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Share A coin becomes a wheel
SEARU 2019-1-28 21:14
My major was physics in the college. Once our headteacher led us to visit the Shandong University where I saw such a scene in a lab: That master-professor put a coin-like metal into a glass half full of liquid nitrogen with steam rising up! Then he explained: The metal will become superconductor in such a low temperature. In future the technology will widely be used in every field for practice! Now for your laughing please let me say: It takes us three decades to grow the coin ...
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Share I Found the Important Evidence
GreenNanning 2019-1-28 15:25
I Found the Important Evidence
In my earlier blog posts, I presented the full-length novel "Dream of Morgan" but due to the unavailability of time I cannot make a translation so that readers here can have a good read. Recently during my cleaning of the house for the upcoming Chinese New Year, I came across a booklet that was published by Guangxi Writers' Association, a semi-official organization of competent writers of literary works in Guangxi and that had a small circulation. However, the record on the inside page of ...
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Share Public Library I stayed in
JimSlip 2019-1-28 11:56
A couple of days ago I went to the provincial level public library near my home. The library has made itself reconstructed and reopened to the outside world again, so I was very interested to have a look and also checked the new magazines on which there might be articles written by me. The ground floor and the next floors used for usual reading rooms and rooms of self-study were full of readers or people who looked like high school students, so I went to the newly finished section where my ta ...
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Share The Same World to Find
shehemego 2019-1-27 23:06
The Same World to Find Eat together, we are eat companions No matter boss and subordinates Senior and youngsters Share stories together, we are story companions No matter noble or humble Rich or poor Live together, we are living companions No matter able or disabled Good looking or not When your mind is full about the idea that You and they are two worlds It is never a ...
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Share I Want A Face!!!
shehemego 2019-1-27 19:41
I want a face Favored by anyone Not too outstanding Yet not too humble The natural mask I wore Had long been my face But not one to their mind The one they prefer Is the one which makes them the same Being the same is the only To be favored and accepted I want the face before anyone But put on my natural mask again When nobody sees However, strongly ...
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Share US politicians' attempt to play 'Taiwan card' will be futile
joestephen 2019-1-26 00:34
In a blatant interference into China's internal affairs, the US House of Representatives passed a resolution on Tuesday intended to promote the participation of Taiwan in the World Health Organization and other international forums. For the House Resolution 353 to become law, it still needs to be passed by the US Senate. Then it will direct the US secretary of state to campaign for the participation of Taiwan in international organizations such as the WHO and Interpol. As such, it is a ma ...
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Share Restart the blog thread this year.
springjones 2019-1-25 13:56
I finished lunch while the TV was broadcasting. It occurred to me that the moment of writing a new blog on this page might come. The famous Taiwan writer Lin Qingxuan died the other day.And I feel sorry because he died too early at the age of only 65. The case is similar with my dear uncle who also died at such age several years ago. So I may share tears for Lin. Looking back for my college years, I read a lot of his proses. They not only reflected an artistic way of literature, but also Lin's p ...
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Share Problem of China's Universities
JimSlip 2019-1-25 11:13
If you ever study in a university you are not stranger to the long queues that line before the library for a seat inside. But acutally when the students, the majority of the component of the long line, get into the spacious library, usually the landmark building of the very college, they do not ask for books stored in the library, but try to occupy vacant seats as long as possible so that they can review their lessons, or play with their cell phones conveniently there. As a result, a libra ...
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Share How to achieve the peak of my life
jie448 2019-1-25 11:00
The peak of my knowledge was realized when I took the entrance exam to college, after that I found knowledge isnot the most important because I chose to learn economic in the university and it was difficult to change a major for me, though if you were rich enough or had some useful social relationship, you could relatively easily change your major. But it is not important to study how to achieve another peak of my knowledge, I feel I should conseder how to achieve the peak of my life, which from ...
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Share Who are experts on Chinese language?
SEARU 2019-1-24 21:36
We can not improve our culture without development of native language! Who does dare to claim himself as an expert on Chinese? There are many strange phenomenons taking place in China. Miss Yudan became famous for her wonderful explaining of ancient poems with a children story on the CCTV. But to my surprise she was driven off the lecture-platform in the Peking University where the talent students thought she was fooling them as kindergarten-level kids! Also ...
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