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Share Western 'democratic' hypocrisy
12dream 2019-3-13 15:57
Indeed, it is an interesting time to read, listen and see what is meant by the meanings of western propagated ' National Security Threats ' .Western 5-Eyesand Japan embarked on such drummed upthreat by firstly hitting ZTE China Telecommunications with hefty finesin the USA and then followed by banning businesses of Huawei China ( not just telecommunications hardware but included its solar equipment as a supplier ) . Another western criti ...
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Share Delayed Wind
dovexu 2019-3-13 10:17
Delayed Wind On an autumn invigorating cool brisk day, monthly roses were withering and falling. Yellow leafs were flying in the wind and there were no cold dews yet. I had been an outsider in official circles with a simple mind and few worldly desires. Unexpectedly, a little official “ hat ” dropped on my head from the sky. I would rather ...
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Share 2000 Years from Now, We Met
J.E.Overington 2019-3-12 23:52
It was a clear day and the forest mists had receded. From the clearing we could see the top of the wall, taller than the trees. The solar panels on the wall fed the cities far away. "Who built the wall?" you asked. "I found it while walking in the forest looking for Grimm's fish," I said. "Have you seen the fish?" "Tell me how to recognize it," you said. "The Brothers Grimm wrote a story about a magical fish who gives three wishes. It is in the streams of this forest, ...
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Share The story about 溪 sounds complicated
SEARU 2019-3-12 10:45
Last night I noticed that the Chinese character 溪 (xi)is (was)funny!Now let’s have a close look:The left part of the word is called ‘three-drop-water' that symbols three streams running to the river(江).And the main part of 江 is 工 which looks the two banks with one bridge across! The top of the right part of 溪 contains four strokes: The first one represents the sky and the remaining three ones seem like rain drops which are falling down and ge ...
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Share My Nephew Taken to English Corner
JimSlip 2019-3-11 16:08
My Nephew Taken to English Corner
Last time I told you the story of my nephew who went for fun on his own and we were all worried about him. He did return home at long last, saying he got lost after school when trying to find his way home seeing that his mother did not arrive at the gate of the school as usual. But I know he was lying. He could return his home without any outside aid at late night or early hour in the morning to be exact, it means he really knows the right way home. He might have had some problem ...
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Share Do less pollution before god
SEARU 2019-3-11 15:57
I have not been to Tibet. One of my friends had stayed there for two years for teaching-assistance to the back-ward region whose description about his experience help me have a better understanding on local culture! The people of the Tibetan nation are closer to the sky and at the meantime they have closer relationship with earth!They kneel down with the five parts of the body tightly toughing the ground before god! Their face and hands look black which seem covered with a thick l ...
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Share we are not different but unique~Mar 10th 2019
jessyrao 2019-3-10 13:54
we are not different but unique~Mar 10th 2019
there is a bear which name is KK. he lives together with his families and other bears in a forest. let's just call him KK Bear.KK Bear is friendly and kind. he thinks bears would like to make friends with him. but it's not what he thinks. It seems no one invites him to join in their groups, though he takes initiative. day passes by. he notices that other bears are fatter and stronger than him. he feels sad and feel like he is an alien. he asks his mum why i look ...
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Share Whitehorse is not a horse.
J.E.Overington 2019-3-10 08:11
Mercury, the deity of financial gain and commerce, is responsible for flying the sun across the sky, pulled by two horses... we were told in children's folklore. Recently Golden Mercury went backwards. "What are his horses names?" Zolotoy Luch and Bai Ma, Golden Ray and White Horse. "Why did the horses go backwards?" Because they are scared of the horse rider. "Who?" He is a rainmaker in his spare time. One day long ago, he hoped to meet someone who can t ...
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Share To let kids do free thinking is the top goal of schooling
SEARU 2019-3-8 15:03
"We Canadians have changed our education system considerably. " ---------One blog-friend said so. The following is my comment: "Your this statement has left me deep impression since I care a lot about the future reform to our own schooling mode! What and how to be taught to kids is a permanent topic! In ancient China children were forced to do too much unnecessary jobs day and night! Such as calculating with a bamboo instrument, practising handwriting with brush, reciting old po ...
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Share Making up goes like drug to kids
SEARU 2019-3-7 10:50
The other day I got a video on the WECHAT: A man decorate half of his face as woman's who could amused you to laughing by showing each half of the face in turn while singing in male or female voice!:D:lol In ancient time Chinese actors were good at making up through that skill they could attract more audiences on stage! But in real life making up is harmful to skin. This kind of technique has mislead children to the wrong direction who are eager to use chemicals for beauty from early ag ...
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