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Share Time to talk about the ‘F’ Word that is Faith
tradervic 2018-9-10 01:18
Time to talk about the ‘F’ Word that is Faith
Normal 0 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Over a decade ago, there was a science fiction film called Serenity. It was based on a brief television series call Firefly. While its time ‘on the air’ was short, in comparison to other properties like Star Wars, Star Trek, and others, it still had the ability to provoke some serious questions about the real world it took it cue from. One of those questions was bluntly asked by one of ...
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Share Let's have good relaxation for a while!
SEARU 2018-9-3 10:45
God knows where your soul is as the body does exist!:P One saying going like this:"Chinese are more serious in daily life as well as dealing with business who act as those soldiers getting ready for fighting! On the other hand, foreign friends are more relaxed with their good humor sense!”:D As life would become a joke-like drama, why should I tire myself so bitterly?:lol
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Share a raining day
anitahooo 2018-8-30 15:30
I am so blue today. raining cats and dogs. like a waterfall, never stop. why i feel lonely these days? he is the one i loved but i smell something bad. i tried to lie to myself that we are still the perfect couples. but i know that is not true. he said i never try my best for anything. he is stressful. so am i. when we never come across these realistic matters, we were good, but now, so cruel. i don't know where to find myself. lost in the dark. can i find the breakout to rele ...
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Share 3 methods and ideas for improving Spoken Chinese
mikhail3y 2018-8-27 00:26
divspan style=font-size: 14px;br/span/divdiv3 Methods and ideas for improving Spoken Chinese./divdivspan style=font-size: 14px;br/span/divdivHello I'm a foreign student, I've been in China for overall 3 years and have been studying Chinese for a little less than 3 years./divdivspan style=font-size: 14px;br/span/divdivnbsp;My level of Chinese is perhaps advanced intermediate and I'm slowly going to make my way to advanced over the course of the next ...
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Share On 21 Centuary's Entertainment
shehemego 2018-8-26 17:53
So much to have a look in the world. Don't know why so. Finding fun is easy now with network technologies improving every day. With your cell phone, you can chat, you can entertain with music, movies, TV shows or mobile games. Fun is so demanding but don't know what is meant to be for me only. Be ordinary and absorb what is provided. Then everything that appears on the phone means fun. Or to someone means happiness. This is life of 21 centuary when fun is connected with science and technologies. ...
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Share Poem:Outside World and Inner World
shehemego 2018-8-26 15:34
Since how little a child was I, I've learned so much about the outside world. I learned basic knowledge of science and culture. I learned discipline and kindness. I learned everything from the outside world. A big HOWEVER it is that my inner world crumbles down piece by piece. No helping hands to come in, to build a harbor against the stormy sea. Long hope comes to an end. Long rest is never far. 从多么小的我开始,我便开始学习如此多外面世界的东西:科学、文化;节律、友善。我所学的一切都来自于 ...
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Share Truth Be Told
Liononthehunt 2018-8-21 20:34
Truth Be Told
Just seconds after I got my finger cut by the sharp edge of the broken glass panel of a roadside bulletin board when I tried to flag down a cab, I felt that I was blessed, because the little accident just ocurred steps away from a drugstore. The cut was not serious at all, but it would appear gross to leave it untreated, as I was on my way to a meeting with a prospective business partner whom I had never met before. A bunch of people, including a long-haired dude holding a video ca ...
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Share No Need To Die And Go To Heaven
KIyer 2018-8-8 19:28
I have often heard that someone ‘died and went to Heaven’. It came as a surprise revelation to me when I realized that, I have stayed alive and come to Heaven. I look around and find it very familiar. It looks just like the area around where I live. I was walking outside, this evening after dark. It had rained earlier in the day and the skies had cleared up. I could feel a cool and yet exhilarating pleasant dampness as I looked up and saw the stars bright ...
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Share How do you choose a pet clinic, private or public?
BeckyinYZ 2018-8-7 09:44
With improved living standard, more and more people now keep pets and take their pet as family members, so the pets are commonly named companion animals. Pet owners would be willing to spend a large amount of money for pet’s health, especially when pets get ill. This situation has spawned the rapid development of both public and private pet clinics, which are different in some aspects, such as fees, service level and attitude. In this case, many people cannot figure out which kind of pe ...
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Share What's a good recommendation for dancing robots?
AlphaLiang 2018-8-6 14:20
Holly, guys. Excuse me, is there any good recommendation for the Bluetooth dancing robot? What is the general price range?
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