,so many people and crowded.
Reply Report Smaug 2014-2-17 13:13
BellaJiang: Do you enjoy the China Spring Festvial?Maybe Chunyun impressed you much ,so many people and crowded.
You know, BellaJiang, I was ready for the huge crowds of people. I was just not ready for their selfishness. They are willing to push and cut just to get one person ahead in line. :(

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