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Share If Aisle of Banishment was artlessly a Diablo III clone
xingwang11 2020-4-3 17:30
If Aisle of Banishment was artlessly a Diablo III clone, it wouldn’t admission lasted as continued as it has. Nor would it admission such a committed amateur base. What in actuality makes this free-to-play gem from Cutting Accessory Amateur not abandoned awfully altered from Blizzard’s alcove crawler and added hack-and-slash activity RPGs? What inherent qualities does it admission that has admired it to the gaming attainable and affronted it into the altered and much-loved appellation that it ...
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Share our youth (serial 18)
liuyumao 2020-4-3 11:16
Chang Shang began to made the classic furniture with hard wood. He accorded the size of the picture foe making it, he found that it was not easy, you must know the history of the Chinese, so you could make it very well. He told to Liu Tao:” I must learn the history , so I can make it well, if I know the history ,I can talk with ancient while I make it.” Liu Tao told him that you have yourself ideas. You could find to Yang Mei and asked her how to study the history. ...
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Share our youth (serial 17)
liuyumao 2020-4-2 14:45
Chapter eight Passed six month, Chang Shang have knew the sketch and made great progress. He said to Liu Tao:” brother Liu, I have made the progress in sketch, what will I do use the sketch?” he became to call Liu Tao ‘brother’, because he thought that Liu Tao could lead them to run to rich. Liu Tao smiled and gave him a book. He said to him:” if you could draw it as the picture in the book, we could make it.” Chang Shang read the book carefully, after it he ans ...
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Share Mobile Train Hospital to fight COVID-19
Zorro2 2020-4-2 09:30
Mobile Train Hospital to fight  COVID-19
Pakistan’s national railway has converted all of its business class coaches into rolling quarantine wards for Covid-19 patients, adding thousands of beds to the fight against the virus . The mobile isolation units are ready to ship out to any part of the country connected by rail lines, offering much needed relief to local authorities in Pakistan’s hardest-hit regions, Railways Minister Shaikh Rashid Ahmad announced on Monday at the Rawalpindi train station in Punjab, a major stop on the ...
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Share our youth (serial 16)
liuyumao 2020-4-1 16:20
Chapter seven Qing Zheng went to America after she graduated from the middle school. She said to Liu Tao:” you must wait me , I will carry you to America. My uncle will invest in China, he want to invest the furniture factory, he want let to you to manage the factory. although it need the time, but my father and mother want you to study sketch hard, because my aunt had heard that our country will resume the examination for entering the university, so you could ...
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Share The epidemic situation hasn’t still been end, but the fire is coming
ephil_cn 2020-4-1 14:18
This morning I heard the news that the fire had made 19 person to be lost their lives for fire fight the big fire of forest in Liangshan for Sichuan province. At that moment, I could say nothing, I only felt the tears to burst my eyes. The epidemic situation hasn’t still been end, the fire of forest is coming again. The last moment, We were happy for welcoming these angels in white who assisted the wuhan for fighting against the epidemic si ...
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Zorro2 2020-4-1 08:45
The Spanish Flu , the deadliest viral outbreak of recent history, infected about a third of the planet’s population between 1918-1919. With similar mortality rates to COVID-19, it is a tempting comparison. But it’s not an entirely fair one. A century ago, when the Spanish Flu hit, the world was at war, which greatly inhibited public health responses. Soldiers were packed in close quarters, facilitating its lightning spread between people. At the time, antiviral ...
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Share our youth (serial 15)
liuyumao 2020-3-31 11:22
Chapter six Liu Tao didn’t has the English class in the school , but he didn’t lose to study English by himself or from the father of Qing Zheng. Other spare time, he studied sketch or how to made the classic furniture. One day ,he had painted the picture of classic furniture which was Dynasty style. He took it to find the father of Qing Zheng and let him to guide. The father of Qing Zheng read it carefully and told him :”the picture is good, but do yo ...
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Share Health Silk Road
Zorro2 2020-3-30 20:40
President Xi Jinping with Prime Minister Imran Khan Pakistan, with a population of 220 million, currently has 1,235confirmed cases of the virus, including 9deaths from the illness it causes, COVID-19. Most of the infected people there were travelers returning from neighboring Iran. An emergency hospital is set up with nine hundreds beds for coronavirus infected patients, in the Expo Center, Lahore, Pakistan.The virus causes mild or moderate symptoms f ...
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Share our youth(serial 14)
liuyumao 2020-3-30 15:23
Chapter Five Liu Tao began to study the sketch. He had found that it is so interesting. The sketch must know what is the ‘line,light,surface’ so you could paint you study it deeply ,you must paint human body which was so serious problems in that time. What would I do it? He thought for long time, so he decided to buy some medicine books which had the human body picture. But somebody found it and told their teacher that Liu Tao read the’ yellow book’. ...
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