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Share This year's plan and goal
2014-2-27 23:09
Plan one: I want to have Baby,born in this year,Belong horse; Plan two: I want to buy one car ,it isbelong myself; Plan three: I want to study easy Korean; Goal: I will do my best , because I hope my all plan can come ture, When i can change not good things ,that's mean i have possible give my parents the good life..
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Share Monday Mood......
2013-10-21 11:33
Recently the condition is not good,about many things I don't know how should I do. 2013 already tide over 9month,nearly the new year,but until nowI haven't any harvest,how should i face my family? now ,I'm not youth ,the day after day ,in my side all personare change ,they are change more better ,and succeed ,only myself ,still here ,in company do to job ,every month salary is same ......
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Share A big important decide
2013-6-29 17:17
Recently , it is very very busy,so i had no time write blog. Today, for almost person it is happy day and weekend, but for me that's not good ,because I need continue do the work,until what time finished i don't know. These daytimepassed veryslowly ,and my feeling is not too good.before last week, i made a big decision and thinking so much, in the end ,i decide:resign. i will leave here ,leave this company that i stay here do the ...
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Share Not good condition
2013-4-22 00:19
Recently is very busy.every day I go home can not on time. and I'm already forgot weekend.long time no have rest.every day working working ,I think I'm no person ,I'm a machine...... today on sunday, as usual working,can not holiday, theoriginal plan is at 18:30 I can go home ,but because have client in company,so I need stay company,that's no problem,from last week until today every day is too late ,I'm already habit,but tonight I feel very sad and very angry,not a ...
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Share I want to Change......
2013-4-5 14:17
Long time no come here, but doesn't mean i don't miss here,just recently the work very very busy, and i need many time to ,my drive test all is pass ,so i feel very happy,that's mean i can have a rest(sure,the work i need continue do it).Before test very busy ,no time let i thinking many things,but now i begin thinking, i don't like my at present condition, I want to change、change my work、change my life 、change my feeling、change all things. everyday in my heart a ...
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Share whole night can't sleep
2013-3-11 07:31
whole night can't sleep the feelingthat's very very unhappy,From Thursday untill last night, i've never sleeping pass 4 o'clock,in my brain thinking thinking, i can't control myself.I want to cry , my heart very very sad. May be because i'm very care , so i feel very sad and can't not sleeping,but who can tell me ,how should i do i will not care,care the other pepole feeling, who take to heart me ??
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Share angry
2013-3-8 09:46
angry from yesterday start ,i feel angry ,i don't know why ,may be regard to Sb, why the person caprice speed.i hate like this person ,yes ,very very hate. like this man is selfish.can't not understand the other person feel. suddenly:have feeling,stay here no mean and no hope at all ............
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Share 2013-3-07 mood
2013-3-7 18:53
Recently ,I'm unhappy.except workis very very busy, life also meet many difficult.want to leave this company,but fact now situation,i can't way do my want to do things. Sometimes,i think:why rich person can easy have many many money? why until now i stillnothing to do ?time is very fast ,no wait for me , i know i must try ,but i don't know how should I try .accurately, i've never give up try ,fr ...
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Share Don't afriad Face
2013-1-26 18:19
In the life ,weoften afriad to facereality. Afriad to face wrong. Afriad to face formerly. In fact , to face better than escape. only in the face of,you don't feel scared. Escape can't solve problem . Recently , I often encounter somedon't answer the phone's person, They think in :justdon't answer,problem will can solve .but in fact ,they are ...
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Share Work While You Work , Play While You Play
2013-1-24 23:03
Both work and play are necessary to us ; the former gives us knowledge while the latter rest, An Englih proverb is well said:"Work while you work ,play while you play."It makes our life pleasant,efficient and succssful. Work is one thing and play is another, It is of course not good to work all day long.However, it is also not good to play all day long, while you work , you ...
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  • I want to Change...... 2014-2-28 19:07

    i can only say"just do it", for both of us.

  • Monday Mood...... 2013-10-26 15:47

    Little girl ,please not be that,come on baby,you shuold learn how to balace you reality life,at the same time,you should realise the bad and the good aspects of a particular thing happen to your career.i'm in favor of you!

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