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Share The watershed of life
jie448 2019-1-22 14:33
My life would be better, if I concerned more about the undisclosed information or private information. That makes me know that we are not equal to get the same information. But how to collect information effectively? It seems like a bit difficult for me to improve my ability about it because China is a society where you get some undisclosed information by relative network. You need to be one member of that network, provide information for others and get information from them when you need. So I ...
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shehemego 2019-1-20 18:14
kind of brain soaked in a small bottle shaped by a bottle but only a bottle's shape what if let the brain out, exposed in the air let it freely grow, in or out the brain will breathe free, stretch free and happy let my brain out, no matter winds blow, rains fall it needs to breathe free it needs to stretch free and happy release the lion out of a cage if you want to see its naturality and goodness in a cage, no more lion but cat I am only skeleton if my brain is in a bottle ...
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Share The Globe is warming up
SEARU 2019-1-19 21:18
When I was little, our local area was more colder than the present with the lowest air temperature could reach minus 14-degree centigrade. The pond was covered with thick ice on which children did kinds of games for fun without worry about ice-breaking and falling down into deep water! Now nearly half century has passed. We can obviously sense that the climate is getting warmer and warmer. The God knows what will happen in few decades! I dare not imagine the future story!
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Share Has your dream come true?
jie448 2019-1-18 13:23
Seldom I have a dream, and because my major in my college could help me find a job easily, so I studied another major in the college. The reason I chosen this major wad because it is one of the most practical one in my college. It is convinient to study it and my college is leading in colleges have that major. Finally, I found a job because of the second major knowledge I learnt. But after several years I found this job can reflect my advantages and I was not interested in it, though I can ...
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Share How many children did Chinese bear in 2018?
jie448 2019-1-17 13:53
Many people know the fact that Shandong province which was the fondest of bearing childrenin Chinain 2016 and 2017 beared less children in 2018, so most of them expect Chinese would bear less children in 2018 than in 2017. Why is that a problem attracts wide publicity? All Chinese know that China has the largest population in the world for many years. And so China government enforced one child policy in 1980s, the number of new born children in China is becoming less and less, so the ...
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Share If you could be famous, what would you be famous for?
J.E.Overington 2019-1-17 01:11
Do you want to be an actor, a singer or a model? Would you rather be a politician, a banker, or maybe an entrepreneur? Which is more important to you: being known for your beauty or being known for your mind? Are you more interested in being known for something generous you did for an important interest group such as lifting people out of poverty, helping refugees, solving a water shortage crisis, solving an energy shortage crisis, or creating a healthcare or technology breakthrough t ...
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Share Feel more pleasure from work
SEARU 2019-1-15 10:08
I take bloging as something like fishing that is not considered as working in my mind although it also needs hard thinking! That would release you more from the tiredness of working if you do job in a scientific way consuming bothlabor force and intelligence! In other words we should learn to get more pleasure and fun from the routine work since only few decades we can spend on the contribution to the society! We should value such limited gold period as well as enjoy ourselves as ...
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Share A Letter To My Daughter
charlzhang 2019-1-14 17:35
Hi, Kiddy! I am your father. You know you were so little while you were borned. I dare not hold you in my arms because I was afraid that you would be hurt. I didn't know how to change the diaper then a father who was in the same room with us helped me.Hehad became a father at the last day. After several days, I had learned how to pure milk, change diaper, wash your body and so on. At the same time, you were sleeping, eating and crying sometimes. The cry was terrible to me. Because I ...
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Share Some knowledge about the USA
jie448 2019-1-13 17:20
Today I read a book about American history and I notice that during the Independence War, the American got the secret support from several European countries that once had wars with the British. There are always no friends, but there're always interests. So, we need to analyse the competing conditions in the market, and maybe we could get some help from the enimies of our enimies. I should pay more attention to that, because I ususlly ignore that. It is possible that I am not a qualified ...
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