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whole night can't sleep

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  whole night can't sleep the feeling that's very very  unhappy,From Thursday untill last night, i've never sleeping pass 4 o'clock,in my brain thinking thinking, i can't control myself.I want to cry , my heart very very sad.
  May be because i'm very care , so i feel very sad and can't not sleeping,but who can tell me ,how should i do i will not care,care the other pepole feeling, who  take to heart me ??

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Reply Report desperado123 2013-3-11 08:48
Dear jade, you have been in this low status for a long time as I look through your blog. And it's time for you to make a decision to get out of this plight temporarily or for good. Don't think about too much since it's already the worst situation. you may lose something for this decision but a good chance may await you ahead. Try to find you a intimate friend rather than fight alone.
Reply Report DSseeing 2013-3-11 10:24
Who do you care ?
What seems to be the  problem?
Reply Report jade2013 2013-3-12 08:41
DSseeing: Who do you care ?
What seems to be the  problem?
yes, maybe i'm very care.if not ,i don't no way can sleep and feel sad、angry...... but who care me ?
Reply Report jade2013 2013-3-12 08:49
desperado123: Dear jade, you have been in this low status for a long time as I look through your blog. And it's time for you to make a decision to get out of this p ...
Although i don't know who are you ,but i want to said : thanks very much. infact , i want to change.but my brain can't not control to me , all things say is very easy ,but practial ation is very diffiiculty.a great many life reason i know , however i can't do .
Reply Report DSseeing 2013-3-12 10:20
Angry with who or what?
Reply Report DSseeing 2013-3-12 10:23
You don't need to care about people who don't care about you.
Find your own passion and happiness.
You only have one life to live.
Be happy when you're alive, cuz you'll be dead for too long  
Reply Report millytheblueday 2013-3-13 08:39
Hi Jade -
desperado - nice suggestion about friends..
Ok - I would suggest to take a look at my comment to your first blog.. and one more thing - Jade maybe - just - take a look a bit deeper into yourself - the truth ( your truth ) is in just YOU - when you look over there you will find, see, one very straight line all the way through yourself - and that is you - and that line, if you could try to observe it - i think , could tell you the true solution about your "issue"..
And once again - do not speed up yourself..- slow down, the time will slow even more - and you will see the things more clearer - you  will have it "in your hands".. Of course talking with friends , true friends would help a lot. But if you maybe for some reason you do not have them - dont worry.. Tomorow is a NEW DAY , AND EVERY DAY MORE OF NEW DAYS WITH A LOT OF Light of this blue sky.. :)       
Hey cheer up :) milly :)
Reply Report millytheblueday 2013-3-13 08:41
Come on Jade - we are all with you!!!!!!!!!!!        
Reply Report desperado123 2013-3-13 10:00
millytheblueday: Come on Jade - we are all with you!!!!!!!!!!!             
yes, Jade, we are all here and care about you! just remember that.
Reply Report Juchan 2013-3-14 13:01
count sheep...
Reply Report zhoulong 2013-3-17 01:10
common heart

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    i can only say"just do it", for both of us.

  • Monday Mood...... 2013-10-26 15:47

    Little girl ,please not be that,come on baby,you shuold learn how to balace you reality life,at the same time,you should realise the bad and the good aspects of a particular thing happen to your career.i'm in favor of you!

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