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Share Whitehorse is not a horse.
J.E.Overington 2019-3-10 08:11
Mercury, the deity of financial gain and commerce, is responsible for flying the sun across the sky, pulled by two horses... we were told in children's folklore. Recently Golden Mercury went backwards. "What are his horses names?" Zolotoy Luch and Bai Ma, Golden Ray and White Horse. "Why did the horses go backwards?" Because they are scared of the horse rider. "Who?" He is a rainmaker in his spare time. One day long ago, he hoped to meet someone who can t ...
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Share What do we need to teach our children?
J.E.Overington 2019-3-4 08:07
"The ant gets better results than the grasshopper," taught Aesop. "A cat in gloves catches no mice," teaches the Gaokao. "Should we be independent or cooperative with our community?" the English textbook asks us to discuss. We're bored by textbooks asking 20th century issues - that all ended at least 19 years ago, together with the other question, "When managing time (our most precious resource), should we make plans or just obey anyone without thinking about it?" We all kno ...
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Share The best choice
ephil_cn 2019-2-28 15:53
In life, we always do the choice, every time we all hope it is the best choice, but when we decide to do for a while, we start to doubt whether the choice that we have done is right or not. sometimes we is even self-condemned for the choice. We think why we didn’t choose another way or road, if we chose, maybe it will be the better than now, and so on. but we ignore it is only our imagine. It has the good aspects and bad aspects for any choice. At that time, when ...
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Share North American Food Isn't Mostly Hamburgers, Pizza and Hot Dogs.
J.E.Overington 2019-2-28 00:18
Many of us who travel the world from Canada, America and Mexico feel initially surprised when offered hamburgers as though this were our normal food. We don't usually eat hamburgers. Nor pizza. Nor hot dogs, nor steak. We understand this idea was formed worldwide from McDonald's famous turnkey solutions in business being so successful. Actually, we are mostly migrants, so most of us eat the foods our ancestors ate, with some cultural fusion happening. Here, ...
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Share Water Cooler Talk
J.E.Overington 2019-2-25 02:11
"Teach children to feed themselves nutrition-dense food and information, guarding against excess oil, sugar, salt and misinformation." "The environmental disasters are a threat." "They're a challenge. Saying more trees, fewer people is too simplistic." "But we double in half the time since 1700." "M.C. Escher's Planetoid shows vision. Imagine self-sustaining cities." "NASA confirms China and India plant the most trees." "CD says Ant Financial is partly behind 25% o ...
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Share Noisy Girlfrind Embarrassing Myself
JimSlip 2019-2-24 11:52
When we learnt English the first time in China, we encountered an interesting text in New Concept English, a popular textbook for English learners around the world, and many people may still remember the first lesson of Book 2, where a couple talking too loud in a cinema was warned by their fellow viewer. Yesterday I went to see a film The Wandering Earth with my girl. Originally it had been a date with her girlfriend, but she made a mistake of the time of appointment, then she phoned me ...
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Share Sunlight means lot to health
SEARU 2019-2-22 21:05
When I was little I heard a special report on radio: If the Third World War break out, countless nuclear bombs will almost totally destroy the Earth with the atmosphere full of dust and no sunlight can reach the ground! In such critical condition no creatures except rats can survive without ultraviolet rays! The latter kind of animals can still live deep underground in darkness for their powerful talent living ability! According to physics theory ultraviolet rays from the sunlight is quite ene ...
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Share Trying to have a shapely body
JimSlip 2019-2-19 22:19
The long Spring Festival comes to the end eventually. After taking so many calories, I am now much concerned about maintaining a good body shape. Losing weight is another matter, in my case, as the cases of many others, it seems unnecessary, shape is more important than weight. I bought a wheel that is intended for exercising the belly. The body movement is like that, you prostrate with your hands holding the handles of the wheel and your legs straightened, then you begin ...
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Share Home Remedies
J.E.Overington 2019-2-19 07:42
The twenty-year-olds in Canada now know to eat more spinach, fewer peas, more carrots and less corn. We didn't used to know, as it wasn't taught. We were taught cursive hand-writing in beautiful script. Our children were taught to print. We were taught to sleep 8 hours, but less is okay. And to drink any liquids, up to 8 cups. My Chinese friends said, "Drink water, sleep on holidays." It works. It heals wounds faster. "There's no proof that vitamin C works so we demand obedience to harmfu ...
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