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Share our youth (serial 39)
liuyumao 2020-5-2 17:25
Yang Mei lead Zhang Wei to return the countryside where she had lived for three years. She told to village leader and Chang Shang :”my boyfriend will teach the children in our village, I hope the village leader build modern school in our village. Of course, the investment is very important, but don’t worry it, Liu Tao and Qing Zheng will invest it because they had inherited their uncle’s property.
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Share our youth (serial 38)
liuyumao 2020-5-1 16:48
Yang Mei became the teacher in the university, she let her boyfriend to go to the countryside where she had lived for three years. She told him:” Zheng Wen , you go to here to teach the children ,because the village leader treated us well, I hope you to make success in here, I will go here to work with you!” she had though for long time that only education can let the countryside to change the behind face. The city is so flourishing which let the person to forget what is real happy. ...
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Share our youth(serial)
liuyumao 2020-4-30 17:15
Yang Mei became the teacher of university, she had made the boyfriend when she studied in here, but she met the difficult because their family could not agree the thing. The boyfriend was the son of peasant. His parents were living in the countryside. Her father told to Yang Mei:” you must think it careful, if you marriage with him, you might bear his family’s expenses! Because his parents were peasant who depend on your salary.” Yang Mei didn’t answer any words, but she ...
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Share our youth (serial 36)
liuyumao 2020-4-29 16:42
I had took part in the speaking and listening og group,i hope you help me to speak and listen English well.because this year, i will retaire to home.i had began to write second depart of my chinines novel.namepeople in that time.after i finsig it so little,i will send ti to you, hope it isnn'trouble to you.
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Share Did the us foment brexit?
KUM 2020-4-28 00:25
on the surface, it is being told to us that the "british people voted to exit the eu", but is this really what happened? it is highly unlikely that they would leave such an important decision to ordinary people. If you look on google, there is 0 information on the involvment of uncle sam in regards to brexit. dead silence. but as we all know, if anything big like that happens in this world, it would most likely need the approval of uncle sam at the very least, but it's not being talked about. i ...
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Share Greenland ice loss causes 40% of 2019 sea level rise
Zorro2 2020-4-27 23:58
Greenland ice loss causes 40% of 2019 sea level rise
The Greenland icesheet -- which, until the end of the 20th century accumulated as much mass as it shed -- holds enough frozen water to lift the world's oceans by seven metres.Almost as alarming, however, as the icesheet's accelerating disintegration are the forces driving it, the authors reported this week in The Cryosphere, a peer-reviewed journal published by the European Geosciences Union. More than half the dramatic loss in 2019 was due not to warmer-than-average air temperatures but rathe ...
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Share our youth (serial 35)
liuyumao 2020-4-27 16:40
Liu Tao told to Chang Shang that he would go to American for two years, he hoped him to run the classic furniture better than now. he would go to Hong Kong and to sell it. After it he told him that Qing Zheng ‘s house had been come by government, so he could help to fit up. Chang Shang answered him that was no problem. He could fit up better because he had knew what is real Chinese traditional through to make the classic furniture. Yang Mei told to village leader that the s ...
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Share Hebe is Wrong
tatata69 2020-4-27 15:39
Hebe, who's a Taiwanese female singer and member of SHE-which is a girl group-has come under attack after she expressed support for another Taiwanese male singer named Show Lo, who has been berated by his former girlfriend on a Chinese social-media platform for being a Lothario. Show Lo also "stands accused" of seducing his female fans and engaging in sexual activity with many partners at the same time. Writing on her own Weibo, which is China's answer to Twitter or Faceboo ...
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Share How President Trump will lose the support of voters?
author_yangming 2020-4-27 13:19
The US Democratic Party email only mentioned more small donation for Mr. Biden in Last week.I am not an American Democrat.But I can feel that Mr. Trump is gradually losing support. A few days ago, The New York Times have a report, in this report, they say moreAsians to buy guns voluntarily in order to prevent hate crimesin the United States started.I am an Asian. After reading this report, I feel very uneasy.I began to think: who is it that makes A ...
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