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Report nabinphuyal 2016-3-19 13:51
my name is nabin.i live in kathmandu city in nepal.i think u know my country nepal and biggest mount everest in nepal yes? i send u first time in here msgfor u because i want n like to meet n make good friend from new out side my country so i talk with u first time in english laungauge also do u like meet n make me good friend? if yes the u contact my cell number +9779851053537 viber also and my skype id: nabinphuyal.  i not use this most of time so i hope u will contact me there thank you so much god bless u
Report Kabisco751 2014-5-25 04:22
African Day is quite a memorable and interesting occasion in the life of Africans in the whole world.On that note, the Liaoning University African student Association(LUASA) did a grand style celebration on Saturday the 24th of May 2014 to recognize this wonderful event.Look forward for my next post for an update on that.
Report Kabisco751 2014-5-24 18:26
You are welcome
Report vf84tcat 2014-1-25 12:46
Hello my cute friend! :) I hope your new year is going really well ! :)
Report WOW! 2013-11-12 08:23
jade2013: hello,yes, long time no see ,recently i'm very busy,how about you ? all things is OK??
Take care and relax a bit! Over worked would degrading your health...
Report Belle58 2013-9-23 21:43
jade2013: I'm fine ,Thank you ! you can on line whole day ?
No, I do not go on line whole day, I need to work..
Report Belle58 2013-9-23 13:40
Helllo Jade, how are you?
Report crdw123 2013-8-20 09:15
Report Catpillar_zxh 2013-1-30 22:08
this my first blog,you are my first friend, thanks ,wish you are luck
Report querist 2013-1-18 23:55
jade2013: Thanks very much . I like English very much ,always I've never give up .but still now ,My English is not good ,my friends said:Jade, you say English i ...
Report WhiteBear 2013-1-15 10:18
jade2013: Hello, I'll see you
Where and when You'll see me? ;)
Report woainiqiqi 2013-1-12 04:33
i love to compose and record songs on my own inspiration i seek still a nice girl top accompany me in my recordings to record in mandarin english and other languages. but i would prefer a chinese kid to support my song compositions but also i dream to settle down with a cute asian single like you if you´re still single please write me to my email i´m interested in a lady with your shape 0058 412 541 43 27 weineiruila nanmei  我爱创作和录制歌曲,在我自己的灵感,我还是寻求一个漂亮的女孩,顶部陪我在我的录音记录在普通话英语和其他语言。但我宁愿一个中国小孩,支持我的歌成分,但也是我的梦想,安顿下来一个像你这样可爱的亚洲单一如果你还是单身的话,请给我写我的电子邮件,我很感兴趣,请与您的形状一位女士
Report anoush77 2013-1-10 04:39
Nice to meet you,

How are you and how is your work? i hope that all is well with you, My name is miss Stella,sorry for disturbing you,i saw your profile became interested in you,and i will also like you to have the same desire with me,pleas write me back through this my private email id,so that we can know more about each other and exchange our pictures, and we may become partners.(
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  • I want to Change...... 2014-2-28 19:07

    i can only say"just do it", for both of us.

  • Monday Mood...... 2013-10-26 15:47

    Little girl ,please not be that,come on baby,you shuold learn how to balace you reality life,at the same time,you should realise the bad and the good aspects of a particular thing happen to your career.i'm in favor of you!

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