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Share Putin the Great Is Making Great Contributions to World Peace Again
2014-3-7 04:41
14.00 When the democratically elected President of Ukraine was over thrown by an armed mob instigated by outside financial backing, chaos reigned in Ukraine. The democratically elected Ukraine president had to flee for his life, and people’s livelihood is in danger. At this critical moment, Russian President Putin acted decisively and comes to Ukraine’s rescue. If not for Russian President’s decisive move, what happened in ...
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Share Understanding the Root Cause of Terrorist Attacks in China
2014-3-5 15:44
Both Chinese Government and Chinese people have been shocked by the atrocities of terrorist attack in Kunming, Yunnan. The Chinese people are very angry with terrorists, and demanding the government to take quick actions to suppress the terrorists before they could strike again. The government needs to deal with terrorists, but it is also more important to understand the root cause of the terrorist attacks in China. After the terrorist at ...
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Share Farewell Ambassador Gary Locke
2014-2-28 17:38
Gary Locke, the first American Chinese Ambassador, is leaving Beijing on March 1, 2014, after resigning his position as ambassador. When Gary was first appointed by Obama as ambassador to China, many Chinese were very hopeful about him as the first American Chinese U.S. Ambassador to China. At the time, China Daily asked me to write a piece about Gary Locke’s prospect as the first American Chinese U.S. Ambassador to China. I point ...
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Share The Hypocrisy of the UN Human Rights Commission on PDRK
2014-2-20 09:46
The UN Human Right Commission has published a report of its inquiry into the human rights record in PDRK. This inquiry chaired by former Australian high court judge Michael Kirby, has denounced the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea’s human rights records. He accused the government of the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea of starving, torturing, and enslaving its people. He even compared the government of PDRK to Nazi Germany. I wonder ...
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Share In Syria Putin Has the Moral High Ground with him
2013-9-10 20:53
As Obama Administration tries to mobilize support both domestically and internationally for a military strike against Syrian Government with the shady evidences that Syrian Government had used chemical weapons. Senator John McCain, one of the strongest supporters for military strike in the senate, warned of the consequences if the U.S. president’s words lost credibility in the world. In the eyes of many hawks in the U.S. the U.S. ...
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Share Syria Could Be Another Trap for the U.S.
2013-8-27 22:45
American and European elites harbored strong resentment against Syrian leader Assad, for very obvious reasons. During the Cold War, Syria was allied with the Soviet Union, and they maintain a friendly diplomatic relationship with the Russian Federation. Thus, Syria finds itself as “beyond” the US' “Axis of Evil.” Without Russian or Chinese support in the UN, the U.S. and its Western allies would have been much more involved in the Syrian Civil War in a much ...
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Share The Resilience of the Chinese Economy
2013-7-5 14:53
World economy is faced with great uncertainties. Europe, one of the traditional economic drivers, has been suffering serious economic woes, and the U.S.’s recovery from its recent economic depression, one of the most serious since the great depression, has been rocky, to say the least. China, which has been considered the most important economic engine for the world economy by many, is slowing down as well. For the first quarter this year, the Chine ...
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Share Putin and Russia Saved Syria from the Fate of Libya
2013-6-24 09:08
Now that the G8 summit is over, it will be remembered for one thing: Vladimir Putin singlehandedly defeated U.S. and European leaders’ initiatives to further arm Syrian rebels, and to seek a military solution for Syria , saved Syria from the fate of Libya . Ever since the end of the Cold War, the U.S. and its western allies have behaved as 'masters of the world': the Soviet Union was no more, and they could use military supremacy to dictate this global mastery. They'd manua ...
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Share President Xi Jinping’s Meeting with Obama and the Prospects of Sino-US Relation
2013-6-6 03:34
Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visits to the Caribbean (his first), Mexico, and California – where he will meet with Barack Obama – have made world news of the week. China is apparently strengthening diplomatic ties with a region the United States used to refer as 'its backyard'. This is an important indicator that the world has changed, and is still changing. During the Cold War, the U.S. would consider it a major threat if any Caribbean or Latin American nations devel ...
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Share The PDRK Has Stood the Test and Made History
2013-5-17 20:45
A couple of weeks ago, amid the heightened belligerence against the PDRK by both the U.S. and its allies, I wrote a blog entry for China Daily assuring my students and others that there would not be war in Korea. To me, it was very clear that the people and the government of PDRK never wanted war. What they wanted is very simple: the right to self-determination, and to pursue their own way of life without outside interference. The U.S., controlling the most powerful w ...
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Professor of Warren Wilson College in the US.

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  • The U.S. Dare Not to Invade the Venezuela despite All the Talk 2019-2-24 10:30

    The US attempt at subversion at Venezuela has set a very bad example. What it has long touted, namely, electoral democracy, is something the US would not hesitate to trample if it serves its own purposes.

  • The U.S. Dare Not to Invade the Venezuela despite All the Talk 2019-2-18 17:51

    Why would so many people from Venezuela seek to become "exodus" refugees in USA instead of going over to the side of their nation's supposed "enemy" ? Why don't they stay at home and defend their country against the nasty USA rather than seeking to join the alleged "invader" ? Where is the loyalty, the patriotism, the honour of the "ordinary citizens" of Venezuela ?

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