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Share Davos and other international meetings
JimSlip 2019-1-24 17:31
It is said that both the US and the UK have canceled their trips to Davos for the World Economic Forum due to domestic problems. I wonder what it is so special about this meeting? Is it a meeting for every participant to perform their legal duty or is it simply a get-together in which people of various walks of life talk about something and daydream only. Even they have reached some interesting and meaninful concensus as they expected, then what? Will the participants have to carry the pla ...
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Share Income Tax App
JimSlip 2019-1-24 10:53
Everybody now is busy with filling in the form provided by the app of the tax authorities for some deduction in future. But the app doesn't look as good as it intends. Taxpayers who rent housing cannot get the personal info of the house owners, who threaten to increase the rent once their info is revealed. So now the tax authorities are placed in a plight. If they are blind to the fact that many owners skip the legal tax, then they are derelinct. If they want to do things legal ...
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Share Do you have some chronic diseases?
jie448 2019-1-24 09:31
Recently, I had a physical examination and found that I already have had three chronic diseases. How horrible, I am no longer young, I need to increase the exercise amount everyday. But I did not have a favorite exercise before, I need to find an exercise to do regularly. One's customs are difficult to change, you should develop your habits when young. What a unforgetfule lesson! Luckily, it's not too late, I can cultivate one habit gradually. So which exercise should I choose? Or m ...
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Share China vs Iran quarter final AFC Asian Cup 2019
55555terry 2019-1-24 00:10
China vs Iran quarter final AFC Asian Cup 2019
Team China will play Iran in the quarter final AFC Asian Cup Coach Marcello Lippi team need to perform well if they are going to progress, with a ageing team they need all their experience to win this game Iran hot favourites and have a better record playing major tournaments will not take china lightly.What ever the result we need to keep focusing on developing the game at the Grassroots so the next Generation of ...
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Share Do you ever invest in the stock market?
jie448 2019-1-23 11:01
Systematiclly reconstucting is the most neccessary during the tide of the fraudulent pratices in the stock market, the individual investors hardly make money by investing in the stock market, because they are cheating by the insititute investors, and maybe the actual controller of the listed company could order the board of directors to cooperate with them. Such as the institute investors would make money using their capital advantages and information advantages. Sometimes the listed comp ...
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Share Flower Wall
dovexu 2019-1-22 20:52
Flower Wall Early this May, passengers hurriedly walked by China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation. Its fence was full of blossoming flowers and made people very exciting. Which are more charming among the Rosa chinensisJacqs and Rosa multifloras there? The flowers of the great achievem ...
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Share Poor students
JimSlip 2019-1-22 16:13
In the early morening we can often see students of high schools go to their schools, either alone or carried by their parents in cars or on e-bikes. The winter morning makes the scene especial prominent, it is so cold and they have to do so. Why are they made to do such hard thing? Is it necessary for them to be like that? Now we have a wider enrolment for college students, and students could find a college suitable to his level without making too much efforts and many colleges a ...
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Share The watershed of life
jie448 2019-1-22 14:33
My life would be better, if I concerned more about the undisclosed information or private information. That makes me know that we are not equal to get the same information. But how to collect information effectively? It seems like a bit difficult for me to improve my ability about it because China is a society where you get some undisclosed information by relative network. You need to be one member of that network, provide information for others and get information from them when you need. So I ...
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Share About technology budget
jie448 2019-1-22 11:18
Maybe you know our government enjoys supportting the new technologies developments because technology is the first producitivity. So there is the 2025 plan to develop new technologies which causes great concerns from Amrican government. The Americans concern about that because they are in the leading position in the technology and we are catching up with them in many fields, so they begins to worry about that. So why could we have such a great achivement? What roles does our government play in t ...
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Share The difference on culture between China and the west
SEARU 2019-1-21 22:17
Chinese and foreigners do thinking job in different ways. We have hieroglyphic characters each of them is a vivid picture that can represent ‘one thousand words’! You may post a long article to tell its meaning and related interesting stories! Furthermore calligraphy experts might be able to guess out your mindset and health state when judging through your handwriting which shapes and appearance can tell out more information about the master!As a tradi ...
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