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Share Government Controlled Capitalism ?
rameshnair 2015-7-31 13:37
Government Controlled Capitalism ?
The last couple of months saw history being made in the financial markets here in China. With the spectacular rise in the shares market , news made headlines all over the world. The spill over effect created the rush of new trading account signings, change in government policies concerning trading in overall. China has 2 independent stock exchanges the Shanghai SE and the Shenzhen SE. For those uninitiated , the Shanghai Stock exchange is the 5rd largest by market cap in the world. Next to NYSE, ...
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Share Public Bad killed the Olympics
HailChina! 2015-7-30 20:10
Public Bad killed the Olympics
Many have declared the Olympic Games to be "dead" in the wake of the US city of Bostons recent decision to withdraw their bid to host the 2024 Olympics. These people claim that the reason few cities are interested in hosting the Olympics in modern times is because of the high cost to the public. I remember when Australian politicians were trying to sell the Sydney Olympics to the Australian public and they were telling us all that Australia was going to make a fortune from the Olympics and how ...
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Share Zhejiang region ranks fourth by the amount of high net wealth crowds nationwide
Josh19 2015-7-27 16:46
Zhejiang region ranks fourth by the amount of high net wealth crowds nationwide
According to the “Hurun Wealth Report in Zhejiang Region” released by Hurun Report, Zhejiang region is ranking fourth by the amount of high net wealth crowds nationwide. As the report shows, in Zhejiang region, there are 410,000 wealth people with 6 million of assets ,accounting for 13% nationwide;146,000 people with 10 millions of assets, accounting for 12% nationwide ; 8790 wealth people with 100 million of assets, accounting for 11% nationwide; 2004 with 500 million of ...
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Share Graduates Dilemma - Property - Shanghai
rameshnair 2015-7-27 12:13
Graduates Dilemma - Property - Shanghai
I am astonished by the growth capacity of China the past 2 decades. What was once considered a nation of marred with tragedies has risen up to take its place amongst the best. However the growth of such magnitude has its pitfalls. It has been the GDP and nothing but focusing on the GDP for the past few decades and with that comes its cost.. rising cost of living, pollution and countless other troubles. However, it is to note that all nations have similar troubles and no single nation has been ...
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Share Chinese Tourists Boosting World Economy
财神 2015-7-24 19:22
At least 174 million Chinese tourists have traveled the world within 7 months in 2015. The UN tourism organization’s early prediction was about 100 million Chinese will travel in current year. However, already 74 million more Chinese rounded the destinations. The latest four years are proven that Chinese are more interested to fly abroad for tourism. According to the survey annually Chinese expenditure is crossing 264 billion USD. Still there are 5 months to count in. ...
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Share Transformation: “Internet plus” Applies to Traditional Agriculture
Josh19 2015-7-24 11:35
On 6th July, Xuwen Youth Internet Innovation Park was running start, which was the first youth Internet innovation park in this district. This innovation park adapts the strategy of “Internet+” to upgrade local agriculture, Xuwen, a country in Zhenjiang, has won a good reputation for its agriculture. But these years, its agricultural development has always been hindered by cumbersome obstacles, especially the limitations of business information channels ...
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Share Time to modify the criterion of classifying developing/developed countries?
enlighting 2015-7-23 02:51
Initially, I thought of only writing about the my experience of observing Chinese history and culture. However, a recent article and my knowledge in Economics has diverted my focus to write a blog post on Economics. I have always studied that some countries are called developed nations and others are developing nations. I believe, this was in my 5th standard. The definition did not change until I have extensively studied Economics as part of my Zero Cost MBA(Envisioning 21st century glob ...
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Share BRICS Bank Opening
财神 2015-7-21 19:46
Amidst the clamors and criticism in financial circle the long waited BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) Development Bank has had an opening ceremony in one of the commercial hubs of China’s Shanghai. The bank operation is expected till the end of 2015 or early 2016. The Newly opened bank will support the BRICS Developing nations to enhance infrastructure and sustainable development projects. The Moscow summit has paved the way to open the Bank fo ...
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Share China's Stock Market madness...
LaoshiDan 2015-7-14 09:12
China's Stock Market madness...
Dear all, Is it just me or has China gone completely insane with regards to the stock market? Firstly let's talk about the investors; actually, I should say "gamblers". Because let's face it. In China people don't invest, they gamble. Part of it is cultural; for a long time, Chinese have been into gambling. Another thing that surprises me, especially being a foreigner living here, is GREED. I didn't really see Chinese people as greedy before. But now I tend to differ, as it seems to me they ...
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Share Achieved milestone in my journey of knowing more about China!
enlighting 2015-7-13 21:20
Achieved milestone in my journey of knowing more about China!
Finally, my approximately 2 year long journey of learning more about China, in educational terms has come to the end. Few days ago, I have received this letter of accomplishment from Harvard University. It was the confirmation of my participation in the ten-part long course China X offered through It has been taught by Professors Peter K. Bol and William C. Kirby with their amazing team and many other guests. It was a wonderful journey from start to the end. It has prov ...
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