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Share Repair Work in China.
2015-7-20 07:53
It’s true that people read many stories about strange things that happen in China. However, a quick perusal of the newspapers and the internet will soon show you that the world is full of quirky incidents, nutty people, crazed maniacs, idiots and conversely the clever, intelligent, entrepreneurial and famous. China doesn’t have the monopoly on any of these but living here does provide an endless source of amusing incidents. For instance:- About 3 weeks ago the wea ...
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Share Leaving China - maybe.
2015-7-20 07:30
It seems to be harder to leave China than stay here! The last couple of days have seen my frustrations grow with each thing that needs doing before I depart. Let’s start with the banks. Although the debit card I use in China may be used all over the world, according to the bank, there was still some unease about that being true and if I left money here in a Chinese bank then the only way I would have been able to access it would have been to return to China! So tra ...
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Share Some Sentiments on China shared.
2015-7-20 07:23
I don’t really have to spend a lot of time listing things that annoy me in China but I would have to probably give a lot more thinking time to work out why my attitude has changed. I don’t often get bored or lonely, being that type of person that finds happiness in his own company. So I won’t blame that. I always had plenty to do whether it was preparing and creating Lesson Plans, reading the news, writing, playing the guitar, watching movies or just out socializing with friends, alt ...
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Share Farewell Middle Kingdom...
2015-6-30 10:27
When I started this adventure in China almost 5 years ago I had it in my mind to make sure I learned the language, enjoyed the food, made friends and travelled the country I was in as often as possible. Sadly, I didn’t dip into that bucket list often enough to accomplish a few of those items in there. My in-China travels were few and far between and look like this: Harbin, Lindian, QiQihar, Wangkui, Wudalianchi, Beijing, Xi’an, Amuta. A sorr ...
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Share Chinese Gamesmanship and Namesmanship!
2015-6-15 15:12
Chinese Gamesmanship and Namesmanship!
Well another term of school is almost over as the long summer holiday draws tantalizingly nearer. I’m not sure what the kids do during this time because as opposed to the holidays back home where you see school kids having fun everywhere you go the kids here were noticeable by their absence. No kids in parks, none wandering the streets, no juveniles getting up to shenanigans, nobody caught plastering graffiti over public walls, no delinquents challenging and harassing the elderly and cert ...
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Share A 'normal' life!
2015-6-15 08:52
A 'normal' life!
I suppose many of you reading these blogs probably think what an exotic or adventurous time I must lead but I am not sure it’s a lot different to what you all do back home. Whoa! Well it is different in that you can’t understand what people are saying and you can’t read signs to help you get around either, everybody looks Chinese, nobody can drive, the food you eat is not the same, strange customs, no pubs, opposite seasons and you probably don’t use an interpreter to go to the superma ...
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Share Foreigner Olympics
2015-6-15 08:22
Foreigner Olympics
Last Monday we completed the 7th Annual Foreigner Olympics in Daqing and as it was a long, hot day it all ended as expected with a few cold beers and an exceedingly sore body over the next few days. The events were pretty much the same as last year with 10 pin bowling leading us into a day of our two new sports - badminton and table tennis. The events are scheduled over 3 weeks of Mondays, that being our common day off and the presentations happen at our local bar on the 4th week, usually ...
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Share My Secret Place!
2015-6-8 11:08
My Secret Place!
The weather has been real Aussie BBQ type days although the humidity is not to my liking. In winter the weather can best be described as dry, humidity wise, so you don’t get that sweaty body from wearing too many clothes. Summer? Well with the Daqing area being part of a huge wetland system I suppose evaporation causes humidity to skyrocket. It was 94% the other day, hardly worth getting out of the shower in the morning. Yesterday it also rained cats and dogs, all day. What a mix! Reminds ...
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Share Hairdressers or barbers? A tonsorial tale!
2015-6-8 10:27
Many years ago, almost too many to remember, I used to go to my barber in one of Melbourne’s inner suburbs, and this was my first memory of ever getting my hair cut. I would have been 5 or 6 years old so I guess my mum must have been cutting my hair before that. This barber’s name was Arthur and when I started going to him he would have been in his late 80’s or maybe even 90! The haircut would cost me sixpence and Arthur would throw in a packet of Juicy Fruit chewing gum if I didn’t ...
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Share Dragon Boat Festival
2015-6-8 10:12
Dragon Boat Festival
The Dragon Boat Festival is almost upon us and here's an adventure from last year's celebration. On June12th, we celebrated the Dragon Boat Festival (Duanwu) which last year gave us 3 public holidays in China. The usual rule applies though, you get Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off but had to work the Saturday and the Sunday to make up for the days off! The kids at our school get it even worse because on the days off, Monday and Tuesday, they attend English Classes that they misse ...
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