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Share Fighting Covid-19
dovexu 2020-4-7 11:18
Fighting Covid-19 How vicious the new coronavirus is. It commits atrocities and assauts humans as fast as wind. It often causes immunity weakers to lose their life. How many families has sobbed too bitterly to speak? China has waged a people ’ s war and built a great wall against the epedemic. Chinese nation has defeated the god of plague.. Many foreign countries had asked China fo ...
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Share our youth (serial 21)
liuyumao 2020-4-7 11:10
Yang Mei told her father whether or mot to help her to devise W C which could use the water to clean? Because the children in our school only use the WC which was called ‘dry wc’ ,it was so foul and no hygienism . She sent it to him and said :” You will tell my father ,he could give me big keep warm barrel if there were more in his unit, because she want to let her students to drink hot water that could be reduce disease. Liu Tao nodded ,he looked at her so deeply. He told her ...
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Share Frogs are fortune animals
SEARU 2020-4-6 18:02
Frogs are hero creatures those can kill many pests for their food in fields to protect crops.In China we have such a proverb: After hearing frogs' singing, you will be served with white buns in 100 days.( In my childhood the frogs would shout in loud voice after Spring raining. Farmers enjoyed the scene since that was an early fortune signal for a good wheat harvest. ) It is a pity for that we can seldom see a frog in the countyside due to ...
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Share our youth (serial 21)
liuyumao 2020-4-6 16:20
Yang Mei told Zhong Liang:” Let them to entry! Liu Tao is my friend from childhood. I will explain to group leader.” Zhong Liang opened the gate , but he was not happy. He told to Chang Shang :” Only thirty time, you must go out! “ Chang Shang agreed and told him:” you are real police dog !” Liu Tao cried to Chang Shang :” Don’t say that words, say sorry to him !” Chang Shang surprised because he didn’t watched him so angry. He shamed and answered :” ...
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12dream 2020-4-5 13:32
NOT ENOUGH TO PREVENT NEW AND STRANGE VIRUSES TO SURFACE Excellent news indeed that China is banning or already started to ban wild animals consumption by people in China and hopefully this will be followed thru to all other countries. Wherever animals ( other than humans ) were hunted, killed and eaten , this act must all be banned by the International Communities of all nations on Earth. However, inside China, this isn't a good news for dog lover ...
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Share our youth (serial 20)
liuyumao 2020-4-5 11:18
Chang Shang agreed and said:” my father told me that you only have thirty minute to talk with her, you can go here if you observe the condition.” Liu Tao glanced at him and said to hin:” I will do something for you, but your father have draw up the condition for me , why?” Chang Shang shamed and answered him:” this is our village ‘s custom. Young girl and boy can’t stay together for long time before they marry !” Liu Tao laughed at him and said:” you ...
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Share The Blame Game
Zorro2 2020-4-5 09:52
Recently there is very large number of negative campaign going on the media against China after the outbreak of COVID-19. Misinformation and shifting the blame upon China ,and to deliberately ignore China ’ s fight against this pandemic .The US politicians are still is the phase of denial and rather then acting responsible for the safety and and health of their citizens, they are busy painting bad picture about China . They are failing to recognize that China has won the war against COVID-1 ...
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Share our youth( serial 19)
liuyumao 2020-4-4 14:39
After some days, Chang Shang told to Liu Tao :” I had told with my father. My father told me if you could find the classic furniture to sell, we could make it. Because there are some young know how to make the furniture.” He looked at him, hope he say some words. Liu Tao thought for moment and said:” it need so much money, where does your father get it?” Chang Shang answered :” if to make classic furniture can let the village rich, my father want to borrow from th ...
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Share If Aisle of Banishment was artlessly a Diablo III clone
xingwang11 2020-4-3 17:30
If Aisle of Banishment was artlessly a Diablo III clone, it wouldn’t admission lasted as continued as it has. Nor would it admission such a committed amateur base. What in actuality makes this free-to-play gem from Cutting Accessory Amateur not abandoned awfully altered from Blizzard’s alcove crawler and added hack-and-slash activity RPGs? What inherent qualities does it admission that has admired it to the gaming attainable and affronted it into the altered and much-loved appellation that it ...
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