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Share I am confused and unable to solve the problem
JimSlip 2019-4-3 16:09
I am confused and unable to solve the problem
My nephew is a primary schoolboy who is left alienated in the school by his teachers and fellow learners. Perhaps it is due partly to his delayed development of the brain. The behavior of his classmates might have been understandable because they do not find any interests in having such a friend in their daily horseplay. But the practice of the teachers is unpardonable because they are want of the ethics they should have when receiving each month the pay from government or taxpayer ...
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Share The moment of life---Qingming
KristaChen 2019-4-2 15:28
Every solar year around April 5th, it is Qingming. For Chinese people, it is a big day to memorialze ancestors. Last Sunday morning,i went to my late husband’s cemetery with my daughter. This is the fourth year since he left us alone. we went one week earlier than the official day to avoid the crowd and the noise of the firecrackers. I used to pay for the guard of the cemetery to play the firecracks,and he always did it in a hurry. this year,although a little scared of playing the firec ...
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Share All The Holiness, Beauty and Evil
KIyer 2019-3-27 13:58
No place, no monument, no symbol or word is holy, beautiful, ugly or evil in itself. True Holiness and beauty, exists only within us - in the souls and thoughts of living creatures. Ugliness and evil exists mostly within humans. Copyright © KIyer 2019 All rights reserved
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Share Modular Cooking
J.E.Overington 2019-3-22 11:46
The chopped tomatoes are cooking with the salmon in the slow cooker with the mushroom slices. When the fish falls apart, the olives are added. The freezer has a tub of spinach cubes, a tub of ginger cubes, and a tub of bacon cubes. I have no ice cubes though as I prefer warm to cold beverages. Bacon cubes? After I fry the bacon and mushroom slices, I store the bacon fat in a jar to use instead of butter, then I make a gravy. The ice cube trays are full of these treats.&nbs ...
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Share No Deal
UpWithYourHand 2019-3-20 10:16
Recently I nearly had one of my work of art sold to a lover. The painting is very nice, in which there is a lady in Chinese style dress who is playing a flute and it is very vivid, showing the beauty of the traditional Chinese females, either in posture or in manners. So I am very convinced the buyer was highly impressed. But why no deal? That guy is a businessman and he said all his money has been tied up in his business and that now what he can offer is the wine worth 400 thousand ...
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Share A Panzhihua-Lijiang Road Trip
LaurenLiao 2019-3-19 17:53
A Panzhihua-Lijiang Road Trip
Panzhihua, laying at the southernmost corner of Sichuan province, connects the southwest edge of Sichuan and the northwest wing of the butterfly-shaped Yunnan province. Taking a bus journey can be a rewarding way of discovering this part of the country as the road to Lijiang from Panzhihua traverses what we had heard is a magical landscape, thus we opted for going this route by coach. From the geography books of my schooldays years back, the descri ...
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Share Proposed protection of worthy communication systems
J.E.Overington 2019-3-19 01:43
Worldwide, species vocalize upon presumption of care. Theft happens, teamwork happens, but the laws aren't based upon accidental pre-judgement such as by rules about chronological age. The lion pride sends their sons away after the son's learn to hunt, rather than on their second birthday just because anyone said so. Are there qualifications for being able to make or say laws? Of course. Wisdom and skill are prerequisites. There is a difference between an accidental pre-judgement and a ...
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Share Glass Floor
J.E.Overington 2019-3-18 18:42
The CN Tower in Toronto has a glass floor I haven't walked upon. I don't enjoy tourism although it is great for the economy. I prefer living, learning, working and playing responsibly. When I had to de-flea some of my cats, the veterinarian taught me to avoid diazanol, apparently now called diazinon, a nerve gas. My vet taught me to use a flea hormone instead. Mammals do not respond to the flea hormone. The flea hormone affects the entire life-cycle so it doesn't need a second applicati ...
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Share Xiaolong
J.E.Overington 2019-3-17 17:22
Mathematics is timeless, universal. Avalon's mists are equally beautiful, and portable, so living in Xinbeitou in Taipei, I was still in Avalon, able to walk up the mountain into the forest, able to walk to the lily pond and stand upon the stage in the outdoor theater, able to visit the natural hot spring and watch the rising steam. There is a fig tree as big as a house. There is a beautiful indigenous museum. And there is the city, the shops and veterinarians. If you ever meet someo ...
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