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Share The Colombian Coffee Example of Sustainable Inclusion
2016-9-14 21:32
special to China Daily, by Prof. Dr. Marcos Fava Neves Colombian coffee farmers in 1927 created a very insightful organization for sustainable inclusion of smallholders, aggregating around 500,000 farmers. In essence, this organization brought capacity to adapt to market changes in the coffee chain promoting value for the farmers and building global scale. Their experience brings considerable learning points, and I will address some of them in this story. Rela ...
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Share Brazilian's Experience from 2003 to 2015: An Open Letter to German's SPD
2015-12-11 04:53
I was surprised reading Mrs Fahimi's (General Secretary of Social Democratic Party of Germany) comment in one of Brazilian's most important newspapers, regarding ex-president of Brazil, Mr. Lula da Silva, invited to speak in the SPD International Conference. Your comment states that this gentleman "was responsible for the insertion of Brazil in the world by creating a modern model of social-democracy and proved that it is possible to overcome neoliberalism". This is how it appeared in the press ...
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Share Agri-Food Business Impacts with the Recent Devaluation of the Brazilian Real
2015-10-6 06:23
Special to China Daily by Prof. Dr. Marcos Fava Neves Brazil is going through a strong political and economical crisis brought by a 13 years sequ ...
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Share The Incredible Role of the USA in Food Trade
2015-8-27 19:47
Marcos Fava Neves In a sequence to the last article that raised nine big issues in food and agribusiness, bringing discussions held at the recent World Food and Agribusiness Congress (an annual event by the International Food and Agribusiness Management Organization), this story deepens the analysis about the first two issues, the growth of global food trade and the increasing role of the USA in this context. It is agreed that food markets will ...
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Share Nine Big Issues in Food and Agribusiness
2015-8-21 02:03
Marcos Fava Neves The big question here is… Which are some of the issues food agribusiness researchers and executives talking about right now? To address this question, I had a chance to participate in the recent World Food and Agribusiness Congress, an annual event held by the International Food and Agribusiness Management Organization. In June 2015 it happened in the beautiful twin cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, at t ...
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Share The New Food and Agribusiness Revolution: Data
2015-6-3 10:28
Special to China Daily, by Prof. Marcos Fava Neves When we look to the history of agriculture in several moments we had important changes that are remembered as… revolutions. Issues linked to technology, products, credit, cooperatives, labor, water, irrigation, genetics, environment, among others had their chance to write down their names in several moment of food and agriculture history. The current revolution is related to data and will also leave its name in the ...
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Share A Space to Share Information about Future of Food Business
2014-4-29 19:17
A Space to Share Information about Future of Food Business
Dear friends After almost 70 articles written to China Daily, I received an invitation to have this blog and to upload contents about my research on topics of the future of food business. Marketing, strategy, planning, and other issues, the same style of my previous articles. Hope you like it and also hope that sharing this information with you will be useful. I will write and share topics of my new book, that will be launched in May 2014.
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Share Ten questions for the future of ethanol business
2013-9-5 15:02
Bioethanol is produced in several countries, being the USA (producing around 50 billion liters mostly from corn) and Brazil (producing around 28 billion liters mostly from cane) responsible for almost 80% of the global estimated production of 100 billion liters (2014). This article explores what happens in these two countries and raises 10 questions about the future of this global industry. The largest producer and market today, the USA, has a mandate in the USA fixed 13.2 billion gallons as t ...
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Share 10 Questions for the Future of Sugar Business
2013-8-26 13:04
Sugar is worldwide recognized as the basic source of energy for metabolism and the food and drink industry depends on sugar. This article has the objective of discussing the major numbers and sharing my major questions about the future of this chain. The consumption grows (according to ISO - International Sugar Organization and other sources) around 2-2,4% per year. It came from around 143 million ton (m.t.) consumed in 2005/06 to 171 m.t. in 2012/13. The largest sugar consumers ...
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Share The role of Africa in food and agribusiness
2013-4-27 10:14
Since 2006, when I first landed at O.R. Tambo International Airport and after South Africa World Cup 2010 turned into a wonderful airport, I've had a chance to visit several places of South Africa and gave more than ten lectures in conferences, universities, public and private organizations. I’ve gone from the busy Johannesburg to the world class and marvelous Cape Town. Visited cooperatives in Malmesberry and went from the legalist Bloemfontein to Bothaville, home of Nampo Park, the lar ...
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Professor of strategic planning and food chains at the School of Economics and Business, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil ( and international speaker. Author of 25 books published in 8 countries and in China, “The World on the Tongue”.

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