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Share Questions towards a demand driven orientation
MarcosF.Neves 2013-1-9 16:08
This article suggests some questions for organizations to try to position themselves according and tuned to the changing and evolving wishes of the demand. A demand driven organization has a continuous behavior to develop and promote solutions with higher value for the organization, for its direct and indirect consumers and also for all stakeholders involved, in a holistic approach. Within the market in which an organization operates, there is a wide range of actors that mutua ...
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Share 'Go to market' strategies in emerging countries
MarcosF.Neves 2013-1-9 16:08
This article has the objective of proposing some specific strategies to enter and conquer the emerging markets. These markets are booming nowadays and if any company wants to grow in the global arena, the chances are to try to participate and capture the growth of the emerging countries or in the developed world, to merge, acquire or conquer market share of competitors, since in these regions most of the markets are not growing. Here goes a list of 20 points to think about and to ...
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Share Differences of developed and emerging economies
MarcosF.Neves 2013-1-9 16:07
This article has the objective of classifying some differences seen in emerging and developed economies. How can these countries be generally characterized, what are the major concerns and specificities and the huge differences that exist, being the most important probably the speed of growth and development. The world economy can be understood as several markets, intercommunicated and linked in different blocks, with totally different dynamics. The world markets are a much mo ...
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Share Marketing and distribution channels analysis and trends
MarcosF.Neves 2013-1-9 16:06
In this article I am talking about marketing channels and offering 20 discussion questions for managers to audit and plan channels for a specific company in the coming years. Marketing channels are the linkage among companies and clients. It involves the group of agents that perform services to make products available. When a company produces an offer, for this to reach final consumers, some agents need to perform the flows of products, services, communications, financial, in ...
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Share Developing offers in tune with consumer movements
MarcosF.Neves 2013-1-9 16:05
In this article we are talking about consumer movements. A frame is offered for discussions towards the needs of an organization to plan and act driven by demand. With the advance of digital media and new forms of communications, we face e new era where consumers are even stronger. Communication platforms, group discussions, complaining sites and others brought even more empowerment to the consumers. The possibility of protesting and really damaging brands and images got stron ...
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Share Questions to think 'out of the box'
MarcosF.Neves 2013-1-9 16:04
In one of our classes at the University of São Paulo we dedicated to read and discuss the management behaviour of Steve Jobs, based on the book and a recent article at Harvard Business Review, both written by Walter Isaacson, that tells "the real leadership lessons of Steve Jobs". It is an interesting reading about a person and a style that created one of the most spectacular companies in the last century: Apple. After the readings and the class discussion I had the idea to r ...
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Share The internationalization of Chinese food companies
MarcosF.Neves 2013-1-9 16:03
In the last world's food and agribusiness congress, organized by the International Food and Agribusiness Management Association, held last June in Shanghai, one of the debates that I coordinated was about the capacity of Chinese food companies to become international companies. The objective of this article is to share with China Daily readers my summary of the discussions. The article addresses: a) Why Chinese food companies are not internationalized based on a strategy to supply foo ...
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Share Structural changes in Chinese meat chains
MarcosF.Neves 2013-1-9 16:01
The objective of this analysis is to share with China Daily readers a recent workshop that I had the opportunity to coordinate in Shanghai, on 12th of June, during the events to launch my new Chinese book "The World on the Tongue", by Central Compilation and Translation Press. In this event, around 15 of the largest pork and poultry producers and processors operating in China stood for around 5 hours debating the future of the industry. Very interesting debate done with nice a ...
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Share Effects of exchange rates in food trade
MarcosF.Neves 2013-1-9 15:59
The objective of this analysis is to share with China Daily readers the possible impacts of exchange rates movements in food and agribusiness international trade. The case to illustrate the impacts will be Brazil, a country which currency, the Real (R$) faced huge variations since it was created and recently is going through a devaluation, impacting one of the world’s largest food exporters. The article is organized in three sessions. The first will talk about the historical ...
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Share More about sustainable supply chains
MarcosF.Neves 2013-1-9 15:56
Nutreco is a Dutch based multinational company operating in the feed industry, and in 2012 this company launched the report called "Nutreco Feeding the Future: How we can contribute to feeding 9 billion people in a sustainable way: Vision 2020." This article was written to share with China Daily readers my impressions studying the document, another example of sustainability. The company aims to create value in several different activities. Nutreco states that they "aim to become the globa ...
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