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Share Love, Distraught Bond
x6174 2020-5-8 20:40
Night 1st Feb. 2020 If all were destined since beginning, why still fell into one! What fears most is never severed after countless cutting. Dawn and dusk come and go. Even being able to chock back tears, still tangling dreams are there at night. The struggling to go or stay, to love or give up, not even knowing where to repent for now. If having known love was so stinging and grinding, no one would be too serious at beginning. ...
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Share our youth (serial 43)
liuyumao 2020-5-8 16:52
Qing Zheng and Liu Tao arrived Bei Jing. They carried their son go to village which Yang Mei had worked in there. She looked at Yang Mei for moment, then they embraced tightly. She closed Yang Mei’s ear and said to her:” I missed to you!” after it , she sobbed. Yang Mei told her:” she will live and marriage in there, let me introduce my boyfriend to you!”
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Share what doctors know and don't know about immunity to COVID-19
Zorro2 2020-5-6 19:00
Scientists still have a lot to learn about immunity to the coronavirus . The World Health Organization has said there currently isn't evidence to prove people can't get reinfected with the virus — and even if they do have some protection after recovering from the virus, it's unknown how long that may last. Labs are working on developing a vaccine but it will take time. There are two types of immune responses when the bod ...
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Share our youth (serial 42)
liuyumao 2020-5-6 16:31
The leader of university thought for moment and said to her:” I can rest your position for two years, you can return to work after two years if you can not build the modern school which is the picture of your heart. I can send the student to you if you were building your modern school so well., the first ,you must know the education which is our national culture that you must carry forward it!”
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KIyer 2020-5-6 13:12
(The most Charitable way of looking at the Covid-19 Response in the USA) It has been in the news recently from the people at the very top of the USA administration that the Covid-19 virus was circulating for many months in China before it was reported - apparently too late for the rest of the world to save itself the huge losses we see now. This is supposedly the basis for all sorts of claims against China. If the virus was indeed circulation 'months' (how many months befo ...
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Share our youth (serial 41)
liuyumao 2020-5-5 18:28
Yang Mei said to leader of her university:” I want to resign !” The leader of her university surprised and asked:” why?” She said to him slowly:” I want to build the school in the countryside which I had lived there for three years before I became the student of our university! My friend of childhood will invest build the school in our village which he had lived there !”
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Share Scenery of a Grassland
dovexu 2020-5-5 12:41
Scenery of a Grassland How wonderful Hulunbuir grassland is! It stretches to the horizon and looks like a green world. Lakes and streams there are closely connected each other. Cotton-like huge cloud waves are hanged on the sky Cattle herds and sheep flocks are eating grasses led by horses. Electric windmills appear on hills everywhere. The melting &n ...
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Share our youth (serial 40)
liuyumao 2020-5-4 16:30
Yang Mei decided to talk with their family last time, she would go to countryside if their family also didn’t agree her to marriage with Zhang Wei. Who had lived there for two years, he had the house which was built by Chang Shang. Chang Shang said to Yang Mei:” Sister, don’t worry about the house, brother Liu had told me how to do for you!”
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Share our youth (serial 40)
liuyumao 2020-5-3 16:36
After two years, Qing Zheng wrote the letter to Yang Mei ,she told her that they had a boy who was named Liu Yi. They would returned to China, they hoped to see her boyfriend . Yang Mei smiled after she read it. She had quarreled with her family that they didn’t agree her to marriage with Zhang Wei.
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