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Report teamkrejados 2014-5-6 16:11
Dear Linlinlinlin... could I please just call you Lin?  
I wish your mother the happiest Mothers' Day. She has you for a daughter, so she must be a spectacular woman! Also, if you enjoy motherhood - Is that your little boy, eating watermelon? Surely you must be at least as wonderful a mother as your mother was. Wish you a great day!
Report snowipine 2013-8-27 14:13
This summer, the watermelon, which is planted and harvest from the sand beach of Yellow River, which si so sweet, that the retailing price has gone up to 2 Yuan one kilo, when i asked the reason, one salesman told me, Yeah, the kid who are so greedy for this, all the melons have short of  supply
Report jonathanomega 2013-8-21 22:01

How are you, I am jonathan Omega fromAccra Ghana, will you be intersted in Gold Dust and Diamond or do you have direct buyer?


Dr.Jonathan Omega
Report yereth 2013-6-6 17:29
Lin, why do you steal an article from our website and post it here in the forums?
Report roninxian 2013-4-7 08:54
I just saw your post on "China 100 Years Ago".  Such great photos.  What would have made them even more interesting than they already are is if you would have posted some English captions to them so we could all understand their meanings even more.
Report smenyc 2013-2-5 23:27
thanks for the message, photo was taken on siesta key, florida new years day this year


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