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snowipine: News reports are presented with readers' interactive comments , that's a good  thing
4 DayEarlier Reply
snowipine: Have a big picture in mind, take out every step with carefullness , do not take everyday things as granted
4 DayEarlier Reply
snowipine: What are u seeking ?
5 DayEarlier Reply
snowipine: India Lok Sabha election.
5 DayEarlier Reply
snowipine: Spend a little bit time to browse Canada news
2019-5-9 08:54:56 Reply
snowipine: Glad to be a fool, if I could fool away till the end, that will be fine. Not all are thinking with the same logic, u gotta have your own way to find yr way to be happier, simple and long last.
  • SEARU: Being a fool can save us many unnecessary troubles! Simple life is happy! (5-12 22:02)
  • snowipine: Glad  to  see  u , my  Qi 'Lu  brother (5-13 14:29)
2019-5-8 11:23:48 Reply
snowipine: Do not cheat your loved ones and friends.
  • SEARU: If cheat,where is your love? (5-12 22:00)
2019-5-6 21:22:54 Reply
snowipine: The devil is in the details. Thinking big but failed to pay attention on the seemingly unimportant trivials may incur bad outcome
2019-5-6 08:12:01 Reply
snowipine: Have a good time since it's holiday
2019-5-2 10:57:35 Reply
snowipine: Never forget whom you are , say whatever you want to say but must fact in the situation.
2019-5-1 20:28:55 Reply
snowipine: I know the differences.
2019-4-27 22:02:24 Reply
snowipine: I am confused about my philosophy in life
2019-4-26 23:41:58 Reply
snowipine: Someone has to be responsible for the mess up but no one  knows who is the person in question, you cannot say anything  but keep an lookout  eyes, it's  reality .
2019-4-26 11:29:23 Reply
snowipine: wanna  take a nap right  away
2019-4-26 11:26:09 Reply
snowipine: Cannot access Wikiipedia websit for days, tried many a times.
2019-4-25 23:23:37 Reply
snowipine: Chingish
2019-4-24 17:31:50 Reply
snowipine: Safty and security is the foundation for daily production and construction, pay more attention on the details.
2019-4-14 16:17:57 Reply
SEARU: Always being single is kind of selfish which living style will certainly peel off too much natural  happiness as human being!
2019-4-10 15:42:04 Reply
snowipine: Wanna get the essence, delve into the grassroots, using brain and the. hands, let the mouth takes second place.
2019-4-2 04:19:09 Reply
snowipine: Testing thought and idea with actions, otherwise, dream is just a dream, forever a pipedream, an empty talkshow. Say less and take more practices, at least experiencing the real feeling of the work.
2019-4-1 07:33:46 Reply


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