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Share People Mountain People Sea
JimSlip 2019-2-6 16:19
The first day of Chinese Lunar New Year saw a lot of people going out for a trip to seek good fortune. Many scenic spots were full of people. Even some points where there had been few visitors earlier became hot places of interest attracting many tourists. I traveled with my family to a surburban park, a new one covering a very big area. The admission was 60 Yuan for adults each, 30 yuan for students under 16 years old and free for older people over 70 years or model workers at or above munic ...
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Share A splash's power
shehemego 2019-2-6 09:50
Still during days of CNY,.... today's earyly morning around 2 a.m. I was up and could not fall asleep again(still staying awake till now of course). I was totally lost in moods. And I started to explore ways to get out of them but found myself standing in the sublime height, seeing the origin of the whole universe and its end(both of which of course I didn't actually see but put myself that high to see through the process). I also saw my as a little splash of wave in the long long river o ...
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Share How many homes do Chinese own?
JimSlip 2019-2-3 22:47
Yesterday on a public bus I heard a schoolboy calling via WeChat his classmate for an outing. "Hey, so-and-so, do you like to visit (a name of place)?" "Yes, I like that." "Where are you now? You can take (a bus route) to be there." "I am at home now." "Which home?" The last sentence made my mouth open. The voice of the other side gave a name, which is a high-class residential community in our city. Then I realized that now people in our city seem to have more than one re ...
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Share The Extremes ?
KIyer 2019-2-3 09:03
SCENE 1 Sarah greeted her friends at the door, looking very happy and excited to see them, yet there was an unmistakable new calm and relaxed look to her. After they were all done squealing, jumping and hugging her in turns they wandered in. They all exclaimed at the elegance and beauty of the house, all the way from the front porch to the dining room via all the other rooms - on the standard house tour. The place was truly luxurious in an understated way - very upscale and hinted of obscenel ...
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Share Auto thing
JimSlip 2019-2-1 16:40
A report released yesterday by a semi-gov Chinese auto watcher said that the sales volume of autos dropped for the first time in 28 years since China began its sale of private autos. The report also introduced some views of experts that stimulation and incentives will be given in 2019 to boost the auto market. Hearing this from the radio show, I looked out the window of my house and saw in the street down below there was a line of traffic consisting of mainly of various autos that remained st ...
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Share Don't blame those exaggerated TV dramas
UpWithYourHand 2019-1-28 23:10
Don't blame those exaggerated TV dramas
On the internet there are some busybodies who list the names of some TV dramas about Anti-Japanese War,blaming them to be exaggerating the details and to fool the audience. However, no smoke without fire. Looking back from the old papers, one could easily find that such blown up stories of the same theme were not scarce many years ago when there was no internet or other equally convenient communication available. Even I myself did such foolish thing during my earlier days, here I would lik ...
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Share What Position Determines What Work
shehemego 2019-1-28 21:22
What position I am in leads to what work I should do Don't withdraw and say I don't know For your work should be done by youself Which should be taken for granted Occupying a position always Comes with its responsible work Don't hold back and say take it easy Your career's success never came true If you didn't keep ambitious and say yes To complete asignments on your own Failure is the mother of success Why not accept failures which may come You are not p ...
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Share Public Library I stayed in
JimSlip 2019-1-28 11:56
A couple of days ago I went to the provincial level public library near my home. The library has made itself reconstructed and reopened to the outside world again, so I was very interested to have a look and also checked the new magazines on which there might be articles written by me. The ground floor and the next floors used for usual reading rooms and rooms of self-study were full of readers or people who looked like high school students, so I went to the newly finished section where my ta ...
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Share The Same World to Find
shehemego 2019-1-27 23:06
The Same World to Find Eat together, we are eat companions No matter boss and subordinates Senior and youngsters Share stories together, we are story companions No matter noble or humble Rich or poor Live together, we are living companions No matter able or disabled Good looking or not When your mind is full about the idea that You and they are two worlds It is never a ...
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Share I Want A Face!!!
shehemego 2019-1-27 19:41
I want a face Favored by anyone Not too outstanding Yet not too humble The natural mask I wore Had long been my face But not one to their mind The one they prefer Is the one which makes them the same Being the same is the only To be favored and accepted I want the face before anyone But put on my natural mask again When nobody sees However, strongly ...
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