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Share Two Buildings Gone Without Trace
GVTCC 2019-5-12 16:59
I had lessons on Monday, after that I had other business in another campus, then I was much surprised when I visited the campus again on Thursday, to see that two buildings had been removed totally. Some workers were working on laying sods where the two structures had stood, so I asked them what was the matter, they said they did not know anything about it, and that they were here to work as instructed by their boss. Later I read the notice that on Saturday (May 11, 2019), ...
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Share ‘Flower Adornment Sutra’ (华严经)
StanLi 2019-5-9 11:37
In the previous essay, we spoke in length on the state of partial harmonization that was espoused by Confucianism, you may now want to know more about the state of complete harmonization as mentioned by Lao Tzu or Taoism. Lao Tzu did not leave behind a lot of literature on this issue but we can borrow the knowledge of the ‘Flower Adornment Sutra’ (华严经) to give us a better understanding on this matter. ‘The Flower Adornment Sutra’ is said to be the jewel of the crown of Mahayana Buddhism ...
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Share Labor Day holiday is a bad dream to most of common people
GVTCC 2019-5-3 15:48
They want to enjoy themselves, but they find thmesleves stuck on high-way road for longer hours than they can tolerate. They see more human heads than the good scenes they like, they are hungry because they do not have the meals served on time because here and there so many visitors are crowded in the one and same place. When they settle down in the hotel, it is the time for them to worry about how to park their cars in limited space and when it is the appropriate time to make the home tr ...
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Share I love these very much!
fantcy 2019-4-30 18:49
脚步 母亲胸前 常捧着一本泛黄的日记 里面满记着 我童年的稚气 扉页上 还有我出生时双脚的印记 这双脚 曾满屋蹒跚 在校园里欢跑 还在水田里耘过草 如今这双脚 已走到天涯海角 它们踩出的每一步 却从未离开过母亲的怀抱 1.My Footsteps To her bosom Mother often holds a time-worn diary That has recorded All my childishness On the title page Are my first footprints This pair of feet Have ...
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Share Book exists anywhere
SEARU 2019-4-27 16:06
About four decades ago, the radio told me: "There is one saying goes like this: Man can grasp half of his wisdom before three years old! " In other words, humans can learn basic language and other ability at early age that is equal to that we get through schooling and remaining life as adult! In reality we get useful information through conversations with others. Hard thinking can make the head grow bigger and powerful! In China books (textbooks)are not taught in a scientific wa ...
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Share The memory of Notre Dame
KristaChen 2019-4-19 00:44
The memory of Notre Dame
“I am very sad when reading the news about the tragedy of Notre Dame. I have been to Paris many times, every time I went to Notre Dame to admire her beauty, especially in the evening, sitting on the banks of the Seine River next to the Notre Dame, enjoying the romance of Paris. I have also painted a lot nearby the river.” “There were countless people praying in Notre Dame de Paris in the past,and now it is the turn of the world to pray for her........." Mr. Luqi,Currently a ...
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Share Value water as blood
SEARU 2019-4-17 11:00
Yes, life comes from water. According to science eighty-percent of our body is water and every second one million chemical reactions take place in the special liquid of water within the body! So we have no reason to pollute the precious water which is gift offered by the God!
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Share On red card of Paulinio
reformist 2019-4-14 21:51
This afternoon I saw a match of China Super League at a live streaming site. But before I could have a look of the wonderful performance of the players I like, bad news came that the Brazilian mid-fielder of Guangzhou Evergrande Paulinio was booked a red card for his careless kick at the ball, hurting the head of a player of the other side who tried to snatch the ball with his head. It is true that the player was injured, but the whole affair was no more than an accident, because Paulini ...
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Share A Glance at Dalian
dovexu 2019-4-11 13:29
A Glance at Dalian There is a seven-li long bridge going across the Star-Sea Bay. The traffics on its double decks go in one way to opposite directions. A court of European-style buildings is called “ New Heaven and earth ” . It is a place of l ...
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Share To forge one sword
SEARU 2019-4-11 10:56
In China we have such a saying: "It takes ten years to forge one bright sword!”In the past five years I have devoted all of my free time onto blog-writing that is meaningful to note down my instant thinking on education and other interesting topics!Now I feel satisfied with my self to see that my threads have become popular more and more with this thread being viewed 6000 times yesterday! I wish you contribute more constructive comments to my posts what can enrich the g ...
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