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Share People Mountain People Sea
JimSlip 2019-2-6 16:19
The first day of Chinese Lunar New Year saw a lot of people going out for a trip to seek good fortune. Many scenic spots were full of people. Even some points where there had been few visitors earlier became hot places of interest attracting many tourists. I traveled with my family to a surburban park, a new one covering a very big area. The admission was 60 Yuan for adults each, 30 yuan for students under 16 years old and free for older people over 70 years or model workers at or above munic ...
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Share A splash's power
shehemego 2019-2-6 09:50
Still during days of CNY,.... today's earyly morning around 2 a.m. I was up and could not fall asleep again(still staying awake till now of course). I was totally lost in moods. And I started to explore ways to get out of them but found myself standing in the sublime height, seeing the origin of the whole universe and its end(both of which of course I didn't actually see but put myself that high to see through the process). I also saw my as a little splash of wave in the long long river o ...
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Share Post a post for the festival
SEARU 2019-2-5 17:11
Yes, today is the first day of the new lunar year of pig which animal is a symbol of good luck and fortune according to Chinese folk culture! I don‘t think yesterday‘s CCTV Spring Festival Gala was as tasty as bloging. I refuse to watch other boring TV shows for the moment. Instead it is more meaningful to post something for discussion with forumite friends although some guests might visit my place at anytime as I type! Now my topic is ‘ How much does schooling account on your success ...
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Share The Most Basic Motivation For Wealth Creation
KIyer 2019-2-4 09:57
Not all who are wealthy are at fault somehow. Many earn it honestly or inherit it legally, not at anyone else's expense. Not all who are poor and struggling are so due to someone else's fault. They truly have not earned wealth or sympathy in society. There are corrupt and honest rich, just like honest and corrupt poor. They each need to be treated differently, according to their nature, not their level of wealth. A single individual cannot use more than a certain amou ...
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Share My First Class Experience China Spring Festival Ditan Park Temple Fair
55555terry 2019-2-4 05:12
My First Class Experience China Spring  Festival Ditan  Park Temple Fair
My first impression attending the Ditan Park Temple fair was so grand with so much red i look up and see red lanterns hanging everywhere the red colour symbolize luck and good fortune with big crowds everyday it was a joy to experience the traditional snacks, performances, acts and calligraphy and with much more to see this makes the temple fair the best in Beijing. Great exp ...
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Share How many homes do Chinese own?
JimSlip 2019-2-3 22:47
Yesterday on a public bus I heard a schoolboy calling via WeChat his classmate for an outing. "Hey, so-and-so, do you like to visit (a name of place)?" "Yes, I like that." "Where are you now? You can take (a bus route) to be there." "I am at home now." "Which home?" The last sentence made my mouth open. The voice of the other side gave a name, which is a high-class residential community in our city. Then I realized that now people in our city seem to have more than one re ...
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Share The Extremes ?
KIyer 2019-2-3 09:03
SCENE 1 Sarah greeted her friends at the door, looking very happy and excited to see them, yet there was an unmistakable new calm and relaxed look to her. After they were all done squealing, jumping and hugging her in turns they wandered in. They all exclaimed at the elegance and beauty of the house, all the way from the front porch to the dining room via all the other rooms - on the standard house tour. The place was truly luxurious in an understated way - very upscale and hinted of obscenel ...
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12dream 2019-2-2 20:52
US ugly noisy senators and naive critics do need to read more about China and the shared prosperity of all Chinese nationals. Twelve other Asian diplomats based in Beijing had also visited Xinjiang China recently andsimilar impressions and expressions were heartily cited with pleasant surprises unlike those propagated by the very biased ( anti-China )Western presses and very naive senators ( such one noted has always been a very uneducated anti-China M Rubio ) of the USA. These naive guy ...
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Share A new start in 2019
Amy_Liu_2019 2019-2-2 20:38
dear friends, This is Amy Liu from Shaanxi Province. I am a big English fan, and used to keep english diary in my school age, but it was a pity that the good habit was not kept firmly since i started to work in 2008. Time really flies! Nearly 11 years has passed after my graduation. In the year of Pig, i tell myself to give myself a new change, and start to learn english by all means. Hope through this good platform, i can make congenial friends who ar ...
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Share CCTV plays positive role on education
SEARU 2019-2-2 17:28
I am expecting an excellent Gala for the celebration of the new year! At the same time I do wish there is nice improvement on language lesson of the top level entertainment program in China! ( The CCTV has great influence on the young generation on learning. More TV shows should hint students how to do independent thinking instead of always repeating others' words! )
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