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The Sanctions will not Break North Korea

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The United Nations Security Council, with China’s support, passed the most severe sanctions of its history, against an UN Member State, North Korea.   Sanctions have been a tool of the powerful to bully others who refuse to toe the lines.   

The most deplorable thing in the history of the UN Security Council is that China joined the U.S. in imposing these severe sanctions on its former ally, and closest neighbor.   It is the stupidest thing imaginable for a third world country like China to do.   The Chinese have an old saying called weihu zuochang (help the tigers to kill its prey).   It is seems that China’s role in this round of UN Sanctions against North Korea is like that of a bully’s assistant.

These Sanctions will not break North Korea.   Sanctions in this world have never worked.   If any country in this world could survive this kind of sanctions it will be North Korea.   The North Korean people are a tough people.   They will not bow to the bully.   Instead, they will be stronger with all these sanctions.   

In face of the western sanctions in the early days of the people’s republic of China, Chairman Mao, stated, “Let them sanction us.  With their sanction, we will be able to produce everything we need in the end”.   That is how China’s independent industrial foundation was built up.   They were built up because they were forced to by the western sanctions.   In a way, the Chinese people had to be grateful for these western sanctions against China, which forced China to develop the self-reliance policies and develop everything they needed in order to survive.

It is too bad that the successors of Chairman Mao in China forgot the lessons of their predecessors, and joined their former oppressors to oppress their former ally, and neighbor, for the same accusations that were brought against China under Chairman Mao.   They are making a historical mistake, which is irredeemable in any way.   Former Soviet leader Khrushchev broke up with China in order to please the U.S. in the 1960s.   

Later the Soviet Historians considered Khrushchev’s policies as the most costly diplomatic disaster in Russian history.  I am writing here to predict that China’s decision to join the U.S. sanctions against North Korea will be the stupidest mistake China has made in its diplomatic history, and will come back to haunt China in the foreseeable future.

I believe that the North Korean Government, and People, will survive the sanctions this time like they did in the past.   As long as the North Korean people, and Government, are united under the outside pressure, they will learn to overcome their difficulties.  They are the most cohesive nation in the world because of their egalitarian practices.   I saw with my own eyes when I visited that country this last summer.   As long as they have enough to eat, they will be able to show the world that the North Korean people are a great people, and outside pressure will not break them.    In the end, they will be much stronger than they are today.

In the 1940s, the area of Northern Shaanxi Province controlled by the Chinese Communist Party was small and poor.   The Japanese aggressors and Jiang Jieshi’s Nationalist government both tried to blockade the Communist Areas.   In response to the difficulties caused by the blockage, Chairman Mao and the Communist Party launched the great production movement.   Chairman Mao himself engaged in the productive activities as the top leader of the Communist Party.   

The difficulties facing the Chinese Communist Party then were bigger, and worse, than those facing North Korea today.   The Chinese Communist party overcame the difficulties and became much stronger than it was before.   They were able to defeat the Nationalist government, and army, in the ensuing civil war partly because they were tempered by the difficulties caused the joint blockage by the Japanese and Nationalists.   There are reasons to believe that the same thing can happen to North Korea as well.

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Reply Report PAPAI 2017-4-28 09:38
hey since sanctions wont work on north korea, can we try them on south korea instead?

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