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Share Paradox re. attractiveness of Chinese women to white men
Smaug 2014-5-3 05:17
Based on some posts I've read here over the last year, it seems like white guys usually find Asian women attractive. Through this site, I met a few nice Chinese ladies, whom I consider friends. Some are "left-over" and some are divorced, and therefore, it is hard for them to find a good guy in China. They asked me to help them find a nice foreigner guy to marry. I know a few fellow white American guys who are single, or divorced, and about the right age. I approached them letting them kno ...
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Share Things are moving forward, with our relationship
Smaug 2014-4-6 20:11
Ivy and Anthony (that is the western name he chose) will be moving in with me for good on May 9th. Last week, she officially resigned from her job in China, effective April 30th. She is anxious about her one condo, which is still for sale. She was REALLY hoping to get it sold before she moved here, but we decided not to wait for that, as it could take months and months. She's not so anxious about the other (where she lives now) which she will rent for a while. It is hard to leave one's li ...
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Share My Chinese New Year - 2014
Smaug 2014-3-18 19:37
This year was my first time to travel to and within China during Chinese New Year. After losing one day in Beijing, due to the connecting flight being canceled by Hainan Airlines, we only had one day together in Guangzhou before getting on a train and heading back up to XiangYang, Hubei. Edited to remove non-working links to photos hosted elsewhere. I've uploaded them to my blog. When approved, you can see them there. Thanks for looking! This trip's purpose, aside from re-connec ...
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Share Relationship Update
Smaug 2014-1-24 12:14
A few of you have wished me luck, and one asked for an update on our relationship, so here it is: Things are going well, overall, though we have had a couple of big fights. Sometimes, we get chatting or emailing, and there is a misunderstanding. Then, we get upset and end up fighting for a couple of days. Once a month, about "that time" she is easily filled with despair. If we fight about something, then she starts to look for the root cause and questions whether I love her. Makes e ...
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Share Going to China for Chinese New Year
Smaug 2014-1-24 11:55
Sunday, weather-permitting, I'm leaving for Guangzhou to see my lovergirl. We'll stay there a couple days, then hop on the train to Xiangyang, Hubei.That will be a harrowing experience for a westerner, everyone tells me. Maybe not though, since I've heard it so many times now? Anyone here from that city? If so, I would like to meet you. I'm a friendly guy, always looking to meet new friends. However, last time I went to China and wanted to try to meet up with a Chinese friend on t ...
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Share What can American culture learn from Chinese culture?
Smaug 2013-5-23 03:21
Please don't get into government issues here. I'm talking strictly about common, everyday cultural things. Some things I noticed that I really like about Chinese culture that I wish we would incorporate here in the USA: Incorporate more exercise into everyday life. For example, when sightseeing, I noticed there are no elevators in China. It forces them to climb stairs more often. Consider peoples' pride before responding. To me, the Chinese take this to an extreme with letting ...
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