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Share The end of the business card !
Chevalerie 2016-4-29 17:49
The end of the business card !
It is like a ritual scene, the unbeatable gateway to the Guanxi, the norm for the average active people. The head tipped slightly downward, the smile blended with seriousness; the hands clasp a piece of glossy paper or, worse, made of plastic. Here, it comes, the sacrosanct business card! Many times, the movement is dishearteningly sluggish and short on enthusiasm. No compassion. But it is obviously a practical gesture, full of pragmatism, the way to do i ...
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Share Request for Information on Taxes for Foreign Expert working in China
moniruzzaman 2016-4-25 21:04
Hello. I am new to this forum. I am a bangladeshi citizen working as a postdoctoral research fellow at Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing. I am working under the Z category visa. I have also received a Foreign Expert Certificate for working purpose. Now, I would like to like to know whether there is any kind of provision for foreign experts working in China to get refund of the taxes they paid before they finally leave China. I just wonder whether there is such kind of provision under the rule ...
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Share Prediction of China investment outlook
cfcoo 2016-4-12 17:47
Prediction of China investment outlook
After the reform and opening up, the main objects of attracting investment in China are foreign-funded enterprises. Expanding the scope and quantity of foreign capital, the use of foreign capital also have some changes which is from the introduction of the manufacturing industry, agriculture and projects’ researching and development to finance, logistics, operational headquarters, professional services, after-sales service, international procurement and its turnover, transit servic ...
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Share The Long Costs of “Free Trade”
tradervic 2016-4-4 01:09
The Long Costs of “Free Trade”
Normal 0 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 The 1st Quarter of the Calendar Year for 2016 has been an interesting study of sorts, when viewed with the long lens of history. In more than a few countries around the world, as shown in the international press, the effects of trade policies have begun to begun to show a “bumper crop” of some very bitter fruits. In some countries, there is the rise of various “Nationalist” candidates through ...
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Share What Caused the China's Fast DGP Growth Over the Last 3 Decades
AndrewCraven 2016-3-25 22:14
For this question, I have checked online and found some answers. A netizen named Dong Wu on zhihu- a kind of ask-and-answer website gave his opinion. I quoted and translated as follows: Technology is a key to the economic development for human beings all over the world . Without advanced technology it is impossible for any economic growth being rapid in a short period. Technology will take 60 years to make a big leap. and the breakthrough cannot be shortened into 30 years. If it can ...
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Share 2016-03-24
Aroma786 2016-3-24 02:49
Causes of Food Inflation: (Focused on Asia) There are many causes reported for the food inflation. An Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) Report (2008) highlighted many causes attributed to the high prices of food items such as; a number of structural changes including the shortfall of the stock of cereals and rice across the world. The increasing prices of rice, wheat and other cereals indicate that their stock is below the demand pressures by households, another cause is the increa ...
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Share changing the guard of CSRC
Dr.Bill.Shen 2016-2-20 18:26
we have a new head of CSRC, mr liu shiyu who replaced mr xiao gang. this has been very much an anticipated change in the market. as you know chinese investors love to have a scagegoat to reset their loss and start their reckless punting again. i bet all investors will be disappointed again, since they have failed to understand why market has been against them. the newly coronated boss has little knowledge on security or investment banking businesses, given his sizable por ...
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Share What will be the result when the economy relies so much on real estate?
samlam 2016-2-18 14:58
There are a lot of talks about China's economy in future. we can see that some of them are worried, some of them are optimistic, and some are pessimistic. When we talk about something we should list the facts to support our points of view. Talking about China's economy, I am a bit puzzled, when people, especially the experts in this field, are quite optimistic about it. Do you see the facts the experts listed? Do you see the figures exactly to support their point of view?   ...
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Share Why the PBOC is dead wrong on devaluating the Yuan
LaoshiDan 2016-2-14 17:26
Why the PBOC is dead wrong on devaluating the Yuan
Why the PBOC is dead wrong on devaluating the Yuan After a few years of letting the Yuan slide to a more normal level, the PBOC has decided to completely reverse course and set a path to devalue the Yuan since late last year. Why the sudden change in monetary policy? As with most economic and financial decisions, this one seems to be yet another “reactionary” one. We saw such reactionary measures with all the stock market madness which occurred in the ...
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Share Is China the next California?
WuhanJohn 2016-2-11 20:15
Is China the next California?
Is China this century’s California? Is it a geographical area that will transform the world’s economy over the next 80 years much like California did in the 20th century? Many countries are lining up at China’s door bearing gifts. France, England and Russia are among its suitors as they see growing prosperity here. Unfortunately, America’s presidential candidates from Donald Trump and John Kasich to Hillary Clinton continue to spout tired ...
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