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Share A song to women
SEARU 2020-3-8 09:05
A sweet song for the Women's Day One the special day for the ladies‘ festival I have received a song-video on the WeChat which music sounds so touching that I would like translate its content into English as the following: Your lady spends some extra money, is she guilty? ( Hahaha.. The audiences can't help laughing.) May 8th is the Women's Day, now let‘s talk about those female gods: Every day we sing that women are as beautiful as flowers, liste ...
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Share Laughing birds
SEARU 2020-3-6 23:29
Laughing and birds Human beings have strong legs for walking while birds own powerful wings to fit the job of flying. The latter also have well-trained muscles that makes sure the lungs have a large volume for breath. That is one of the reasons why birds can survive with kinds of viruses around. So we should learn from these birds and try to imitate their behaviors. JUST stretch out your arms as bird‘s wings and try to fly off the ground into the sky ...
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Share What is false breath
SEARU 2020-3-6 17:57
Can you do ‘false’ breathing When you carry out the second step of the practice which is:Pause breathing without any exchanging to the outside world, it is torture for the lungs to keep standing still without any movement for so long since the organ always expands and shrinks as a routine work. ------------Now,let's do it in this way: Still isolate yourself with the mouth and nose locked up to the outside; Just move the gas from the lungs to the mouth and then i ...
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Share What is gas in the end
SEARU 2020-3-6 00:50
What is 'qi'(气)in the end The Chinese character 气 means 'gas'. Its middle short horizon-line represents the air-flow above the tongue that you can feel when breathing; The remaining part refers to the mouth with lips and the bottom stroke indicates where the gas-flow is going:to the depth of the lungs. We have an old saying: 人活一口气(Man lives with one mouth of air?)A m ...
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Share Custom Batteries & Battery Packs
BATTERIES 2020-3-5 17:59
As the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of the c ustom b atteries , Grepow Battery continually devotes our resources and efforts to developing higher performing critically reliable rechargeable batteries for wearable electronics(Bluetooth headset, smartwatch, smart glasses, smart clothes, etc), medical, portable electronics and industrial application. Based on the advanced technology, stringent quality control, and cost competitiveness, it is able to of ...
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Share Forbidden tobacco production
SEARU 2020-3-5 11:09
According to a research report, there are about one thousand sorts of chemicals rising from the burning tobacco. The relationship between smoking and health is so complicated that about the topic scientists still‘quarrel’ on the world conference every year through their essays. No one can deny that some of the substances from cigarettes may be used as food or medicines. But who can seperate these useful elements from the smoking-gas? That will need advanced equipmets and engineers ...
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Share Take care of your own fish
SEARU 2020-3-4 19:00
Take good care of the fish within your body No, I am not kidding. Have you notice that there is a pond of ‘fish’ inside your body. Really? In fact, I refer ‘fish’ as ‘cell’ that saying is easy for us to see what is happening under the skin. Please listen to me for further explaining: A cell is the smallest living creature acting as fish with blood as water. In the special pond of human body, it seems that the fish occupy more space than water. How does the ...
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Share The Most Admirable CEO, Jack Welch
tatata69 2020-3-3 13:07
Nobody raised a stink when Fortune magazine named Jack Welch manager of the century in 1999, in light of the fact that GE had become the most admirable company in corporate America. Better yet, CEOs around the world were striving to learn his leadership style and his much-coveted management practices or rules. Welch's rules also gained currency in China after then-CEO of Haier, Zhang Ruimin or 张瑞敏 in Chinese, decided to take a page from Welch's playbook an ...
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Share Don't feel lonely
SEARU 2020-3-3 11:41
Just now on the TV I saw a community worker climbing up stairs to send vegetables door after doorto the local residents who can't freely go out for shopping due to the epidemic situation. I can't help tearing for the scene. In the street people have to keep a long distance between each other when lining up for some goods. But their hearts are getting closer and closer than before in front of the terrible viruses. Now it seems that all human beings are going to be unite ...
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