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Share King Bill Gates Takes a Bow
tatata69 2020-3-14 13:54
"There he is. Bill Gates is coming", a Chinese girl calls out to her friends as other pumped-up Chinese students jostle her and push their way to the security line. Seeing this, Bill Gates, who is coming to China to scout out business opportunities , smiles and waves in their direction, his face gleaming. " Bill Gates, Bill Gates," more and more Chinese students start screaming in unison, behaving like a nutter when someone is listening to psychedelic music. "T ...
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Share Practice martial arts with strength
SEARU 2020-3-14 00:26
I have spent the whole day on considering how to make further explaining to the thread since what it concerns is really quite complicated! There are too many sets of the so-called martial arts everywhere in China. Different masters have their different teaching materials and methods for training. I think audiences should not be puzzled by the flowery performing in movie or on TV. We must invent our own programs those should be practical for the urgent need against the epidemic. SEARU has done i ...
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Share The living soul of the Chinese martial arts
SEARU 2020-3-12 22:13
As the terrible novel coronavirus might launch an attacking to us at anytime, it is urgent to learn martial art to strengthen the body for the improvement of self-defence ability against the natural disaster. The simple Chinese character 武 (wu)stands for ‘martial art’. Why? Its bottom part is a special form of 止 which looks like your two legs and feet. In this word the last horizon line goes upward that shows one foot is overtaking the other one:The ...
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Share He Garden in Yangzhou
dovexu 2020-3-10 15:20
He Garden in Yangzhou There is a division wall in the middle of the two-way winding corridor. It is three-li long and goes up and down smoothly. It connects hills, goes around ponds and passes through rooms and halls. On the corridor, one can appreciate the whole scenery of the garden at day and night. There is a spectacular view in a court of roc ...
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Share Covid-19 Effect
tatata69 2020-3-8 21:26
It's telling that the global covid-19 outbreak has taken a toll on the world economy. The Purchasing Managers Index in Asia has taken a nosedive; besides, lease rates of the Baltic Dry Index- a measure of shipping costs-are also down by two thirds since early December, according to Jeremy Cliffe's latest column published by the New Statesman, which is an influential publication just like The Economist and The Spectator in the U.K. And there are signs that consumer ...
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Share A song to women
SEARU 2020-3-8 09:05
A sweet song for the Women's Day One the special day for the ladies‘ festival I have received a song-video on the WeChat which music sounds so touching that I would like translate its content into English as the following: Your lady spends some extra money, is she guilty? ( Hahaha.. The audiences can't help laughing.) May 8th is the Women's Day, now let‘s talk about those female gods: Every day we sing that women are as beautiful as flowers, liste ...
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Share Laughing birds
SEARU 2020-3-6 23:29
Laughing and birds Human beings have strong legs for walking while birds own powerful wings to fit the job of flying. The latter also have well-trained muscles that makes sure the lungs have a large volume for breath. That is one of the reasons why birds can survive with kinds of viruses around. So we should learn from these birds and try to imitate their behaviors. JUST stretch out your arms as bird‘s wings and try to fly off the ground into the sky ...
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Share What is false breath
SEARU 2020-3-6 17:57
Can you do ‘false’ breathing When you carry out the second step of the practice which is:Pause breathing without any exchanging to the outside world, it is torture for the lungs to keep standing still without any movement for so long since the organ always expands and shrinks as a routine work. ------------Now,let's do it in this way: Still isolate yourself with the mouth and nose locked up to the outside; Just move the gas from the lungs to the mouth and then i ...
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Share What is gas in the end
SEARU 2020-3-6 00:50
What is 'qi'(气)in the end The Chinese character 气 means 'gas'. Its middle short horizon-line represents the air-flow above the tongue that you can feel when breathing; The remaining part refers to the mouth with lips and the bottom stroke indicates where the gas-flow is going:to the depth of the lungs. We have an old saying: 人活一口气(Man lives with one mouth of air?)A m ...
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