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Share Wonderful Memories @ Beijing Sport University(2009-2014)
55555terry 2019-8-26 23:49
Wonderful Memories @ Beijing Sport University(2009-2014)
Ten Years ago (2009-2014) I was privileged and honoured to be invited Teach the beautiful Game(Football) and language @ Top Sport University in China Beijing Sport University Thank you for the wonderful memories.
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Share Schooling should train students to freely use words in easy way
SEARU 2019-8-26 18:18
Thanks for your remarking on the level of my English! I can't help laughing for it! You may think in this way: We Chinese are taught to be modest before others. So it is unfit for me if I claim how well I do on the foreign language! My success(if so) on bloging tells me I have benefit a lot from the dictionary that language expert has offered me too much power on how to freely use words to express myself! I wish my writing go like the special english program from the Voice of America with ...
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Share It 's not an incidental problem.
peakwang79 2019-8-25 13:01
Over the past two months chaos and violence in Hong Kong, which was seemed like an incident, but an inevitable social problem that collectively and obviously have been demonstrated an critical factor, which is not only ignored in foster patriotism education and capitalism freedom politic mind long-termed inculcated into students in their school especially high education college of Hong Kong but deeply bequeathed colonized culture that have not been changed in some institutional area since Hong ...
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Share Play with fish
SEARU 2019-8-25 08:15
In the Dongying City I walked along the bank of the river, the plastic-rubber path led me to a 'under-water-surface‘ passage where through the glass-made side-wall you could see fish swimming before you. The distance was so short that my grandson could not help trying to touch the lovely creature although it was impossible! It is amazing to see such a wonderful project!
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Share Harsh words maybe good medicine
SEARU 2019-8-12 07:13
Confucius was one great educator whose teaching has deeply influenced Chinese society for so long! His success shows that a teacher should have his own theory on teaching who can encourage students to do independent thinking by themselves! Sometimes Searu feels sorry for Chinese kids who are asked to recite Confucian poems without one-word-changing! They swallow down the whole text as recorder does without personal analysis. Here I have to say that most of our schooling goes in a stupid wa ...
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Share Special weather condition
SEARU 2019-8-11 18:07
Now I am in the Dongying City of Shandong Province. The heavy rain and hard wind have lasted for more than 24 hours. The whole city is flooding with most of the citizens have to stay at home even in daytime. Through the window I can see few cars still struggling on the roads like boats with half of the wheels in water! On the Wechat someone joked in this way: It is funny to drive car on the river-like road, the fact proves one truth that Dongying is famous for her rich resource on water!
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Share Let education managed by real educators
SEARU 2019-8-11 14:44
Parents and teachers do education jobs in different ways around the world. We chinese teach kids in low efficiency who need to sharpen the edge of working-knife. This needs a revolutionary change overall on the education system. It reminds former Premier Wen's words:“Those good teachers should been elected as headmasters in middle schools and let all schools run by real educators!" At present the administrative officials in schools act as those in the agriculture field in 1970s who l ...
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Share Assistance to Tibet
peakwang79 2019-8-11 12:33
Assistance to Tibet
Proactively response to the development of national strategic planning in western region. To become a participant, contributor, and torchbearer in this sweeping momentous sustainable movement. We the common life that should have our limited life to the cause of unlimited serving for the people which is the most precious purpose. 21 October 2018, An important and significant day in my life, which I have a great honor and opportunity to assistance to Tibet . Before stepping onto the grou ...
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Share 2019-08-08
55555terry 2019-8-8 18:55
Aug 2004, 15 years ago, China were beaten 3:1 by Japan in the final of the AFC Asian Cup. Golden age of Chinese football . I was there it was the turning point of the game both teams played good football with two foreign coaches Zico and Arie Hann the stadium was packed with Patriotic Chinese supporters great memories. fans today still cannot forget Koji Nakata's winning goal, which was a handball. Aug 2004, 15 years ago, China were beaten 3:1 by Japan in the final of the AFC As ...
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Share Why 别 means ‘farewell’
SEARU 2019-8-7 10:19
离 reminds me its ‘brother’ who is ‘别’(bie). The latter has three components as the following: 口 is ‘mouth’ but here that represents ‘a person’; 力 is a simple picture of human body with arms and two strong legs. So the left part of 别 is two people who have close relationship with the bottom one tries to raise up the top one! The right of 别 is a vertical knife which is a changed form of 刀(something like sword). When you put 口, 力 and 刀 together, or you wave a ‘ ...
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