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Share A Drunkard's Life---Foreword
Guo'er 2019-1-1 13:01
Many years ago, I was planning to write a story about my neighbour, a very special man in our village, who suffered from mental disturbance caused in an accident happened long time ago, when he was serving in the army. And that accident eventually turned out to be a turning point of his life. At the very beginning, I just wanted to write a simple story, describing the weird and strange things he had done, which for most of time can make people burst into laughter,and the way his neighbor ...
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Share goodbye 2018, hi 2019
Guo'er 2019-1-1 00:38
two hours later, i will have to say goodbye to 2018, and say hi to 2019. i don't know how people think about their 2018, what i really want to say is that how time flies! it seems yesterday was the beginning of 2018, but i will have to say happy new year 2019 tomorrom morning. have i gone through the whole year? maybe, maybe not. have i done something ? i don't think i have, since i will have surely gained someting if i did. haven't i done anything? i think i surely have, or where ha ...
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Share How to Learn (Anything, Especially Languages)
J.E.Overington 2018-12-23 07:14
First, have a great attitude. This is essential in everything. When we are learning, we make mistakes. We feel burdened. We feel bored. We feel discouraged. Keeping a positive attitude, creating healthful pattern, so practice, so get reward, positive feedback cycles, and creating an encouraging environment are all essential to learning well. Time management and self-discipline is the next most important quality good students all share. Learn to use those pr ...
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Share My Year of 2018
AndrewHLi 2018-11-27 00:51
When I was a little bit younger, I never attached much importance to time, let alone a year, for a year has 365 days, so many, that I couldn’t realize how fast it run until at the last moment. 2018 was planned to be a self improving year. I took two examinations: one failed, and the other still unknown. I read a few books, ran ...
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Share Classroom is greenhouse
SEARU 2018-11-22 21:54
On writing style:Our texts go like Chinese mountain-river landscape paintings all of which look like twin-brothers while foreign articles seem as camera-photo even the digital one which always offer you a nice image about some physical object with clear elements! About working method: Chinese teachers are asked to do work strictly according to the requirement of the textbooks who seldom speak of their own understanding to the theory! Many colleagues copy some text on the blackboard with ...
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Share Traditional Neighborhood Businesses
JimmyLau 2018-11-10 21:33
Traditional Neighborhood Businesses
Imaynot fully understand howtraditionalneighborhoodbusinessesstillsurvivethisdays, aswithgianthypermarketcomingup,slashingpricesinhalf,buyingandsellinginbulk, small neighborhoodbusinessjustcouldn'tcompeteandislosingineverysingleways. ...
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Share White Fang
shehemego 2018-11-5 21:48
Jack London was so great. I love his stories about the wildness of life. Another story I got from him is White Fang . I didn’t read the book. It is a novel-adapted film. It is made by animation but pretty good. White Fang was a wolf brought up by an adult dog when he was small as a puppy. He was under protection by the dog which he regarded as mother. In one tough winter, it was too hard for them to find food. At that time, they traveled around and met with the ...
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Share Advice from Mr. Liang
SEARU 2018-10-31 21:44
In his own words Mr. Liang often thinks about and does things in a ‘strange’ way that is different from ordinary people. He also has strong determination like a donkey once he has made a decision after careful consideration from all angles who will not stop in half way until he gets the target! For an example, in the Rose Garden project the four former master-bosses had been knocked down one after another by shortage of fund while Mr. Liang had invested 200 millions RMB holding 40% shares of t ...
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Share O, How The Times Have Changed!
KIyer 2018-10-12 10:20
For a long time we had politicians from the two major blocs trying to sound or appear to different basic values from each other to appeal to voters (even though they were basically the same). Now we have politicians from both major blocs trying to sound as if they all hold the same basic values to try and pull down those from their own party who are changing the status quo! Something has rocked their long established, smooth running gravy train. For a long tim ...
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Share Welcome to Macao
LaurenLiao 2018-10-11 16:20
Welcome to Macao
Part 1 “Macao used to be quaint.” “It’s a great place for photographing.” “It has some great food.” That’s what my fiancé told me before our one-day Macao trip. We took a train from Guangzhou to Zhuhai Gongbei Station, where we were to cross the border. Zhuhai’s Gongbei Station and the northern tip of Macao are side by side. We followed the streams of people, walked along the maze-like passageways and after 20 minutes, we were in Macao. “Well, hone ...
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