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Share our youth (serial 46)
liuyumao 2020-5-17 17:16
Qing zheng thought for moment and said to her :” About education concept that I want to say three point. First, we must let thestudent to know through studying ,the person can change their style of though which let them to know what is nature, social, friendly; second ,through studying, the person can know what is the science and technology which must be serve for human; third, the studying is happy and faith.” After it she looked at them and waited their idea.
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Share Cookery is a must-be lesson
SEARU 2020-5-16 20:47
Cookery is art. Many people from our village have become experts on cooking. One of them is the boss of the famous restaurant in the county-town whose income is admirable. For average citizens cooking is the basic living skill that activity can make us more clever on thinking and practice! I notice that my three-year-old grand-daughter enjoys playing with kitchen toys. I think students should be taught to cook for the family at home. This is important for their future growth and career.&n ...
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Share our youth (serial 45)
liuyumao 2020-5-16 16:21
Liu Tao smiled to Yang Mei and said ;” you are real becoming the teacher of countryside which is the film that they had watched it for many time!” Yang Mei answered him :”you are real becoming the father!” after it she laughed loudly. She didn’t believe that Liu Tao had become the father who was liking the boy. They sit around the table and discuss the question which concern to education developing. Yang Mei said to them :”From now to look, our concept must be ...
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Share our youth (serial 44)
liuyumao 2020-5-15 17:15
Liu Tao and Chang Shang were in the workshop. He said to him:” Chang Shang , you had gotten great progress, I had made the plant which will invest to family furniture. I want to use the wood, because the people likes the Chinese style furniture which are made by wood and handwork. “ Chang Shang nodded and answered:” I had readied for it. Because the furniture market compete very intense, so we had trained some best workers to do it.” Liu Tao was satisfied. He said to hi ...
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Share our youth (serial44)
liuyumao 2020-5-14 17:19
Qing zheng surprised and asked:” Did you give up your work? “ Yang Mei was miserable who answered her :” I had quarreled with my father for two years, I haven’t any method to let him changing his ideal, so I decided to do education affaires which I loved it .” she stopped for moment and laughed loudly :” Don’t say unhappy things! Let me introduce my boyfriend to you!” Zhang Wei was waiting .he came in the house when he listened the called of her. He smiled and ...
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Share An Irrational Hostility Towards China
KIyer 2020-5-14 09:39
It is strange that there is such hostility towards a country that has provided and continues to provide plenty of ( increasingly, to now about 90%) of all the daily use products affordably to most of the world, by their people working hard, for low wages, for about the past 30 years! The hostility is due to this very reason that they do so!! What seems to be forgotten is that this dependence is one we have willingly cultivated, developed, engineered and participated in for over 30 years! ...
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Share Honeymoon in Cambodia
akkuer 2020-5-13 14:04
One of the most exciting places suitable for honeymooners is Cambodia! The reputation of the country circle around an incredible ancient wonder but aside that, the lively country also brag of other exciting places like stunning sandy islands, jungles filled adventures, lively cities along with a lot of classy accommodation. Choosing Cambodia as your honeymoon resort will not only be full of adventures but you will you will wish for more especially after visiting the awe-inspiring Angkor W ...
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Share Life of Shanghai after WWI
Zorro2 2020-5-12 09:05
Life of Shanghai after WWI
Shanghai in 1930s, the high-class people were chasing after fashion and enjoy the luxurious lives. It was incomparable. They preferred the westernized life such as swimming, horse-riding, dancing, and golf-playing. They required the exquisite clothes and delicate accessories. Fashionable women chose different necklace, rings, bracelet, finger rings and brooch according to the different season and occasions. Regardless of the cheongsam or western-style suits, their ears, neck, fingers and wris ...
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Share Love, Distraught Bond
x6174 2020-5-8 20:40
Night 1st Feb. 2020 If all were destined since beginning, why still fell into one! What fears most is never severed after countless cutting. Dawn and dusk come and go. Even being able to chock back tears, still tangling dreams are there at night. The struggling to go or stay, to love or give up, not even knowing where to repent for now. If having known love was so stinging and grinding, no one would be too serious at beginning. ...
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