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Share A Panzhihua-Lijiang Road Trip
LaurenLiao 2019-3-19 17:53
A Panzhihua-Lijiang Road Trip
Panzhihua, laying at the southernmost corner of Sichuan province, connects the southwest edge of Sichuan and the northwest wing of the butterfly-shaped Yunnan province. Taking a bus journey can be a rewarding way of discovering this part of the country as the road to Lijiang from Panzhihua traverses what we had heard is a magical landscape, thus we opted for going this route by coach. From the geography books of my schooldays years back, the descri ...
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mauriciomunhoz 2019-3-19 06:26
A GREAT HIGH TECH FARM Maurício Munhoz What is modern in economics? Who is thinking about the new trends for this increasingly globalized world? The Chinese are certainly ahead. I had the opportunity to spend a period of my life at the economics faculty of Beijing University, and I knew the mechanisms of the so-called One Belt and One Road, which is a great design for the formation of an incredible economic bloc. The Chinese also saw, ...
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Share Proposed protection of worthy communication systems
J.E.Overington 2019-3-19 01:43
Worldwide, species vocalize upon presumption of care. Theft happens, teamwork happens, but the laws aren't based upon accidental pre-judgement such as by rules about chronological age. The lion pride sends their sons away after the son's learn to hunt, rather than on their second birthday just because anyone said so. Are there qualifications for being able to make or say laws? Of course. Wisdom and skill are prerequisites. There is a difference between an accidental pre-judgement and a ...
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Share Glass Floor
J.E.Overington 2019-3-18 18:42
The CN Tower in Toronto has a glass floor I haven't walked upon. I don't enjoy tourism although it is great for the economy. I prefer living, learning, working and playing responsibly. When I had to de-flea some of my cats, the veterinarian taught me to avoid diazanol, apparently now called diazinon, a nerve gas. My vet taught me to use a flea hormone instead. Mammals do not respond to the flea hormone. The flea hormone affects the entire life-cycle so it doesn't need a second applicati ...
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Share Half-鲁 banquet
SEARU 2019-3-18 14:43
I really feel delighted to see that every day about two-thousand friends can read my this post! I imagine that more and more people will join us to sit on the ground-mat for warm sun-bath specially in Spring! This reminds me one Chinese ancient folk story that goes like as the following: Tom invited his closed friend Smith to banquet of half-鲁 on which only one dish of fish(鱼)was served! In fact Tom had been intended to make a fool of the guest! As gift for returning, one month later Smit ...
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Share Xiaolong
J.E.Overington 2019-3-17 17:22
Mathematics is timeless, universal. Avalon's mists are equally beautiful, and portable, so living in Xinbeitou in Taipei, I was still in Avalon, able to walk up the mountain into the forest, able to walk to the lily pond and stand upon the stage in the outdoor theater, able to visit the natural hot spring and watch the rising steam. There is a fig tree as big as a house. There is a beautiful indigenous museum. And there is the city, the shops and veterinarians. If you ever meet someo ...
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Share Consumer Rights Day (3.15) Program Exposed Shocking Malpractices!
pnp 2019-3-17 13:27
Millions, if not billions, of Chinese were glued to their TV sets on 15 March to watch the consumer rights program on CCTV.And what a revelation; malpractices in business which normally consumers would not be exposed to!For instance,recycling hospital used and discarded plastic surgical syringes bottles, tubes, etc;dirty recycled materials used to manufacture adult and chidren diapers in abhorrent conditions;businesses providing fake p ...
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Share Different ancestors
J.E.Overington 2019-3-16 17:05
The DNA news hit the world - we mated with neanderthals! - and some of us were never surprised. It's become a popular issue. "We are black, we are human, and you white people are part neanderthal, we are saying the facts, we are not racist," is a level of truth that needs to be aired to let the white black relation do its laundry. That issue isn't Chinese, and probably the Chinese already know that issue happened because some economists don't know how to do earn and save money and pay bills wi ...
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Share Report of the General Meeting
J.E.Overington 2019-3-14 00:43
You: Do you have the final report? Me: It is nothing unusual. Some engineers are very excited by creating world peace by high temperature hydrogen fusion because that will make free electricity for everybody so we will stop fighting because we will have nothing to fight about, and they seem sure they are right. Apparently France is leading the way. Fusion is not to be confused with fission, used in the nuclear power plants we have, and which are safer since we have improved designs having lea ...
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Share I's the b'y that builds the boat.
J.E.Overington 2019-3-13 20:02
It's raining. Noah built an ark, they say. "I's the b'y that builds the boat" is a folk song from Newfoundland I learned to sing in early childhood. You don't want to hear me sing. I'm tone deaf. Octopuses are colour-blind and still discern between colours. Nature is amazing. Sometimes we lack a skill and still can do the work and earn the results. Many species show abilities to learn from another species, as we do across cultures. Our government gives us a free liberal arts educa ...
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