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Share Fei is on the way
KristaChen 2019-5-7 11:29
Fei is on the way
Mr. Yang feihu is a headmaster of a middle school of a small town in southern China. At the very beginning of his teaching career, he was just a common teacher in a village, teaching both maths and drawing to the little pupils.But there is something so genuine about him that you couldn't help liking him. He is not tall, baldheaded with thick beard on his face which many Chinese man couldn't have.Most of the time, he prefers to wear traditional Chinese Tang suit and he often laughs at himself t ...
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Share Sunshine in the afternoon
KristaChen 2019-4-5 08:09
Sunshine in the afternoon
How long can last the sunshine, How long stay fresh the flowers. Alone, my teardrops stream down, So nice the afternoon sunshine, brighten my cold chamber. A delicate fragrance of orchids, with thee,I longed to enjoy and wrote poems together. Now, life lost its color while living with the memory.
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Share hello to you
KristaChen 2019-4-4 00:00
hello to you
Let dandelion take my greetings to you Money, by itself, is so empty. so is love in the brief history of human But still Sail your smile into the air; It will reach and enlive me!
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Share Decoding Mr.Fang Xiaofeng
KristaChen 2019-4-2 16:45
Decoding Mr.Fang Xiaofeng
I have always considered him as the most brilliant of the young artists in the city. And this time, theopening of Shentian Art Gallery on Nov. 17th has proved it. Mr. Fang Xiaofeng, also known as FangYiming (方译民), is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice includes prints, oil painting, Interior design, Calligraphy and traditional Chinese painting, watercolor, or acrylics, sometimes, mixed media as well. The inspiration that he takes from experiencing life creates ...
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Share we are not different but unique~Mar 10th 2019
jessyrao 2019-3-10 13:54
we are not different but unique~Mar 10th 2019
there is a bear which name is KK. he lives together with his families and other bears in a forest. let's just call him KK Bear.KK Bear is friendly and kind. he thinks bears would like to make friends with him. but it's not what he thinks. It seems no one invites him to join in their groups, though he takes initiative. day passes by. he notices that other bears are fatter and stronger than him. he feels sad and feel like he is an alien. he asks his mum why i look ...
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Share Talking of luxury ~MAR.5th.2019
jessyrao 2019-3-5 22:39
Talking of luxury ~MAR.5th.2019
I met kev on a language learning app called Hellotalk. i posted my heartbroken memories and he tried to comfort me coz he had similar experience. But life is beautiful to meet the unexpected. It seems we have so much in common, we share the same values. we talk about education, life goals, fashion and culture difference. we also do some deep thinking. That's so much fun and meaningful. we talked about fashion brand one day. i sent a photo of me to show my outfit today. He ca ...
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Share Tyrannical Democracy
huaqiao 2019-2-1 16:11
What the US is doing all along is to contain China's rise and economic prosperity. Many excuses are given for doing so such as "stealing technology", "IP infringement", "unfair trade practices"...etc. Not satisfied at that, covert operations are being done in China's territory to create tension within the local population with the intention of overthrowing the government. So far, China has stood firm and solid where many other countries have unfortunately succumbed--such as Venezuela no ...
Share US politicians' attempt to play 'Taiwan card' will be futile
joestephen 2019-1-26 00:34
In a blatant interference into China's internal affairs, the US House of Representatives passed a resolution on Tuesday intended to promote the participation of Taiwan in the World Health Organization and other international forums. For the House Resolution 353 to become law, it still needs to be passed by the US Senate. Then it will direct the US secretary of state to campaign for the participation of Taiwan in international organizations such as the WHO and Interpol. As such, it is a ma ...
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Share Watching The Story of Ming Lan on the first day of 2019
hmangel0129 2019-1-1 22:16
I am a fan of Actress Zanalia Zhao, who put an "official announcement" to tell people she has the family way on Chinese hot social media platform sina weibo this morning. First of all, congratulate on the blesses expectant mother. Meanwhile her new production, another acient television series was come out unexpectedly on Christmas Eve and gave all the fans a big surprise. This drama focous on the journey of a girl named Ming Lan growing to an integrity, intelligent and accountable wom ...
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