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12dream 2019-2-2 20:52
US ugly noisy senators and naive critics do need to read more about China and the shared prosperity of all Chinese nationals. Twelve other Asian diplomats based in Beijing had also visited Xinjiang China recently andsimilar impressions and expressions were heartily cited with pleasant surprises unlike those propagated by the very biased ( anti-China )Western presses and very naive senators ( such one noted has always been a very uneducated anti-China M Rubio ) of the USA. These naive guy ...
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Share A new start in 2019
Amy_Liu_2019 2019-2-2 20:38
dear friends, This is Amy Liu from Shaanxi Province. I am a big English fan, and used to keep english diary in my school age, but it was a pity that the good habit was not kept firmly since i started to work in 2008. Time really flies! Nearly 11 years has passed after my graduation. In the year of Pig, i tell myself to give myself a new change, and start to learn english by all means. Hope through this good platform, i can make congenial friends who ar ...
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Share CCTV plays positive role on education
SEARU 2019-2-2 17:28
I am expecting an excellent Gala for the celebration of the new year! At the same time I do wish there is nice improvement on language lesson of the top level entertainment program in China! ( The CCTV has great influence on the young generation on learning. More TV shows should hint students how to do independent thinking instead of always repeating others' words! )
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Share Hard Struggle Years Before One Belt and One Road
GreenNanning 2019-2-2 16:44
Hard Struggle Years Before One Belt and One Road
Nanning is a border city in the south of China, but during the years of 1988 to 2005, not less than 2,000 engineers or technicians were sent to work in the projects of road construction in Bangladesh. At that time, projects of engineering were not done in the internationally recognized manner at home, so these Nanning engineering crew did make great scenes before they could finish the job. In other words, they learnt a great lesson at high cost in a foreign land. Why did they go to a st ...
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Share Auto thing
JimSlip 2019-2-1 16:40
A report released yesterday by a semi-gov Chinese auto watcher said that the sales volume of autos dropped for the first time in 28 years since China began its sale of private autos. The report also introduced some views of experts that stimulation and incentives will be given in 2019 to boost the auto market. Hearing this from the radio show, I looked out the window of my house and saw in the street down below there was a line of traffic consisting of mainly of various autos that remained st ...
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Share Tyrannical Democracy
huaqiao 2019-2-1 16:11
What the US is doing all along is to contain China's rise and economic prosperity. Many excuses are given for doing so such as "stealing technology", "IP infringement", "unfair trade practices"...etc. Not satisfied at that, covert operations are being done in China's territory to create tension within the local population with the intention of overthrowing the government. So far, China has stood firm and solid where many other countries have unfortunately succumbed--such as Venezuela no ...
Share New Home in Sanya
dovexu 2019-2-1 12:23
New Home in Sanya In the Yue Chun ecological zone, there is a river called “ Near Spring ” . On the banks of the river, there are forests of mangrove trees and palm trees. Hundreds kind of flowers are blossoming and birds are singing at the tips of trees. It is a pleasure to walk on the curved paths under the shade of trees. On the ...
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Share Forumites will contribute more to the culture progress
SEARU 2019-1-30 23:05
I had been loyal reader to the chinadaily for decades before I started my bloging-business five years ago.You can sense my great progress on writing if you have a comparison on my early works and the present ones. The more important thing is that debating drives me have deep thinking about the reality and try to draw some useful conclusions after a nice discussion with forumite-friends that is helpful for us to enrich China education theory! Our work is meaningful! In ...
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Share After Iran lost to Japan at AFC Asian Cup
JimSlip 2019-1-29 11:12
Four web users of sports at expressed their opinions after Iran, the famed Persian warriors, lost 0:3 to Japan, the Blue Fighters at the 2019 Asian Football Confederation Asian Cup on January 28, 2019. Silver: The people of Japan has owned the three strong points: 1. They dare face their own weaknesses and do what they can to change them; 2. They would learn from those who they think stronger than themselves, without any care about losing face; 3. They are good ...
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Share Don't blame those exaggerated TV dramas
UpWithYourHand 2019-1-28 23:10
Don't blame those exaggerated TV dramas
On the internet there are some busybodies who list the names of some TV dramas about Anti-Japanese War,blaming them to be exaggerating the details and to fool the audience. However, no smoke without fire. Looking back from the old papers, one could easily find that such blown up stories of the same theme were not scarce many years ago when there was no internet or other equally convenient communication available. Even I myself did such foolish thing during my earlier days, here I would lik ...
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