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Share Happy National Day
cvprchen 2018-10-1 08:01
Happy National Day
Today is October 1st, the National Day. Today is also the 69th birthday of the People's Republic of China. From the bottom of my heart, I want to say "Happy Birthday!" to my mothercountry. I really feel proud of being a Chinese.
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Share Let‘s cook for ourselves when possible!
SEARU 2018-9-18 21:17
So delighted to see you here! But I have some wonder or worry about your habit! I always think industrial food products are only fit for occasional usage such as when you are hungry far away from home rather than for daily life as meals! The reason is simple: These goods are lack of vitamins and contain too much chemicals for special tastes or long-time storage! One businessman told such a story:"I used to have one package of milk at breakfast. Once a time I forgot half bottle of that well-known ...
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Share Do you wash rice before cooking?
SEARU 2018-9-18 09:11
About "washing up rice": According to some saying on radio, some nutrition on the surface of grainswould be washed away as you clean them up with water, specially when you do to Chinese yellow-tiny-rice with which there is vitamin B12 that is important to health! However I always believe that it is unacceptable if the raw material from the shop is directly put into the pot. Once-washing is enough for hygiene security and second one is unnecessary and may become waste of money! ...
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Share Are you a nice porter on language?
SEARU 2018-9-17 16:00
Yes, good education background does not mean a nice salary for job! But your words have little to do with what I concern! ----------I wonder what makes foreign education more advanced than Chinese one that is worth learning? ! Most science principles were discovered by foreigners and their books can be easily understood by English-speaking readers. But those ‘sweet cakes’ have become quite hard for our students when translated into Chinese language! -----------This phenomenon goes like w ...
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Share About reading
ephil_cn 2018-9-10 10:53
I haven’t reading a whole book for a long time, it also makes me feel anxious constantly. Last Sunday I had finally two hours to read a book quietly, when I completed the plan of reading I felt I was so relaxed and happy. I hadn’t had so experience for almost three months. When I put down the book I didn’t remember all content, but when I was reading, I was happy and thinking. I think it is the harvest to read. When I talk ...
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Share Time to talk about the ‘F’ Word that is Faith
tradervic 2018-9-10 01:18
Time to talk about the ‘F’ Word that is Faith
Normal 0 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Over a decade ago, there was a science fiction film called Serenity. It was based on a brief television series call Firefly. While its time ‘on the air’ was short, in comparison to other properties like Star Wars, Star Trek, and others, it still had the ability to provoke some serious questions about the real world it took it cue from. One of those questions was bluntly asked by one of ...
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Share Let's have good relaxation for a while!
SEARU 2018-9-3 10:45
God knows where your soul is as the body does exist!:P One saying going like this:"Chinese are more serious in daily life as well as dealing with business who act as those soldiers getting ready for fighting! On the other hand, foreign friends are more relaxed with their good humor sense!”:D As life would become a joke-like drama, why should I tire myself so bitterly?:lol
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Share a raining day
anitahooo 2018-8-30 15:30
I am so blue today. raining cats and dogs. like a waterfall, never stop. why i feel lonely these days? he is the one i loved but i smell something bad. i tried to lie to myself that we are still the perfect couples. but i know that is not true. he said i never try my best for anything. he is stressful. so am i. when we never come across these realistic matters, we were good, but now, so cruel. i don't know where to find myself. lost in the dark. can i find the breakout to rele ...
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Share 3 methods and ideas for improving Spoken Chinese
mikhail3y 2018-8-27 00:26
divspan style=font-size: 14px;br/span/divdiv3 Methods and ideas for improving Spoken Chinese./divdivspan style=font-size: 14px;br/span/divdivHello I'm a foreign student, I've been in China for overall 3 years and have been studying Chinese for a little less than 3 years./divdivspan style=font-size: 14px;br/span/divdivnbsp;My level of Chinese is perhaps advanced intermediate and I'm slowly going to make my way to advanced over the course of the next ...
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Share On 21 Centuary's Entertainment
shehemego 2018-8-26 17:53
So much to have a look in the world. Don't know why so. Finding fun is easy now with network technologies improving every day. With your cell phone, you can chat, you can entertain with music, movies, TV shows or mobile games. Fun is so demanding but don't know what is meant to be for me only. Be ordinary and absorb what is provided. Then everything that appears on the phone means fun. Or to someone means happiness. This is life of 21 centuary when fun is connected with science and technologies. ...
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