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Share Mr.Baojianxin and his art
KristaChen 2019-4-7 13:19
Mr.Baojianxin and his art
Mr. BaoJianXin was Born in Yongjia, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. He was my classmate back to college in year 1990-1992,a quiet young man with few words that one cannot tell whether he was happy or not. After graduation,he became an art teacher at his hometown. But the man was not satisfied with the character he was. with his wife's support,he further studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Shanghai Normal University and China Academy of Art. He first gained attention with his oil paint ...
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Share Is Failure a Bad Thing? What Do You Think About It?
fantcy 2019-4-5 11:32
Different people hold different attitudes toward failure.When faced with it,some can stand up to it,draw a useful lesson from it and try their best to fulfill what they are determined to do.Others,however, lose heart and give in. They do nothing but complain about themselves and objective conditins. As a popular saying goes,Failure teaches success. In my opinion , what really counts is not the failure itself,but the proper attitude we should take after it.I trust that ...
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Share Sunshine in the afternoon
KristaChen 2019-4-5 08:09
Sunshine in the afternoon
How long can last the sunshine, How long stay fresh the flowers. Alone, my teardrops stream down, So nice the afternoon sunshine, brighten my cold chamber. A delicate fragrance of orchids, with thee,I longed to enjoy and wrote poems together. Now, life lost its color while living with the memory.
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Share Space.
J.E.Overington 2019-4-4 05:49
Student: Even though we are facing the serious problem of having accelerated the Holocene extinction, we can't put all our budget into this problem. Me: I agree, although environmental extinction is a direct threat to any national continuity, we certainly do need to continue investing in transportation, education, police, and other parts of the wealth redistribution and infrastructure that governments provide. Also, nations are looking to make a profit by producing something. Stud ...
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Share hello to you
KristaChen 2019-4-4 00:00
hello to you
Let dandelion take my greetings to you Money, by itself, is so empty. so is love in the brief history of human But still Sail your smile into the air; It will reach and enlive me!
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Share I am confused and unable to solve the problem
JimSlip 2019-4-3 16:09
I am confused and unable to solve the problem
My nephew is a primary schoolboy who is left alienated in the school by his teachers and fellow learners. Perhaps it is due partly to his delayed development of the brain. The behavior of his classmates might have been understandable because they do not find any interests in having such a friend in their daily horseplay. But the practice of the teachers is unpardonable because they are want of the ethics they should have when receiving each month the pay from government or taxpayer ...
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Share Decoding Mr.Fang Xiaofeng
KristaChen 2019-4-2 16:45
Decoding Mr.Fang Xiaofeng
I have always considered him as the most brilliant of the young artists in the city. And this time, theopening of Shentian Art Gallery on Nov. 17th has proved it. Mr. Fang Xiaofeng, also known as FangYiming (方译民), is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice includes prints, oil painting, Interior design, Calligraphy and traditional Chinese painting, watercolor, or acrylics, sometimes, mixed media as well. The inspiration that he takes from experiencing life creates ...
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Share women artists exhibition
KristaChen 2019-4-2 16:41
We‘re delighted to see more than two hundreds paintings done by the female artists of Zhejiang exhibited throughout March at the local culture center. Meanwhile,nearly five-hundred paintings were exhibited in hangzhou and some of them were touring through the whole province to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the women artists association of Zhejiang.
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Share The moment of life---Qingming
KristaChen 2019-4-2 15:28
Every solar year around April 5th, it is Qingming. For Chinese people, it is a big day to memorialze ancestors. Last Sunday morning,i went to my late husband’s cemetery with my daughter. This is the fourth year since he left us alone. we went one week earlier than the official day to avoid the crowd and the noise of the firecrackers. I used to pay for the guard of the cemetery to play the firecracks,and he always did it in a hurry. this year,although a little scared of playing the firec ...
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Share Smartphone-our everyday buddy
hoper_chou 2019-4-2 08:40
Smartphone-our everyday buddy
when we talk about Smartphone, what exactly comes to us? The answer maybe that there is more that we could list in an instant –listening to music, watching video, do some readings, some chats……So how can we imagine the lives of us without it. In my view, I wish it could have become popular when I was a college student. You see, consulting reference is hard work when you search answer in the Internet where there are f ...
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