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Share People’s Democratic Republic of Korea Has Been A Rational Actor
2013-4-13 09:52
Since the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea tested its nuclear bomb, launched its satellite, and threatened to retaliate eye-for-an-eye if the U.S. or South Korea attacked, many media commentators, including Fenghuang TV of Hong Kong, called the PDRK a contemporary "madman": delusional and unpredictable. In the eyes of these so-called foreign affairs experts, small nations like the PDRK should take abuses quietly. If they try to talk back to a powerful country, they are denounced as mad, ...
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Share There Won’t Be War In Korea
2013-4-1 21:25
Much has been going on in the Korea Peninsula over the past few weeks. In light of Joint Military Exercises by the U.S. and South Korea, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea declared null a 60-year-old cease-fire. The terms of the cease-fire hold both sides to make an effort for peace. In the eyes of the DPRK, the military exercises are anything but peaceful, and it would be pointless to honor the treaty as such. In response, the U.S. flew two Missori-based stealth bombers to S ...
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Share The United National Security Council Should Stop Being a Bully
2013-3-15 22:46
Even though the cold war has been over for more than twenty years, the United Nations Security Council controlled by the United States continued to behave like a bully in the world. On the one hand, the permanent members of United Nations Security Council have stockpiled huge nuclear arsenals, which has been the biggest potential threat to all lives on this planet. They also allowed their friends and allies to have nuclear weapons. According to some estimates, about ...
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Share The United States Must Learn to Live Within its Means
2013-3-5 21:19
Many are worried about economic consequences in the wake of the recent sequester; some predict that the American economy will suffer a serious blow, and continue to tank. It is my belief that these cuts will prove to be a long-term boon upon the American economy, and will force the United States to live within its means. This is a short-term “hardship” that will allow Americans to avoid the disastrous consequences of overwhelming debt, the legacy of which will be very long-te ...
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Share What is good about rule of law?
2013-2-27 22:46
According to a report, U.S. Ambassador Gary Locke made a comment at thePhilipC.JessupInternationalLawMootCourtCompetition held at People University, Beijing on February 25, that China’s success in the future will depend on the rule of law. The rule of law has been a catchy phrase in Chinese politics in the last few decades. But very few people examine what the rule of law really means. ...
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Share The People’s Democratic Republic of Korea (PDRK) Is Critical for China’s Natio .
2013-2-22 20:49
Many people in China, including some important Chinese officials on Foreign Affairs, have been upset with PDRK’s continued effort to develop nuclear weapon capabilities. Facing constant threats of joint military exercises by the US and South Korea, it is quite understandable for the PDRK to want to develop its own nuclear weapon capabilities in order to act as a deterrent against possible military attack. These Chinese officials worry that the PDRK’s nuclear weapons could in ...
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Share The DPRK Needs Nuclear Weapons for Self Defense
2013-2-4 14:32
After the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea announced that it would test some new and more advanced nuclear devices, the U.S. Japan and South Korea all threatened to put more sanctions against the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea. Ding Gang of People’s Daily published an article, entitled: Nuclear Bomb Does Not Bring Security. He argued that PDRK should not test any more nuclear devices and accept the UN Security Council Resolution No 2087 which bans a ...
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Share Abe government is taking Japan down a dangerous path
2013-1-17 14:45
Abe government is taking Japan down a dangerous path
The newly elected Japanese LDP Government is adopting many new policies less than one month after its formation. On the military front, Abe has openly proposed amending the country's peace constitution, threatening to upgrade its Self-Defense forces into an all-encompassing military. The Japanese Government also took steps to significantly increase its military spending, the first time in over ten years. Diplomatically, the Japanese Prime Minister has talked about establishing a ...
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Share US fiscal cliff and potential lessons for China
2013-1-6 10:52
US fiscal cliff and potential lessons for China
The United States is the largest economy and the only remaining superpower in the world. It has military bases all over the world and engages in covert and open military operations in several places simultaneously. Who could have imagined that the US could be faced with a looming fiscal cliff like the one it is faced with today? To avoid disastrous short-term impacts on the US economy, the White House and Congress have engaged in fierce negotiations in the last few ...
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Share China's past century: On CPC's 90th birthday
2012-12-24 15:19
Updated: 2011-07-01 This year marks the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC). The celebration of the CPC's 90th birthday provides a good occasion to reflect on the great changes that have occurred in China in the last 100 years. The last 100 years has witnessed the great decline and gradual rise of the Chinese nation in the face of foreign aggression and domination, internal chaos and civil wars. From a victim of imperialism, the Chinese nation is bec ...
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Professor of Warren Wilson College in the US.

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  • The U.S. Dare Not to Invade the Venezuela despite All the Talk 2019-2-24 10:30

    The US attempt at subversion at Venezuela has set a very bad example. What it has long touted, namely, electoral democracy, is something the US would not hesitate to trample if it serves its own purposes.

  • The U.S. Dare Not to Invade the Venezuela despite All the Talk 2019-2-18 17:51

    Why would so many people from Venezuela seek to become "exodus" refugees in USA instead of going over to the side of their nation's supposed "enemy" ? Why don't they stay at home and defend their country against the nasty USA rather than seeking to join the alleged "invader" ? Where is the loyalty, the patriotism, the honour of the "ordinary citizens" of Venezuela ?

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