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Schools on alert after scandals China Daily News 3 521 Monkey1 2014-3-20 16:28:18
  We always say that the kids are our furture,but how to prevent them from hurting by outside is not j ...
Thai radar may have detected missing Malaysian jet China Daily News 3 682 gideonbus 2014-3-19 22:28:27
  Wish all of passengers boarding on this plane will be safe and sound and quickily return to their fa ...
Need seen to enrich migrant workers' lives China Daily News 1 366 grace_924 2014-3-18 19:53:56
  it occurs to me that i merely have cultural events in my current most life.The reason is not i am a ...
Nikon China probe launched after CCTV report on defective products ... 1 2 3 China Daily News 15 1571 cmknight 2014-3-18 21:24:46
  it's gald to see something is improving along with the development of society and people is more and ...
Kindergarten probed over pill claims ... 1 2 China Daily News 8 1120 dyqx1981 2014-3-14 02:15:09
  horrible news today as these victims are our country's future but received thus treated.I am wonderi ...
Relatives of missing passengers to leave for Malaysia China Daily News 1 710 grace_924 2014-3-10 22:08:19
  God bless to everyone on board this flight,the miracle is always there if we have a hope in heart.
Home buyers favor vacation spots due to smog[2]- China Daily News 1 433 grace_924 2014-3-7 20:12:29
  It's a good choice for many people who has been suffering air-pollution in the first-tier cities suc ...
50 million tonnes of grain lost, wasted annually China Daily News 4 516 grace_924 2014-3-6 22:12:46
  It reminds me of a chinese old poetry educating us to cherish grain as the peasants work hard to gro ...
Daily wrap: March 6 China Daily News 1 423 grace_924 2014-3-6 19:03:14
  Too focus on the transition instead of the outcome is the common phenomenon in china as you have got ...
Xi urges Shanghai to spearhead reforms, opening-up China Daily News 1 381 grace_924 2014-3-6 18:44:40
  With a series of effort by our country's leader to improve the living level of livelihood,i believe ...
Attack prompts strengthened anti-terrorism legislation China Daily News 1 376 grace_924 2014-3-5 22:55:16
  we should be precaution for terrorism within this special time before legislator enact the relevant ...
Delivery firms urged to conduct safety checks China Daily News 1 406 grace_924 2013-12-23 11:41:35
  I can't figure out how to express my feeling when reading this article.Ignoring life and dishonsty a ...
Cities hit hard by smog[1]| China Daily News 3 537 elzach 2013-12-11 21:59:07
  everybody should self-reflect and do something to prevent pollution by yourself,reducing car riding, ...
Trust-based payment system not working out well for restaurant China Daily News 5 483 CMC 2013-12-4 15:02:39
  i am so touching seeing this kind news,trust is a fundamental for all social events,if you lost it,y ...
Green chance offered to investors China Daily News 1 354 grace_924 2013-11-15 10:32:19
  Deeply seek to return back the time of childhood,the blue sky,pure water,no contaminated fruit and s ...
State security body on way China Daily News 4 396 GhostBuster 2013-11-13 22:53:53
  It's a long-term fight needing perseverance and unswerving direction to be achieved.
Overseas Chinese chase opportunities at home China Daily News 2 315 grace_924 2013-11-8 16:51:17
  everyone who has responsibility sense to come back for the better future of our coutry is welcome.
Li: China will move to modernize farms China Daily News 2 322 grace_924 2013-11-7 15:08:51
  the vital problem right now is how to narrow the income gap between rich and poor the origin of conf ...
Huawei has eye on 5G China Daily News 2 247 grace_924 2013-11-7 14:12:33
  tomorrow is digital technology era.
Bomb blasts kill 1, injure 8 in Shanxi China Daily News 6 763 maoyinglong 2013-11-7 15:20:21
  it's so terrible,what the hell it happened?And goverment should self-reflect and make a quick respon ...
Foreigners who disobey courts could be barred from leaving ... 1 2 China Daily News 7 995 cmknight 2013-11-8 10:15:48
  I don't know how efficient to process this ban,but so happy to see something improvement happened or ...
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