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Share Universe from the eye of Hubble Space Telescope
Zorro2 2020-4-26 06:00
Universe from the eye of Hubble Space Telescope
On April 24, 1990, the Space Shuttle Discovery launched, carrying the Hubble Space Telescope (HST, or just "Hubble"). This orbiting telescope was the first of NASA's great Observatories . For 30 years, HST has provided astronomers with incredible scientific data on everything from solar system objects to some of the most distant galaxies in the cosmos. Hubble was named for American astronomer Edwin Hubble, who in the early 20th century helped establish that the universe is much bigger than th ...
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Share Esports has proven it’ able to attracting a young
xingwang11 2020-4-24 17:20
For prospective customers that are on the fence approximately Black Ops four, I propose giving this name a shot. It is the equal Call of Duty enjoy we all recognize however with sufficient tweaks and modifications to feel greater fulfilling than past entries. During the Australian Open grand finals weekend, the Fortnite Summer Smash drew crowds from around the sector. It’s the most important esports occasion ever held in Australia in terms of money. Fans from around the globe came to Ma ...
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Share The importance of the national soul
SEARU 2020-4-24 16:22
It is said in America two states were going to get out of Trump‘s controling and become independent countries due to the crisis of coronavirus epidemic. The Superpower is getting into a mess on politics where the people act as the ants in the hot pot. Some report claimed that in Russia the powerful president Mr. Putin intended to rebuild the Soviet Union! ?? Mr. Lenin founded the first socialist country after that his successors sang the political songs in different tones one after anot ...
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Share our youth (serial 33)
liuyumao 2020-4-23 16:47
Liu Tao knew that he had been made the convention of marriage from childhood by their father, so he could not say any word to Qing Zheng. Because his father had told him if he could not do it as their convention that his father would cut the relation of their father and he said to her that he haven’t unit who can not give his testify of marriage . Qing Zheng smiled and took out her passport to express to him. She told him that sha had gotten the permanent habitancy so he d ...
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Share Why We Lose Track Of Time In Quarantine
Zorro2 2020-4-23 15:15
Why We Lose Track Of Time In Quarantine
A common refrain during the COVID-19 pandemic : Life is a blur. The days all seem to blend together — is it Tuesday or Friday? And the line between work and leisure time is obscured when your living room doubles as your home office . Any time we have a big change in routine, this happens, We are accustomed to a certain amount of structure to our days. Moving to working from home disrupts the structure. Know that if you’re constantly confused about what day it is, you ...
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Share How to take a good picture
SEARU 2020-4-22 16:56
Mr. Tom is my colleague who spends much time on photographing. Once time in his report he told out his experience: “I always like the chance when the sky is full of colorful clouds that situation can offer you half success of the upcoming picture. All people are looking forward to that our world ought to be as attractive as rainbow we expected in dream!”
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Share our youth(serial 32)
liuyumao 2020-4-22 15:35
After four years, Qing Zhen returned home from America. She looked at Liu Tao and asked him:” come here, let me to kiss you.” Liu Tao’s face so red, he went to back slowly. Qing Zhen told him :”Don’t shamed too, you must marriage me this time, so you can go to American with me.
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Share We shouldn't be solely dependent upon herd immunity regarding corona virus
Zorro2 2020-4-22 10:29
We shouldn't be solely dependent upon herd immunity regarding corona virus
Herd immunity occurs when a large portion of the population becomes immune to a disease or virus, stopping its spread because there are so few people who can contract it.It is typically attained through vaccination, not widespread infection. For example, herd immunity for the measles is achieved when 19 out of 20 people receive the vaccination. Wittkowskisupported herd immunity through infection.Although it is possible to achieve herd immunity through infection, you don’t re ...
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Share our youth (serial 31)
liuyumao 2020-4-21 16:40
Yang Mei and Liu Tao went to university. but they must return to the village when they are in summer holiday. Liu Tao told to Chang Shang that he could expand production, for example doing the civil production and expand market, so the production is not only. He told him that you must read the book which can tell you how to find market and get money. Yang Mei returned to school. She told to village leader if the village want to build better and better, the child must be rea ...
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Share How Covid-19 may affect the brain
Zorro2 2020-4-20 16:27
"You've been hearing that this is a breathing problem, but it also affects what we most care about, the brain," A pattern is emerging among Covid-19 patients arriving at hospitals in New York: beyond fever, cough and shortness of breath, some are deeply disoriented to the point of not knowing where they are or what year it is. At times this is linked to low oxygen levels in their blood, but in certain patients the confusion appears disproportionate to how their lungs are faring. By ...
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