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Share Solar power generation to develop farm profit and protect environmental
Mahinda 2018-9-22 14:49
Solar power generation to develop farm profit and protect environmental pollution M.M.Palitha Mahinda Munasinghe - Sri Lanka - On the basis of a scholarship granted by the Chinese government, I was able to travel to China for the second time. During the period I was trained, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences (CAAMS) organized several field trips. One day Twenty one participant and I with three staff memb ...
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Toogood 2018-9-5 00:31
The Panamanian businessmen affirmed today that they would wait "as long as necessary" for Panama to sign a free trade agreement (FTA) with China that guarantees the interests of the Central American country. "While a trade agreement with China is very important, it is even more fair and just for Panama," the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (CCIAP) said in a statement. The president of the Chamber, Gabriel Barletta, said that "under this scheme, the intere ...
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Share Develop innovation ability
SEARU 2018-7-13 17:21
As Chinese want to achieve more on innovation, education reforming on teaching materials and methods is hot topic in the Forum! How to help kids get strong thinking ability is more important than to force them to repeat others' words like tape-recorder! Let teachers do theory lessons with more practical tests is the key to develop children's innovation talent! (The above my comment to other's thread on innovation.)
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Share Will you trust US again?
lightengineer 2018-5-30 17:17
"The United States will implement specific investment restrictions and enhanced export controls for Chinese persons and entities related to the acquisition of industrially significant technology, the White House said in a statement. The final list of covered imports subject to tariffs will be announced by June 15. Those tariffs will take effect "shortly thereafter." Proposed investment restrictions will be announced by June 30 and also take effect at a later date. ...
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Share Trump stops business with China, this factory increase 40% sales value
lightengineer 2018-5-24 21:06
Trump stops business with China, this factory increase 40% sales value April 23, the Trump administration announced tariffs on solar panels, an industry dominated by China. The Chinese government expressed "strong dissatisfaction" with the move. The tariffs will lead to the dramatically decrease of export business in solar and led lights including flood light, street light , etc. As one of the Led light exporting count ...
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Share Trade Issues
BRView 2018-4-10 18:57
Trade Issues A great deal of rhetoric has been aired over the last few weeks by US the over the trade issues with China. China economy is much more open than Japan Korea at similar state of development. Foreign automobiles in both countries are negligible. In China foreign automobiles are omnipresent. Both Korea Japan placed non-tariff protection measures against foreign imports. The case of an agriculture minister in Japan ...
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Share First Air China flight arrives in Panama and creates a new Era
Toogood 2018-4-8 00:34
The first Air China flight that arrived in the country April 5, coming from the city of Beijing, is already a reality and marks a milestone in the new chapter of the national aviation and tourism between Panama and the People's Republic of China. This was announced by the President of the Republic, Juan Carlos Varela during the welcoming ceremony at the Tocumen International Airport, where he was accompanied by the Minister of Tourism, Gustavo Him; Qiang Wei, Ambassador of the People's Repu ...
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Share ICBC, China's largest Bank, will open branches in Panama
Toogood 2018-3-27 00:24
The Panamanian Government said today that the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), considered the China and the world’s largest bank by market capitalization, will "soon" open branches in Panama. The Secretary of State Communication explained in a statement that the "next" establishment of the banking institution in Panama is a "demonstration of China's confidence in the soundness of the Panamanian financial system." The bank, which is listed in Shanghai and Hong Kong, h ...
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Share David-Panama Railway Project
Toogood 2018-2-6 04:50
02/05/2018 Representatives of the governments of China and Panama held a meeting to define the steps to follow in the feasibility study of the Panama-David train. With the beginning of diplomatic relations between both nations, this has been one of the projects that the Asian giant would support in the Isthmus. The meeting was attended by representatives from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, members of the railway company, officials from the Panamanian Ministry of ...
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Share Is 'research‘=‘研究’?
SEARU 2018-1-7 22:50
Now let's discuss if the word ‘research’=‘研究’ in Chinese?!!! In English 're-search' should mean ‘looking for something again and again with great patience’. 研=stone(石)+open(开)----------‘try to break one hard thing’; 究=cave(穴)+ nine(九)----------‘To dig many holes for something’?Maybe!But I think '九‘ should represent 'more higher or deeper in degree’, another example is ‘九天’ which means 'the top layer of the sky”.------So 究&n ...
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