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Share Social distancing works – just ask lobsters, ants and vampire bats
Zorro2 2020-4-9 09:57
Social distancing works – just ask lobsters, ants and vampire bats
Animals as diverse as monkeys , lobsters , insects and birds can detect and avoid sick members of their species. Why have so many types of animals evolved such sophisticated behaviors in response to disease? Because social distancing helps them survive. In evolutionary terms, animals that effectively socially distance during an outbreak improve their chances of staying healthy and going on to produce more offspring, which also will socially distance ...
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Share What China Did To Win the War Over COVID-19
MichaelM 2020-4-9 03:07
I never left China when the outbreak of the virus was steamrolling over the country. China could have never imagined that 82,000 people would contract this virus and that more than 3,000 would die. It has been unprecedented especially when compared with the number of the SARS virus of 2002-2003. Now, the even more utterly astounding unfolding of events have taken place as the virus reached the shores of America and has already (and is still taking) the worst toll on earth. It is heartbreaking ...
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Share our youth (serial 22
liuyumao 2020-4-8 16:56
Liu Tao leaded Chang Shang to his home and introduced to his parents :” He is our group leader’ s son , we will talk with Qing Zheng ‘s father and Yang Mei ‘s father !” then he told to Chang Shang :” They are my parents !” Chang Shang shamed and called them:” Father, Mother. “ The parents of Liu Tao laughed and said to him :”ok, you will come home and have lunch after you talk with them.” Liu Tao leaded Chang Shang went to the office of Yang Mei’s f ...
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Share How magic is the nature force
SEARU 2020-4-8 12:19
How magic is the nature-force In Chinese dictionary there is a special word 電 which refers to ‘lightning’. Why? Its top is 雨 (rain)with the two horizon lines representing cloud layers and the four dots should be the water drops from the sky. The lightning can spit the ground into pieces which scene looks like the shape of 田. Then how to understand the huge ‘hook’ from the clouds to the underground? The bright lightning seems like ...
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Share Once in a pink moon
Zorro2 2020-4-8 09:04
Once in a pink moon
We're seeing a vivid 'pink moon' rise above St. Michael's Mount—a granite-encrusted isle connected to the rugged peninsula of Cornwall, England, by sandy flats and a man-made causeway that submerge at high tide. The same order of monks that established France's Mont-Saint-Michel built a church and priory here in the 12th century. In ensuing centuries of war, the insular monastic outpost was fortified into the imposing castle we see today. Privately purchased in 1659, the mount was opened to th ...
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Share What now? Post Covid-19
KIyer 2020-4-8 07:38
It is obvious the world has changed. It is not just the Coronavirus that has us worried for our immediate survival. We are seriously worried for the times to come, post COVID-19, well after the novel Coronavirus has washed over us all, retreated or we achieve a sort of equilibrium with it, just like with so many other diseases and viruses. What seems to be fueling a lot of the worry, the anger, angst and venting in many 'advanced' countries, my own Australia included, seems to be rooted in ...
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Share Fighting Covid-19
dovexu 2020-4-7 11:18
Fighting Covid-19 How vicious the new coronavirus is. It commits atrocities and assauts humans as fast as wind. It often causes immunity weakers to lose their life. How many families has sobbed too bitterly to speak? China has waged a people ’ s war and built a great wall against the epedemic. Chinese nation has defeated the god of plague.. Many foreign countries had asked China fo ...
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Share our youth (serial 21)
liuyumao 2020-4-7 11:10
Yang Mei told her father whether or mot to help her to devise W C which could use the water to clean? Because the children in our school only use the WC which was called ‘dry wc’ ,it was so foul and no hygienism . She sent it to him and said :” You will tell my father ,he could give me big keep warm barrel if there were more in his unit, because she want to let her students to drink hot water that could be reduce disease. Liu Tao nodded ,he looked at her so deeply. He told her ...
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Share Frogs are fortune animals
SEARU 2020-4-6 18:02
Frogs are hero creatures those can kill many pests for their food in fields to protect crops.In China we have such a proverb: After hearing frogs' singing, you will be served with white buns in 100 days.( In my childhood the frogs would shout in loud voice after Spring raining. Farmers enjoyed the scene since that was an early fortune signal for a good wheat harvest. ) It is a pity for that we can seldom see a frog in the countyside due to ...
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Share our youth (serial 21)
liuyumao 2020-4-6 16:20
Yang Mei told Zhong Liang:” Let them to entry! Liu Tao is my friend from childhood. I will explain to group leader.” Zhong Liang opened the gate , but he was not happy. He told to Chang Shang :” Only thirty time, you must go out! “ Chang Shang agreed and told him:” you are real police dog !” Liu Tao cried to Chang Shang :” Don’t say that words, say sorry to him !” Chang Shang surprised because he didn’t watched him so angry. He shamed and answered :” ...
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