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Share Auto thing
JimSlip 2019-2-1 16:40
A report released yesterday by a semi-gov Chinese auto watcher said that the sales volume of autos dropped for the first time in 28 years since China began its sale of private autos. The report also introduced some views of experts that stimulation and incentives will be given in 2019 to boost the auto market. Hearing this from the radio show, I looked out the window of my house and saw in the street down below there was a line of traffic consisting of mainly of various autos that remained st ...
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Share Don't blame those exaggerated TV dramas
UpWithYourHand 2019-1-28 23:10
Don't blame those exaggerated TV dramas
On the internet there are some busybodies who list the names of some TV dramas about Anti-Japanese War,blaming them to be exaggerating the details and to fool the audience. However, no smoke without fire. Looking back from the old papers, one could easily find that such blown up stories of the same theme were not scarce many years ago when there was no internet or other equally convenient communication available. Even I myself did such foolish thing during my earlier days, here I would lik ...
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Share What Position Determines What Work
shehemego 2019-1-28 21:22
What position I am in leads to what work I should do Don't withdraw and say I don't know For your work should be done by youself Which should be taken for granted Occupying a position always Comes with its responsible work Don't hold back and say take it easy Your career's success never came true If you didn't keep ambitious and say yes To complete asignments on your own Failure is the mother of success Why not accept failures which may come You are not p ...
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Share Public Library I stayed in
JimSlip 2019-1-28 11:56
A couple of days ago I went to the provincial level public library near my home. The library has made itself reconstructed and reopened to the outside world again, so I was very interested to have a look and also checked the new magazines on which there might be articles written by me. The ground floor and the next floors used for usual reading rooms and rooms of self-study were full of readers or people who looked like high school students, so I went to the newly finished section where my ta ...
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Share The Same World to Find
shehemego 2019-1-27 23:06
The Same World to Find Eat together, we are eat companions No matter boss and subordinates Senior and youngsters Share stories together, we are story companions No matter noble or humble Rich or poor Live together, we are living companions No matter able or disabled Good looking or not When your mind is full about the idea that You and they are two worlds It is never a ...
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Share I Want A Face!!!
shehemego 2019-1-27 19:41
I want a face Favored by anyone Not too outstanding Yet not too humble The natural mask I wore Had long been my face But not one to their mind The one they prefer Is the one which makes them the same Being the same is the only To be favored and accepted I want the face before anyone But put on my natural mask again When nobody sees However, strongly ...
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Share Restart the blog thread this year.
springjones 2019-1-25 13:56
I finished lunch while the TV was broadcasting. It occurred to me that the moment of writing a new blog on this page might come. The famous Taiwan writer Lin Qingxuan died the other day.And I feel sorry because he died too early at the age of only 65. The case is similar with my dear uncle who also died at such age several years ago. So I may share tears for Lin. Looking back for my college years, I read a lot of his proses. They not only reflected an artistic way of literature, but also Lin's p ...
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Share Problem of China's Universities
JimSlip 2019-1-25 11:13
If you ever study in a university you are not stranger to the long queues that line before the library for a seat inside. But acutally when the students, the majority of the component of the long line, get into the spacious library, usually the landmark building of the very college, they do not ask for books stored in the library, but try to occupy vacant seats as long as possible so that they can review their lessons, or play with their cell phones conveniently there. As a result, a libra ...
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Share Do you have some chronic diseases?
jie448 2019-1-24 09:31
Recently, I had a physical examination and found that I already have had three chronic diseases. How horrible, I am no longer young, I need to increase the exercise amount everyday. But I did not have a favorite exercise before, I need to find an exercise to do regularly. One's customs are difficult to change, you should develop your habits when young. What a unforgetfule lesson! Luckily, it's not too late, I can cultivate one habit gradually. So which exercise should I choose? Or m ...
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Share Poor students
JimSlip 2019-1-22 16:13
In the early morening we can often see students of high schools go to their schools, either alone or carried by their parents in cars or on e-bikes. The winter morning makes the scene especial prominent, it is so cold and they have to do so. Why are they made to do such hard thing? Is it necessary for them to be like that? Now we have a wider enrolment for college students, and students could find a college suitable to his level without making too much efforts and many colleges a ...
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