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snowipine: cannot bank on others for sharing your own concerns, there is the rules to regulate
2020-5-20 15:08:01 Reply
Kabisco751: The Grim Assessment Of The COVID19 Economic Impact In Sierra Leone Episode 1 By Dr. Allieu Badara Kabia Watch out
2020-5-18 01:10:12 Reply
snowipine: i have no idea what to eat for the lunch
2020-5-15 10:01:07 Reply
SEARU: Writing drives me think neatly specially when I do in English.
2020-5-14 16:38:16 Reply
snowipine: It's good for being inactiveness
2020-5-5 00:14:31 Reply
snowipine: Very pleasant weather, a cheerful May 1th holiday, take a break from work and have a field day.
2020-5-2 08:50:34 Reply
MaxDilligence: What's on your mind...:)
2020-4-29 18:47:11 Reply
snowipine: say less try more, see what will happen
2020-3-26 09:56:55 Reply
snowipine: Quite happy.
2020-3-17 01:07:19 Reply
snowipine: fight back the offensive badmouthing as song as possible
2020-3-16 09:21:36 Reply
snowipine: selective sharing wechat posts and threads
2020-3-15 20:25:56 Reply
snowipine: Saturday, well prepared for the next construction process, pouring concretes
2020-3-14 06:54:34 Reply
snowipine: When problems tangle together, there is no problem.
2020-3-14 03:06:28 Reply
snowipine: Good intention does not necessarily mean promise something or promise is just a good intention.
2020-3-14 03:04:11 Reply
snowipine: make sure here is no pointless argument. don't waste time,work is business, no small matters even it is just a small conversation, due to the vibe is not so rosy
2020-3-5 12:53:04 Reply
snowipine: Workgomerry
2020-3-5 00:03:33 Reply
snowipine: what are 24 solar terms?
2020-3-4 16:27:36 Reply
snowipine: What about making dumplings for lunch, let me show my cooking skills to my family, let me go
2020-3-4 11:25:26 Reply
snowipine: Aloha, amigos, time to back normal life and go work soon, everything has to be go on as usual. lots of have said, now let's what we can do, take action, right now
2020-3-4 01:40:27 Reply
snowipine: Review the past thoroughly and trying an all new chapter. Put down sth and pick up some otherthings are right way forward , no comment, just think and go
2020-2-19 01:17:15 Reply


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