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Share Davos and other international meetings
JimSlip 2019-1-24 17:31
It is said that both the US and the UK have canceled their trips to Davos for the World Economic Forum due to domestic problems. I wonder what it is so special about this meeting? Is it a meeting for every participant to perform their legal duty or is it simply a get-together in which people of various walks of life talk about something and daydream only. Even they have reached some interesting and meaninful concensus as they expected, then what? Will the participants have to carry the pla ...
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Share Income Tax App
JimSlip 2019-1-24 10:53
Everybody now is busy with filling in the form provided by the app of the tax authorities for some deduction in future. But the app doesn't look as good as it intends. Taxpayers who rent housing cannot get the personal info of the house owners, who threaten to increase the rent once their info is revealed. So now the tax authorities are placed in a plight. If they are blind to the fact that many owners skip the legal tax, then they are derelinct. If they want to do things legal ...
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Share Do you ever invest in the stock market?
jie448 2019-1-23 11:01
Systematiclly reconstucting is the most neccessary during the tide of the fraudulent pratices in the stock market, the individual investors hardly make money by investing in the stock market, because they are cheating by the insititute investors, and maybe the actual controller of the listed company could order the board of directors to cooperate with them. Such as the institute investors would make money using their capital advantages and information advantages. Sometimes the listed comp ...
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Share About technology budget
jie448 2019-1-22 11:18
Maybe you know our government enjoys supportting the new technologies developments because technology is the first producitivity. So there is the 2025 plan to develop new technologies which causes great concerns from Amrican government. The Americans concern about that because they are in the leading position in the technology and we are catching up with them in many fields, so they begins to worry about that. So why could we have such a great achivement? What roles does our government play in t ...
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Share How to spend your life in the market economy?
jie448 2019-1-17 17:17
Again I encounter the economic crisis , the last time was in 2008 when Lehman brothers collapsed suddenly after I graduated from college and started to work in June. But our government did a lot to help the economy to recover from that crisis as fast as possible, so few people have deep bad feelings about it. Although I guess our central government would make new suitable policy to meet this crisis, I still feel there is great possible that could cause huge consequences complex to deal with in t ...
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Share The most delicious Chinese sandwich drawn on the ground
SEARU 2019-1-15 23:12
Decades ago Chinese admired America which was claimed as a country on auto wheel! Now China is also stepping into a car-era!In our town many people are often troubled with the car-parking problem! You can see a lot of cars are left beside the roads at night! The price of one underground parking-dot has gone up to 170000 Yuan! That is equal to a 150-square-meter flat twenty years ago! This is the most precious pie drawn on ground that can release you from hunger when you can n ...
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Share The possible sudden collapse of sth
jie448 2019-1-15 12:35
You know that the Americans view our country as the largest threat in the 21st century, so there would be more Trump-like presidents in the future. They would try their best to change our mind or stop the ecomomic development of out country. But our party's mind is determined to find a way that is suitable for our own conditions. So how will they do to stop us? It remind me of the collapse of the Soviet Union, it suddenly collapsed at the beginning of 1990s. Would that be the fate of our g ...
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Share Why do we choose to buy houses?
jie448 2019-1-13 22:13
Before 1978 Chinese people had no investment channel except depositing money in the bank system. With the development of Chinese market eonomy, more and more people have disposable money.divSo they deposited them in different kinds of banks that lended money to variety of borrowers. But not all investments could make money, when some borrowers can not repay the loans, that will decrease the repaymente ability of related banks. Finally, some banks were bankrupted and the depositors cannot get a ...
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Share Tax is a judgement on the speed of the economy-engine
SEARU 2019-1-10 11:19
According to dictionary-saying economy is how the government collects and raise money and spend it on the public service for the normal running of the whole society! So constant judgement on tax is routine job for the ruling authority which certainly is a kind of technique on politics!
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12dream 2019-1-3 20:11
The following articlesare very heartening because x-PM Najib though is suffering a technical "knocked out" at G14 manages to crawl back with superb common sense arguments pertainingto foreign investments and needy expertise inhis countryto benefit Malaysian rakyat in a grand way; not "micky mouse size" but a RM55B ECRL package. 1. To open up and do it is a priority otherwise M93's vision of a "developed nation status" comes with ...
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